Hearts of Iron – The Card Game was released as a free-to-play, browser-based collectible card game on October 3, 2011. West – A Hearts of Iron Game was scheduled to release in 2014, but was canceled. Hearts of Iron IV, the fourth main installment in the series, was released on June 6, 2016. Hearts OF IRON 3 This Quick Start Guide will help you learn the “basic” concepts of HOI 3 without overwhelming you with the details included in the Manual. However, since HOI 3 is a complex game, you will need to read the Manual to pick up many important things which we don’t have space for here.

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Hearts of Iron
Developer(s)Paradox Development Studio
Publisher(s)Strategy First
Atari, SA(Platinum)
Producer(s)Johan Andersson
Designer(s)Henrik Fåhraeus
Joakim Bergqwist
Johan Andersson
Programmer(s)Johan Andersson
Henrik Fåhraeus
Patric Backlund
Artist(s)Dick Sjöström
Stefan Thulin
Marcus Edström
SeriesHearts of Iron
EngineEuropa Engine
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Mac OS X
Mac OS
  • WW: October 2003
Hearts of Iron: Platinum
Genre(s)Grand strategy

Hearts of Iron is a grand strategyvideo game developed by Paradox Development Studio and published by Strategy First. Based on the Europa Engine, it was originally released in 2002 for Microsoft Windows. A Mac OS version was released by Virtual Programming the following year. In 2004, Atari, SA published Hearts of Iron: Platinum, an updated version that sought to improve several aspects of the game.

This guide is intended to help players make that next step. It assumes a few things. You have a basic understanding of how things work in the game. You under-stand movement, can read tooltips, know what the fundamental terminology is, and so on. You do not already have hundreds of hours of time in Hearts of Iron IV, in. Sadly most modern games have stopped arriving with manuals. Some developers do make manuals but these 'manuals' are mostly installation instructions/some points and tips in a 2 page leaflet. Some games, like HoI4, don't even come with one. As a gamer from the old days.I find this sad. Jan 23, 2014  Go to Documents Paradox Interactive Hearts of Iron IV then you create a 'mod' folder. And now just place the mod file and.mod file into the 'mod' folder. Just open up your game, and go to the Mods section, and click on the mod you just added and there will be a check next to it. Then hit play and you should be good to go.


Hearts of Iron allows the player to take control of a nation in the world and guide it through World War II and the years immediately before and after it. Hearts of Iron is the first game in the eponymous series of grand strategy wargames. Three additional games have been released in the series: Hearts of Iron II, Hearts of Iron III, and Hearts of Iron IV.

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Players play as a nation in the world in the years leading up to, during, and immediately after World War II. There are three main alliances in the game: the Allies, the Axis, and the Comintern. Nations in the game can attempt to join these alliances. Players can also control their nation's economy, government, and military. The game ends when there is only one alliance left or when the end date is reached; the winning alliance is determined through a victory point system, with points being given to alliances that control key regions or cities.[1]


A sequel to Hearts of Iron, Hearts of Iron II, was released in 2005. Two spin-offs were created for Hearts of Iron II: Darkest Hour: A Hearts of Iron Game and Arsenal of Democracy: A Hearts of Iron Game. The third game in the series, Hearts of Iron III was released on August 7, 2009. Hearts of Iron – The Card Game was released as a free-to-play, browser-basedcollectible card game on October 3, 2011.[2]East vs. West – A Hearts of Iron Game was scheduled to release in 2014, but was canceled. Hearts of Iron IV, the fourth main installment in the series, was released on June 6, 2016.


Hearts of Iron
Aggregate score
Review scores
PC Format76%[8]
PC Gamer (US)90%[9]
PC Zone85%[10]

The game received 'average' reviews according to the review aggregation website Metacritic.[3] Tom Chick of Computer Games Magazine summarized Hearts of Iron as 'an ambitious mess, a noble mess, certainly a well-intentioned mess, but ultimately a mess nonetheless.'[11]

Hearts of Iron: Platinum[edit]

Hearts of Iron: Platinum
Aggregate score
Review scores

Hearts of Iron: Platinum was released in 2004 with the intention of improving several elements of the original game.[15] According to Metacritic, Hearts of Iron: Platinum received slightly more favorable reviews than the original Hearts of Iron.[12]

Ban in China[edit]

Hearts Of Iron 4 Strategy

The game was banned in the People's Republic of China because of the game's depiction of Taiwan under Japanese control and Tibet, Sinkiang, and Manchuria as independent nations (historically, Manchuria was a Japanese puppet state and Taiwan was under Japanese control for most of the time period depicted in the game).[16]

Hearts Of Iron 4 Naval Guide

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Hearts Of Iron 4 Manual
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Further reading[edit]

  • Renaud, Jeff (September 22, 2016). 'Impedimenta: Feeding the Iron Behemoth – Logistics & Supply in Hearts of Iron'. Wargamer.

