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NameLiv Prayer Intro

  1. FitEar is a manufacturer of custom ear pieces, based in Japan. These presets include settings for Pro Audio 334 and Pro Audio 335/335DW. The preset 'FitEar Stage' was created for musicians on stage and monitor engineers, and 'FitEar Reference' is for FOH engineers.
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Behringer X-Air Presets Download Documentation included! Not only do you get a full set of 24 presets for your library, but a.PDF that includes the WHY for the settings that I applied to the channel. Often times presets will help you get the sound you are looking for, but you don’t know HOW it helped get the sound.


AuthordsimmsCooper black swash italic font free.

Fractal ProductFM3

Gtr Presets Downloads Free

Firmware Version1.x

Set UpDirect

DescriptionThis is one of two presets for Living on a Prayer. The second is Talkbox & BE, also here on the exchange. It starts the synth pad (make sure Food Pedal 1/your volume pedal isn't down when you switch to this preset) and gives you a Friedman HBE (pick your Marshall variant here). Foot Pedal 1 handles overall volume and Foot Pedal 2 turns on the Formant and sweeps it. I had to cut some corners to make it fit into the FM3 - only one synth block gave me three voices to work with for the synth pad, vs six voices with two synth blocks in the AXE FX II, so the synth pad isn't as nice. You might be able to play with some effects and make it closer to the original. And I had to go with just one amp block instead of having two to tweak, although you could probably play with scenes/channels/controllers if you want to change the amp you play vs the one that feeds the formant.

Band/Artist/PlayerBon Jovi

SongLiving on a Prayer

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InstrumentElectric Guitar


Date UploadedAug 12, 2020

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Gtr Presets Downloads Free

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