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Freight Date achievement in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: Take the train between cities - worth 10 Gamerscore. Find guides to this achievement here. Aug 11, 2008  It should actually be listed on your map. This is Custom shop #1. In San Fierro: It's located just north of the gas station safe house. (The first save point you get in that city), drive north for about a block and you'll see a ramp to your right, go up the ramp and a garage will open up. This is normal custom. User manual for a website. IGN's Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Cheats and Secrets page details nearly 100 GTA cheats that can be used on PC, PS2, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. There are all sorts of cheats in GTA San.

Akai mpd32 driver

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Codes for GTA San Andreas

To activate cheat codes for GTA San Andreas it must be typed directly during the game. Also, the game can be paused by pressing the ESCAPE key on the keyboard that will allow quietly enter the code.
Using codes for GTA San Andreas please note that if at the moment of entering the code, CJ drives a car:
- then when you enter into the game code that contains the letter 'F', he will simply jump out of the car;
- you enter the code 'CPKTNWT - explode all machines, your hero will fly in the air along with the machine.

Whole list of codes and cheats for GTA San Andreas

Codes for weapons

LXGIWYL - set of weapons №1 for amateurs (brass knuckles, Baseball Bat, 9mm pistol, shotgun, micro SMG, AK-47, rifle, rocket launcher, Molotov cocktail, spraycan).
PROFESSIONALSKIT, KJKSZPJ - set of weapons №2 for professionals (knife, pistol Desert Eagle, shotgun Sawn-off, Tec-9, M4, sniper rifle, fire extinguisher, flamethrower, grenades).
UZUMYMW - set of weapons №3 for the crazies (chainsaw, a silenced pistol, combat shotgun, MP5, M4, Heat Seeking Rocket Launcher, bomb with remote control).
FULLCLIPWANRLTW - infinite amount of ammo and shooting without reloading.
NCSGDAGPROFESSIONALKILLER - the highest level of knowledge of all kinds of weapons
OUIQDMW - automatic focus when shooting from machine

Codes for health, armor, and money

HESOYAM - full health, armor and $250,000
CustomBAGUVIX - infinite health protection from bullets, fire and shock, however you still can suffer from the explosions, falling from a height, collision of a car or drown
CVWKXAM - unlimited breath under water
AEDUWNV - always hungry, never to be hungry
MUNASEFANOSEONGLASS - adrenaline level

Codes to the attention of the police

ASNAEBTURNDOWNTHEHEAT - remove wanted level (all the stars disappear).
LJSPQKBRINGITON - increase wanted level to the maximum (6 star search).
OSRBLHHTURNUPTHEHEAT - increase wanted level by 2 stars
AEZAKMI - elusive, never get caught and arrested

Codes for the attractiveness and status

OGXSDAGWORSHIPME - maximum respect
EHIBXQSHELLOLADIES - maximum sexuality.
BTCDBCB - CJ is very thick
KVGYZQK - CJ is skinny
BUFFMEUPJYSDSOD - CJ is muscular hunk
VKYPQCF - Max Stamina
VQIMAHANATURALTALENT - CJ maximum level of driving all transport
BIFBUZZ - gang seized absolutely the entire state of San Andreas. The streets of cities are completely empty, no one except the bandits of opposite groups that are fighting without respite.
MROEMZH gangs everywhere, they will surround you everywhere, even where they shouldn't (for example, Ballases in Las Venturas).

Codes for cars

AIWPRTON - Rhino tank
CQZIJMB - Bloodring Banger
PDNEJOH - Hotring Racer 73
VPJTQWV - Hotring Racer 07
KRIJEBR - Stretch
UBHYZHQ - Trashmaster
RZHSUEW - golfcar Caddy
AMOMHRER - Tanker Truck
AGBDLCID - Monster
JQNTDMH - Rancher

Codes for airplanes

JUMPJET - plane Hydra
OHDUDE - helicopter Hunter
URKQSRK - Stunt Plane

Codes for the rest of the technique in San Andreas

KGGGDKP - Vortex Hovercraft
AIYPWZQP - get the parachute

Codes for the characteristics of cars and traffic

COXEFGU - all the cars have nitro, but its stock is limited so to meet the need to get out and sit back in the car.
CPKTNWT - explode all cars. All machines in the field of visibility of the player will shoot up into the air.
XICWMD - all transport becomes invisible (transparent), except motorcycles. Wheels are the only visible part of car.
PGGOMOY - perfect control. Increases the sensitivity and sharpness in the driving.
ZEIIVG - traffic lights are always green. Stable light is green.
YLTEICZ - aggressive drivers. Drivers and their passengers engage in a shootout with police.
LLQPFBNAGRUXVHIQYH - the color of all cars becomes pink. More glamour in San Andreas.
IOWDLAC AGRUJRYMNOL - the color of all machines is black. Mourning in the state..

