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Dips 6.009 did not run on XP. Added silent install capability. Version 6.009 - March 26 2013. Fixed a bug where Dips would crash when displaying flexural toppling with a dip direction of 329°. Fixed a bug where exporting data to excel would fail with a large number of intersections. Version 6.008. Software rocscience full LINK DE DESCARGA DIPS V6.0 ROCDATA V4.0 ROCFALL V4.08 ROCPLANE V2.0 SLIDE V6.0 SWEDGE V4.08 UNWEDGE V3.02 PHASE2 V8.00. LINK DE DESCARGA. Rocscience Dips 7.016/Settle3D 2.016/Slide 6.020/Unwedge 3.009. Size: -Version: Engineering Specialized. Download Rocscience Slide v6.020 Full Patch Free Gratis - Rocscience Slide adalah software analisis stabilitas kemiringan yang paling lengkap, lengkap dengan analisis rembesan tanah hingga elemen, penarikan cepat, analisis sensitivitas dan probabilistik dan desain pendukung. Semua jenis tanah dan lereng batu, tanggul, bendungan tanah dan dinding penahan dapat dianalisis. Download phase 2 v8.005 and crack:


Rocscience 3d

Rocscience Softwares is a complete suite of software for geotechnical engineers. Since 1996, the company has been well positioned in the field of software development. The applications in this collection include a wide range of geotechnical and earth sciences tools that enable you to design and analyze 2D and 3D. Civil engineers, soil mechanics and other geotechnical majors can use the software in the suite to further their operational and research goals.

Rocscience is well-versed in the challenges of engineers in this field, and credits its capabilities with good knowledge of geomechanics and its expert programming team. Behind the scenes of this company are Certified Geotechnical Engineers, all of whom hold a high degree in engineering. The products offered are based entirely on research and needs assessment and feedback from users. The mission of a software company is to meet the needs of users, and that is what Rocscience has done well.

Customers range from engineers working in small consulting companies to large teams working in large and multinational corporations, as well as companies exploring and exploiting mines. The range of applications of Rocscience products has even been extended to government agencies and universities around the world. Over many years, the company, with the backing of valuable experience, now has scientific and research connections with more than 280 leading universities around the world and plays an important role in their geotechnical education programs.

Required system

  • OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven


Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.


Free Software Dips Rocscience Crack

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File NameSizeLink
Rocscience Disp 7.01696.4 MBDownload
Rocscience Settle 3D v2.01628 MBDownload
Rocscience_Slide 6.02067.1 MBDownload
Rocscience_Unwedge 3.009 portable6.22 MBDownload

Rocscience Slide 6.0


Rocscience Software Download