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Aug 01, 2011  The serial number of your flute indicates that it was built in 1956. If it has not been reconditioned, you should know that the Haynes Company provides service. If you go to their web site at can arrange to have it overhauled. In unrestored condition, your flute has a current fair market value of approximately $900. Below is a list of the serial numbers of flutes produced by the great French flute maker Louis Lot. From 1887, metal flutes were given even serial numbers, while wood flutes had odd numbers. There are no records of wood flute serial numbers after 1891. Metal Flutes. Serial Number(end of. Search for the serial number of the brand Wm. Haynes to determine the age of your instrument. Flute and Piccolo. Serial Number: Year Manufactured: 1000: 1941.

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Haynes Flute Serial Numbers By Ashley Myall October 22nd 2019 March 4th 2020 This list is not completely accurate, as Haynes serial numbers are not necessarily in chronological order. This piccolo is in great shape. Flutes and Piccolos Since 1888 Serial Number Year Manufactured Serial Number Year Manufactured 507 1900 612 1901 655 1902 720 1903 783 1904 873 1905 1003 1906 1125 1907 1279 1908 1436 1909 1666 1910 1889 1911 2137 1912 2408 1913 2698 1914 3002 1915 3352 1916 3804 1917 4422 1918 5002 1919 Posted with.

Haynes Handmade Professional Flute Open Hole C Foot SN 30283 AWESOME. Haynes history and where this serial number fits in. See all the HD. Armstrong Flute 103 Serial Numbers. Serial number 1. Powell and two years before the demise of William S. Haynes, this flute is an exceptionally fine example.

For other people named William Haynes, see William Haynes (disambiguation).
OccupationFlute maker
WebsiteWilliam S. Haynes Flute Company

Haynes Flute Serial Number Lookup

William S. Haynes (1864–1939) was the founder of the William S. Haynes Flute Company Microsoft office enterprise 2007. of Boston. The company was founded in 1888 and is one of the world's leading makers of concert flutes.


Haynes was a master silversmith. He was the son of a sea captain and a school teacher. Haynes established his flute-making shop, Wm S Haynes Co., in Piedmont Street in the Bay Village district of Boston, where the business was until moving to Acton, MA in 2010.[1]

Haynes patented his distinctive flute design in 1914,[2][3][4] and the company has since become a provider of silver and gold instruments to many of the world's most prominent orchestral, chamber and jazzmusicians. High-profile soloists to have performed on a Haynes flute have included Georges Barrère and Jean-Pierre Rampal. They made silver, gold, and 90/10 platinum-iridium alloy flutes for Barrère. The piece Density 21.5 was composed for the latter flute's premiere in 1936 but in fact its density was a bit higher than pure platinum at about 21.6 grammes per cubic centimetre. Sigma serial number lookup. At US$3,750 in 1935, it cost about four times more than his gold one purchased in 1927 (in real dollars: US $1,250 in 1927 and US$3,750 in 1935 are about US $16,000 and US$65,000, respectively, in 2014 dollars).[5][6][7]

Haynes retired to Florida in 1936 and died there in 1939.[8]

When the recent owner John Fuggetta died, his widow, Stella Fuggetta, sold the company to Eastman Strings in 2004.[1]



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Haynes Flute Models

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Haynes Flute Serial Number Lookup

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