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  • Hearts of Iron: Platinum at MobyGames
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A correction note: The page numbers in the below list differ by +2 in relation to the printed manual. So for example 'Industrial Capacity' is shown as being on page 7, but it actually is on page 5 in the manual. So mentally adjust the numbers accordingly.

Hearts Of Iron 4 Manual Cz

Download the index as Excel file

Advanced Air Strategies94
Advanced Comand Organisation: HQ and Leadership78
Advanced Land Combat Overview77
Advanced Land Combats77
Advanced Naval Strategies88
Air and naval combat13
Air Bases90
Air Combat92
Air Combat and Air Missions91
Air Combat Modifiers94
Air Force Overview88
Air Force Types89
Air Supperiority Mission92
Air Supply66
Air Wing Deployment, Supply, Reinforcement and Upgrades91
Air Wing Details89
Airborne Assault Mission93
Alliances: Offer Alliance/Bring to Alliance/Join Alliance51
Amphibious Assault87
Annex Nation55
Anti-Submarine Warfare87
Appointment of Ministers45
Ask for Military Access/Cancel Military Access/Revoke Military Access53
Assume Military Control/Relinquish Military Control52
Ataching/Detaching Carrier Air Groups (CAGs)82
Attaching Brigades65
Attacking an Attacker75
Basic Air Movement91
Basic Army Movement67
Basic Combat Resolution70
Basic Land Combat69
Basic Naval Combat84
Basic Naval Movement83
Bomb Convoys Mission93
Brigade Types59
Broad Front Defensive Counter-Attack initiatives79
Building provincial assets and using the 'quick orders' button33
Cabinet and Ministers45
Cancel Non-Aggression Pact53
Cancel Trade Agreement50
Cancelling and reassigning a project30
Carrier Air Group (CAG)80
Carrier Airbase Strike87
Carrier Port Strike87
Changing the game options15
Combat Events73
Combat: The Art of War56
Combining Air Wings into Squadrons91
Command, leadership and experience10
Complex Land Combat Overview74
Consumer goods38
Context-sensitive information24
Convoy Raiding87
Coup Nation54
Credits / exit17
Declare War54
Defences and fortifications11
Demand Territory53
Deploying Divisions form the Force Pool65
Deploying Flotillas from the Force Pool82
Deploying military forces and rockets35
Deploying unassigned provincial assets35
Diplomacy - International Affairs47
Diplomacy and trade8
Diplomacy Overview47
Diplomatic Mapmode28
Dissent and partisans8
Dissent and partisans46
Division Details59
Division Types58
Domestic policies and government8
Domestic policy43
Domestic Policy Overview43
Economic Mapmode27
End of Combat73
End of Naval Combat85
Enemy Occupation of a Port or Base86
Entrenchment: Digging in69
Envelopment and Multiple-Front Attacks75
Envelopment, Encirclement and Supply79
Exchanging Fire71
Field Comand Details61
Field Officer Traits63
Field Officers62
Fleet Details81
Flotilla Details80
Flotilla Types79
Flying Bombs and Rocket Bombs95
For beginning players5
For HOI players… What's new?6
Force Composition Effects85
General overview42
General Overview56
Getting started5
Ground Attack Mission92
Guarantee Independence52
IC allocation, production and gearing bonuses7
Implementing new technology30
Industrial capacity7
Industrial capacity (IC) and IC allocation37
Influence Nation51
Initiating Basic Land Combat69
Initiating diplomacy49
Initiation of Naval Combat84
Installation procedure5
Installation Strike Mission93
Interdiction Mission92
International trade summary39
Keeping up to date5
Key concepts6
Launching the game5
Launching the game15
Leader Traits81
Leader Traits90
Leave Alliance52
Liberate Nation53
Logistical Strike Mission93
Main Map Overview20
Message boxes18
Modifiers That Affect Battle72
More Complex Land Combat74
Movement is attack for land battles12
Multiplayer games15
Multiple Attacking or defending Field Commands74
National Relationships47
National resources35
National transport Capacity (TC)39
Natural resources7
Naval and air basing11
Naval Combat Overview84
Naval Combat Patrol87
Naval Combat Resolution84
Naval Interdiction87
Naval Orders86
Naval Orders Interface86
Naval Orders Overview86
