Horizon: Zero Dawn is a beautiful game with a rich world full of seemingly endless places and challenges to explore.

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Aug 25, 2020  Horizon Zero Dawn; Mods; Saved Games; New Game Plus Save with All DLC ArmorWeaponsMods; New Game Plus Save with All DLC ArmorWeaponsMods. Unique DLs- Total DLs- Total views. Download: Manual; 0 of 0 File information. Last updated 25 August 2020 2:02AM. Feb 10, 2020 Mods in Horizon Zero Dawn are found when looting machines, in reward boxes, or in supply crates throughout the wild. They are loaded randomly each time, but hard to defeat machines / quests / locations will spawn the most powerful mods. Oct 20, 2010  After doing a ton of experimenting with rolling for perfect mods and learning a lot I decided to share some of the knowledge I have gained with the community. From my searching there doesn't appear to be much detailed information on the modifications in Horizon Zero Dawn. All my research is on Version 1.31 NG+ Very Hard.

As Aloy ventures into the dangerous territories, it’s important to keep the best weapons equipped to be ready to take on any adversary.

Whether you’re aiming into the skies battling a stormbird attack, or locked into an epic duel against Thunderjaw, it is vital to know which weapons will give you the best advantages for anything.

These 15 weapons are my top picks and they’re sure to provide a wide variety of benefits that will give Aloy the edge in just about any combat situation.

15. Tearblaster

The tearblaster is earned through the Hunting Grounds side quests.

It is used for only one purpose: to remove armor from a machine at a close distance.

This is not the most versatile or customizable weapon, but it is effective in a pinch to quickly create a vulnerable spot to deal damage.

Since it is a close range weapon it should be saved for specific combat scenarios.


At the end of the day it’s a weapon designed for one purpose but it is quite effective at what it is made for.

14. Carja War Bow

The regular war bow is used to fire elemental shots at enemies dealing different effects based on the selected mods and arrows.

Now The Carja War Bow in particular is impressive because it comes with 50 handling and 2 additional mods.

The Carja War Bow can fire both electric and ice arrows which deal the elemental along with them. And while the war bows do not deal high amounts of damage, they are great weapons to have because you can switch between different elemental effects while still playing a ranged battle.

13. Shadow Hunter Bow

In general the hunter bow is Aloy’s weapon of choice. It is the first weapon you start with in the game, and can be upgraded as you find more items to work wtih.

But the Shadow Hunter Bow is the best version of this reliable weapon.

With 80 handling and three different mod slots, this bow is well equipped to become a necessary item for just about any battle due to the versatility.

Horizon Zero Dawn Weapon Mods

It deals a significant amount of damage while also dealing additional tear damage to strip down armor on heavy machines. I’d argue this bow is a must-have weapon for Aloy.

12. Shadow Rattler

The classic Rattler is a weapon that closely resembles a shotgun.

It is ideal for close range combat, with pretty low accuracy. The tradeoff for the accuracy is the ability to fire multiple shots dealing quick bursts of damage.

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Now the shadow variant becomes available once you have reached Meridian.

The Shadow Rattler has 100 handling and three mod slots with an additional freeze ammo added on top of previous electric shots.

Despite having low accuracy, if this weapon is used properly it can be very effective at saving Aloy or dealing quick damage to multiple enemies in close combat.

11. Banuk Champion Bow

The Frozen Wilds is DLC that can be added onto the base game providing you with additional areas to explore, missions to complete, and even more challenging machines to battle.

To account for these new challenges, the Frozen Wilds also includes new weapons that obviously have their own benefits.

And here’s one of them now: The Banuk Champion Bow. This is an upgraded version of the traditional war bow from the base game.

The Banuk Champion Bow comes with a unique “overdraw” mechanic that allows you to hold aim for longer without sacrificing any integrity of the shot.

Also these Banuk variants do have higher base stats than the other bows, making them strong contenders in the list of best weapons to acquire despite their rarity.

10. Shadow Sharpshot Bow

Original shartshot bows are weapons that deal high amounts of damage at a long range with a slow draw time and low ammo count.

This type of weapon resembles a sniper and is most effectively used from a distance.

Once you upgrade to the Sharpshot Bow you’ll get 20 handling and three mod slots.

This is the perfect weapon for battling enemies from a distance with three different arrows to choose from.

9. Shadow Blast Sling

Slings are slow firing weapons that launch explosives at machines. Basically slingshots.

These weapons deal high amounts of damage with added effects depending on the bombs that you have equipped.