Gta San Andreas Custom Car Shop Location

RIPAZHA - flying cars. Speeding car can fly. control like in the plane.
FVTMNBZ - all cars and people from the countryside. Cities of the state of San Andreas go rednecks.
AFSNMSMW - flying boats. All boats and yachts fly, though boats could not fly high, because it's too heavy.
BGKGTJH - on the streets SA only cheap slower cars.
GUSNHDE - on the streets SA expensive fast and sports car.
BSXSGGCBUBBLECARS - the slightest collision of your machine with other car they lose weight and fly up.
JCNRUAD - any car that you sit in becomes practically not killable, and collisions with other transport breaks.
CVWKXAM - the result of the code is not defined.
VKYPQCF - the result of the code is not defined.
BMTPWHR - the result of the code is not defined.

Codes for weather

AFZLLQLL - the Sunny weather
ICIKPYH - the weather is very sunny
ALNSFMZO - cloud weather
AUIFRVQS - rainy weather
CFVFGMJ - the foggy weather
MGHXYRM - storm
CWJXUOC - Buran (sandstorm)

Codes affecting time

YSOHNUL - accelerate playing time
PPGWJHT - speed up the game (gameplay)
LIYOAAY - slow gameplay
XJVSNAJNIGHTPROWLER - always midnight. The game clock is stopped at 00:00. If you die, it will return noon - 12:00.

Codes gameplay

AJLOJYQY - People hit each other with golfclubs.
BAGOWPG - Have a bounty on your head.
FOOOXFT - All armed.
GtaSZCMAWO - Suicide.
ASBHGRB - Elvises everywhere.
BGLUAWML - People attack you with weapons.

Gta San Andreas Car Mods

- Party on the beach.
MROEMZH - gang Members everywhere.
BIFBUZZ - Control of the streets.
BEKKNQV - Girl.. .
JHJOECW - Huge Bunny Hop.
LFGMHAL - Mega jumps.
IAVENJQ - Mega hit.
AEDUWNV - You don't know the word 'hunger'.
IOJUFZN - Riot mode.
PRIEBJ - Funhouse Theme.
OUIQDMW - the Complete weapon aiming in the car.

Gta San Andreas Cars Download

THGLOJ - Abbreviation of the movement.
SJMAHPE - the Recruitment of any (9mm).
ZSOXFSQ - the Recruitment of any (Rockets).
CRAZYTOWN - everyone is crazies.

Gta San Andreas Car List

NATURALTALENT - all your skills pumped to the maximum parameters.

Tips on the use of codes in the game:

And yet, we recommend you not to get too carried away with codes as the game progresses. Try to pass the game and save without codes. Only in this case, complete the game entirely, you can proudly state that you are a true gambler who is not afraid to meet head to head with the realities of the gameplay.
But if you decide to just have fun and uploaded your favorite store only to a few clicks get a coveted set of weapons and rush into battle regaining territory of Ballases, then that cheat codes will come in handy.
Also, often, sometimes it's just nice to fly on a plane on a vast state in good weather, but as always happens in this case the weather is raining or in the sky high cloudiness. But it's not really a problem, since there is code for a Sunny day AFZLLQLL, which will allow you to control your fighter Hydra with clear visibility or try on a huge cargo Andromada maneuver between skyscrapers.
Killed all the neighboring gangs and bored? Do not hang your nose and just type BGLUAWML. This code will make all pedestrians agressive to you they will be armed. Believe me, a furious crowd of the common people, will be much more dangerous then gang of 5 persons.
Want to protracted tricks on auto? Then the code RIPAZHA for you! Use this code and your car will be able to fly. You just have to disperse the car and take off like on the plane. In the air perform a few tricks and gently land on the ground. The implementation of this is unreal trick will receive a monetary reward.