Naval Strike Mission92
Naval Supply82
Navigating the main map20
Occupation of an Air Base94
Occupation of Enemy Territory74
Offer Non-Aggression Pact52
Offer Trade Agreement49
Open Negotiations50
Organisation and entrenchment10
Other Nations' Domestic Policies and Cabinets47
Other Nations' Domestic Policies and Ministers46
Out-Of-Supply Effects on Naval Combat85
Overseas Supply66
Overview of Force Structure and Field Comands57
Partisan and occupation effects on resources and industrial capacity37
Partisan Mapmode28
Placing a production order32
Political Mapmode27
Port Strike Mission93
Ports and Naval Bases81
Preparation and support of the military9
Production orders and the production Queue31
Production Runs32
Province Defensive Structures69
Province name21
Province ownership and control21
Provincial assets23
Provincial borders and crossing points23
Quick build buttons25
Rare materials36
Rebasing a Fleet83
Region and Area Mapmode28
Reinforcement, Upgrading and obsolescence82
Release Puppet53
Research Projects29
Ressource depots41
Right click menus20
Right-click provnce menu25
Runway Cratering Mission93
Sea Transport87
Selecting a nation15
Selecting a scenario or save game14
Selecting and Assigning a Project29
Selecting and Combining Flotillas82
Selecting and Organising Field Comands63
Selecting and Using a Statistics Sub-Folder56
Selecting Research teams28
Send Expeditionary Force52
Shore Bombardment87
Shortcut Keys64
Single player games14
Softening Up the Enemy78
Special Orders: Anti-Partisan Duty76
Special Orders: Garrisons76
Special Orders: HQ Divisions77
Special Orders: Marines76
Special Orders: Mountaineers77
Special Orders: Paratroopers77
Special Orders: Reserves76
Special Orders: Support Attack75
Special Orders: Support Defence76
Spheres of influence49
Squadron Details90
Staggered Attack Strategy78
Statistics Overview56
Status overview17
Strategic Bombardent Mission93
Strategic Redeployment68
Strategic redeployment and the force pool13
Sue for Peace54
Supply Chains66
Supply Mapmode27
Supply, outfitting and transport capacity9
System Requirements5
Technical Support96
Technolgy sumary31
Technology Overview28
Terrain mapmode26
The Active Combats hot button26
The Air Force as a Hammer94
The Air Force as a Leveller of Nations94
The Air Force on Defence95
The Air Force Used Indirectly95
The Air Forces88
The Air forces hot button25
The Bomb95
The Chief of Staff46
The Chief of the Air Force46
The Chief of the Army46
The Chief of the Navy46
The convor management and convoy Details interface40
The date/pause button18
The democratic - Authoritarian slider43
The diplomacy folder42
The Engine of war7
The fog of war13
The folder tabs17
The Force Pool hot button26
The Foreign Minister45
The Free Market - Central Planning Slider43
The game management menu button18
The Gearing bonus33
The general interface17
The Hawk Lobby - Dove Lobby Slider44
The Head of Government45
The Head of Military Intelligence46
The Head of State45
The History Log28
The Hot buttons25
The Intervensionism - Isolationism Slider44
The Land Forces57
The land forces hot button25
The main map folder20
The main menu14
The Mini Map and Mapmode buttons26
The Minister of Armament45
The Minister of Security45
The Naval Forces hot button26
The Naval Forces hot button79
The Open Society - Closed Society slider43
The Plitical Left - Political Right slider43
The production folder31
The production queue34
The province hot button25
The Standing Army - Drafted Army Slider43
The Statistics Folder56
The Technolgy Folder28
The Three Factions: The Allies, The Axis and The Comintern48
The top bar17
Time of Day and Weather Effects on Naval Combat85
Timing Your Attack70
Tool tips19
Transport Capacity and Supply Efficiency65
Transporting Paratroopers68
Transporting Troops on Ships68
Troops Mix, Terrain and Weather77
Victory point value21
Victory Points Mapmode28
Weather and Time of Day Effects on Air Combat94
Weather Mapmode27
Weather, terrain and time of day12

Hearts Of Iron Iv Manual Pdf

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