Horizon Zero Dawn Weapon Mods Minecraft

The Shadow Blast Sling is one of the best weapons in the game because it can carry up to two different grenade types plus additional proximity mines that detonate when an enemy is within range, making them perfect for setting up traps or defenses.

The Shadow Blast sling has 40 handling and can be purchased at Meridian. Definitely worth adding into your inventory.

8. Banuk Powershot Bow

So this weapon actually resembles the look of the original Sharpshot Bow in many ways.

But the Banuk Powershot Bow is a stronger weapon that deals high amounts of damage at a range, with a long draw time and low ammo count.

The Banuk Powershot Bow can only be acquired through the Frozen Wilds DLC so it is quite rare and difficult to obtain.

With higher base stats and the “overdraw” that comes with each of the Banuk Bows, this weapon is definitely a strong contender for ranking pretty high in this list(could even be higher but there are so many other powerful weapons to consider!)

7. Shadow Tripcaster

As another introduction here: the tripcaster is a useful tool that can set traps for unsuspecting enemies, allowing Aloy to have a clear advantage in any combat.

A tripcaster sets a tripwire between two points like an invisible line. This deals damage whenever an enemy walks past it.

So the more powerful Shadow Tripcaster has three mod slots and 30 handling.

This special tripcaster has the same amount of inventory as lesser versions, but it also has a fire wire that deals significant fire damage when it’s activated.

This weapon is very effective in setting traps or just gaining the edge on a much larger machines by catching them off-guard.

With proper placement and timing you can set up the wires and lead your enemies right into a set trap.

6. Lodge Ropecaster

The Lodge Ropecaster can only be unlocked by completing the entirety of the Hunting Grounds.

This ropecaster in particular is the best version in the game because you can get much more use out of each rope, therefore you do not need as many materials as other versions.

If you can get your hands on this weapon you’ll find it has 70 handling and has three additional mod slots for added effects.

Having this tool on hand can make much larger enemies more accessible, allowing you to deal damage effectively without the same risk.

5. Lodge Blast Sling

This is definitely the best version of the blast sling in the entire game. Rival consoles odyssey rar download.

The Lodge Blast Sling has all of the same benefits of the Shadow Blast Sling including the additional proximity bombs that detonate whenever an enemy is near.

Just note this weapon can only be acquired once the Hunting Grounds quests are completed entirely.

The difference between the two weapons is that the Lodge has nearly double the handling of the Shadow version.

This small difference gives the Lodge Blast Sling the definitive edge and a very useful weapon for disrupting enemies with high amounts of focused damage.

4. Improved Icerail

This is a weapon that can only be acquired through the Frozen Wilds DLC.

The icerail is a unique weapon that deals ice damage through an ice thrower function, and an ice cannon that comes with the improved version of this weapon.

This weapon is extremely effective because it can deal a significant amount of damage with the ice cannon, while also freezing enemies and dealing elemental damage through the ice thrower. It’s like a triple threat, almost pending quadruple threat.

Note this is a close range weapon but it is well equipped to contend in this list, and it’s certainly worth your time to track it down in-game.

3. Shadow War Bow

Any of the war bows are powerful, but the Shadow War Bow is definitely one of the most powerful weapons you can work with.

This war bow has 50 handling and three different mod slots total.

In addition to the elemental arrows that the other bows offer, the Shadow War Bow has a corruption arrow that has added benefits.

If a machine becomes fully corrupted it will fight on your side for a short time.

This is a unique tool that can come in handy in situations where you have many machines bearing down on you at once.

2. Lodge War Bow

Now I have to say the Lodge War Bow takes the second spot because it just has so much functionality and really powers up elemental attacks.

It is very similar to the shadow war bow in nearly every aspect. The only difference is that the lodge war bow does slightly higher amounts of elemental damage with each arrow.

Both war bows are impressive, but the slight benefit of added damage boost is enough to hand over second spot to our Lodge variation.

1. Improved Stormslinger

This unique weapon can only be acquired through the Frozen Wilds DLC and it is definitely worth the trouble.

Despite being a part of the DLC pack and rare to acquire, this weapon is just too powerful to ignore.

This weapon is given to Aloy from a shaman and it lets you shoot out damaging bolts of electricity at any machines that cross your path.

This Stormslinger deals high volumes of damage and shock effects to machines, taking down the most intimidating machines with relative ease.

Because of the impressive damage that this weapon deals with little cost or tradeoff, it is undeniably the top weapon available in the entirety of Horizon: Zero Dawn. Definitely chase this down if you have the patience.

