VERSION 2017 CONTINUING GUARANTEE (“Supplier”) hereby guarantees that all articles comprising any shipment or other delivery hereafter made to or on the order of The Kroger Co. Or any of its subsidiaries (“Purchaser”), as of the date of shipment or delivery, comply with, and are not adulterated or misbranded within the meaning of, the Federal Food, Drug. Express card reader driver for mac. Haccp Letter Of Guarantee Template. Section 3 - Food Safety Enhancement Program Manual - Food. Prerequisite programs. Prior to developing HACCP plans, the establishment shall develop and implement prerequisite programs to assist in controlling the likelihood of introducing food safety hazards to the product through the work environment and operational practices.



[Company Name] and [State Regulatory Agency] agree to participate in the voluntary NCIMS HACCP Program per the provisions provided in Appendix K of the current PMO. Both parties agree to provide the necessary resources to successfully implement and enforce the voluntary program. Industry and regulatory personnel shall be trained per the requirements in Appendix K.

Should either party determine that they can no longer support the program, enforcement shall revert back to the traditional program.

The initial HACCP listing audit may commence once [Company Name] has generated 60 days of the required NCIMS HACCP records.

We hereby agree to and submit this agreement knowingly and voluntarily to participate in the NCIMS HACCP Program.

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State Rating Program Administrator
[State Regulatory Agency]

[Title of Most Responsible]
[Company Name]

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