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Nicholas Bashore

Each piece of gear and weapon in Horizon Zero Dawn caters to a specific style of play, which means players can choose a specific equipment path to follow which best suits their approach. Whether you prefer to engage enemies head-on with arrows or sneak around through the shadows to eliminate them quietly, Horizon Zero Dawn has a set of equipment for you to do it with, complete with various elemental bonuses and passive damage bonuses you can change out yourself. But how does all that work?

Since the game doesn’t do a very good job of explaining how each of these mechanics works, however, it’s easy to miss the advantages a fully modified weapon or outfit provides in the field. With that in mind, we’ve cobbled together a breakdown of how modifications work, as well as how each of the different statistics behind Horizon Zero Dawn’s equipment affect your combat capabilities.


On the most basic level, every weapon available in Horizon Zero Dawn is judged by two specific statistics which affect how well it performs in combat: Handling and Damage. As you might expect, Handling alters how accurate the weapon is along with how quickly you can reload it after firing, while Damage simply determines how much raw damage the weapon does to any target before any modifiers are taken into consideration. The better these two basic stats are, the better the weapon performs, but you always should take the weapon’s role into account too. For example, a Sharpshooter bow may have extremely low handling because it’s meant to be used at a distance but compensates for it with massive amounts of damage.

Once you’ve taken a weapons basic stats into account, you then must learn about the five additional stats which can be added to any weapon you find in-game: Tear, Fire, Corruption, Shock, and Freeze.

Horizon Zero Dawn Weapon Mods Farming

  • Tear provides a bonus when removing armor on machine targets while also doing more damage to weak points.
  • Fire does damage over time when used against an enemy.
  • Corruption forces the target to attack anyone nearby for a short amount of time.
  • Shock will stun any enemies who are hit by it regardless of the weapon type.
  • Freeze will multiply any subsequent damage done to the target and is best used at the start of a fight.

Weapons with specific stats are more effective against certain types of enemies, while weaker against others depending on their resistances. Take the Sawtooth for example, who is one of the larger machines you’ll be introduced to early in the game. They are extremely weak against Fire, making any weapon with that bonus an obvious choice when engaging a Sawtooth in combat. The same idea remains true for every enemy you’ll go up against, thus making appropriate weapon choices a key component of Horizon’s combat formula.


Just like weapons, every outfit in Horizon Zero Dawn has three basic statistics under the hood: Resistance (to both melee and ranged attacks as separate values) and Stealth. Resistance determines how much damage an outfit will be able to remove from every basic attack, while Stealth affects how quietly Aloy can move around enemies without being detected. Naturally, a higher Resistance means more protection at the expense of Stealth, while higher Stealth leads to quieter movement at the expense of damage prevention.

On top of the three basic stats, each outfit can also come with a set of elemental resistance depending on the type of damage it is built to absorb: Resist Fire, Resist Corruption, Resist Shock, or Resist Freeze. The higher these stat values are on an outfit, the less they will damage you while in combat against an enemy who actively utilizes them against you. Simple enough, right?

How Modifications Work

Depending on the individual weapon or outfit you collect in Horizon Zero Dawn, you’ll have access to a set of modification slots as indicated by small circles next to the piece of equipment in your inventory. These modification slots allow you to actively alter how a weapon or outfit performs in the wilderness, allowing you to turn a set of heavy armor into a stealthy masterpiece or turn a close-quarters bow into a powerhouse with as much damage as a sharpshooter one. To do this, however, you’ll need to find the appropriate modifications out in the world, more commonly referred to as Coils.

Coils come in three different types: Common are indicated by green color, Rare are indicated by a blue color, and Super Rare are indicated by a purple color. Obviously, the better the color, the more powerful the coil. These can add anything from more elemental damage on a weapon to enhanced stealth capabilities on an outfit, just know that you cannot unequip them at will until you’ve acquired the Tinker skill.

The ultimate goal with modifying your weapons and outfit is to create a set of equipment which best suits your personal playstyle, so always be on the lookout for additional coils all across Horizon Zero Dawn’s massive world. Usually, you’ll find more Common modifications on downed machines or in loot chests scattered about, while Rare and Super Rare ones require you to trade with named merchants or down extremely rare machines out in the world. Just remember that all modifications are final without Tinker, so be sure that your decision is final once you’ve thrown them in a modification slot or be ready to hold onto a weapon until you can remove modifications later down the road.