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Prison Operetta Due has announced their newest series! Unsurprisingly, given their love of dark edgy themes and yanderes, the MC of this series will be a prisoner under the careful jurisdiction of several jailers Synopses (Paraphrased): This tainted love will be confined within sin and punishment A country resembling contemporary Japan exists in a certain universe.

After being falsely accused of murdering her own parents, the heroine of this story finds herself incarcerated and thrown into an infamously strict and severe prison. Criminals who find themselves jailed in this institution are often imprisoned for life, and are even occasionally sold off to other people as slaves for a high price. In a world that is plunged in darkness, will you be able to obtain genuine love? Or just insanity?

The conclusion is up to you. Character synopses will follow after the cut! 淫蜜脱出ゲーム (Inmitsu Dasshutsu Game) NiNO has announced a second new CD series, with this one involving around the scenario of being locked up in a room with your love interest Synopsis (Paraphrased): A certain couple loses their way and finds themselves trapped in an extremely mysterious hotel room, unable to leave until they finish various “H missions.” And so, in order to free themselves, the two must be determined in their efforts to complete their amorous tasks. While they try to fulfill the demands of the mission, their mutual love deepens further?

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The five volumes will feature the following types: • The ore-sama boyfriend • The first boyfriend • The older-brother-type boyfriend • The perfectionist boyfriend • The open boyfriend CVs: 茶介 (Katou Masayuki), remaining 4 TBA. Release Dates: April 26th, May 31st, June 28th, July 26th, August 30th, 2017. Car rental database template. Please proceed only if you’re above 18!) CV.

Futari no Himitsu - Vol. 1 (R18 Drama CD Translation) // WARNING: R18 DRAMA CD TRANSLATION Futari no Himitsu Vol.1 – Your Boyfriend is actually a Masochist This CD is about your boyfriend and you.

Furukawa Makoto T/N: commissioned!! Ok to be honest this cd is such a Ride, like i hate it at first?? But then i like it?? And when the Good Engrish comes i hate it again??

And then there comes the parts in the cd when the plot finally uncovers and im like!! Wow i love this cd, everything about this series makes sense now!! Like bruh, im so conflicted, should i love it or hate it? The whole cd just makes me feel like: I mean voice-wise he’s not my type since it’s sodaddy lmao but ngl this is one of the best-crafted smutty cd series, except for the fact that mc is always a rookie like why. WHY would you send a NEWBIEfor an undercover operation. Against a highly dangerous man, to boot. Chief suou what the heckie r u thinking!?

Wait was that a spoiler?? Ok justlisten to the cd first then i’llmeet y’all at the end of the post.

(also, there are a lot of literature/history/medical/alcohol names references that i might have mistaken so feel free to correct me.). 彼のプラマ事情 彼のプラマイ事情 (R18! Proceed only if you’re above 18!!) CV. Satou Takuya T/N: Commissioned~!

I feel like Satou has gotten a lot of CDs this year. He might as well be the second bakazawa lmao.

Anyway the theme of this volume in particular is yasashii no toshiue kareshi aka a gentle older boyfriend (cue lennyface.jpg) and actually during the first half translating this, i realize MC is so damn blessed and i was struck with an ominous sense of emptiness. HE IS SO KIND!!! NEED ME A FREAK LIKE THIS. Now let me go to the dig some soil to find the remnants of nice guys because THEY ARE EXTINCT.

Como Baixar Technic Launcher Pirata 32 Bits. Yes, dinosaurs are nice. They provide us fuel.

Alright alright, i should stop here before i spout more nonsensical palavers. Enjoy the read! Wダーリンシリーズ (W Darling Season 2) Rabbit Candy has finally announced a second season to their series! Synopsis (Paraphrased): When you open your eyes one morning, you are greeted to the sight of your beloved boyfriend on your right but also on the left? Now matter how you look at it, both of the two men by your side are definitely your boyfriend (boyfriends?).


Memories on tv 3.0.2 keygen manuales parche en espanol youtube. And your boyfriend’s an only child—so what is this???? The plot ( what plot?) involving the curious case of your boyfriend and your boyfriend’s clone is the same—but this season features new types of boyfriends. ( • v • ) • Volume 1: Childhood-friend boyfriend (Left) • Volume 2: “Disobedient”/ Tsundere boyfriend (Center) • Volume 3: Slow-paced boyfriend (Right) CVs (Respectively): 土門熱 (Satou Takuya), テトラポット登 (Furukawa Makoto), 皇帝 (Tachibana Shinnosuke) Release Dates: May 3rd, June 21st, July 19th, 2017.

This series is an R18 drama CD (this CD and my translation is not meant for minors. There will be explicit terms used in this CD) by Apricot. Translator: & sarapyon (only track 01) Proofreader: (only track 01) Admin Channa’s notes: Hello! Here is my second translation as requested by a reader. Please reblog or link to my original posting here on tumblr if you wish to share this translation!

Summary: You belong to the same club as your friend, Nishijima Yuuta. But one day, Yuuta calls you out somewhere, and confesses to you, saying “I want you to go out with me.” After this, you two begin dating. CV: Furukawa Makoto. 彼のプラマイ事情 (Kare no plus-minus jijou) Nenokobanashi, a new label, has announced their first series—one which involves your boyfriend finally revealing a hidden side to you! Synopses (Paraphrased): Everyone has their two sides. Usually, people will show their “pluses” to the outside word, and hide their “minuses” deep within their hearts. But what if, while spending precious time with your boyfriend as usual, he switches from his “plus” and his “minus” sides, and continues to whisper his love to you?

The first volume features your rather common, daily life with your caring and often kind older boyfriend. But on one Friday night at home, while you two are lounging about as usual, an incident causes your boyfriend to act differently than usual. Turns out, in the depths of his heart, your usually kind boyfriend is hiding The second volume (bottom left) features your awkward childhood-friend turned boyfriend.

After practicing your club activities, you usually head over to your boyfriend’s house to do your homework together. The morning after spending a sweet night together alone with him, your boyfriend starts to act differently after a certain incident The third volume (bottom right) features your good-for-nothing “uncle” (by marriage, or other non-blood relations), who is also your boyfriend. His hetare-ness is so bad that you’ve come to believe that without you around, he’s pretty much helpless. While he does treat you, who is significantly younger than him, like a kid from time to time, a certain incident one day causes him to act a little different than usual. And so, he was actually hiding the fact that CVs (Respectively): 土門熱 (Satou Takuya), 須賀紀哉 (Majima Junji), 茶介 (Katou Masayuki) Release Dates: July 26th, August 30th, September 27th, 2017.

豹変彼氏~執事が部屋から出してくれません~ (R18!! Please proceed only if you’re above 18!) CV. Maeda Takeshi T/N: this is commissioned and I feel bad for saying this but this CD is so lewd, it’s almost like the level of a doujin cd.

I ended up spending almost twice more time, just for contemplating how to translate the dirty talk phrases lmao. I don’t dig dirty talk but bruh, those who love do-Ses, or desperate MCs, or slightly daddy voices, or dirty talk, are sure gonna love this cd. Bonus if you’re into all of those. As usual, there might be some mistakes so feel free to point it out. (especially the swamp part ok) oops no spoilers so i’ll see you again at the end of the post. Sinful Sword Bois: A list of Touken Ranbu seiyuus who have been in R-18 otome drama CDs and those aforementioned drama CDs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ✨ 🔞 Currently, there are 28* characters in Touken Ranbu who have been in at least one R-18 otome drama CD work. They know how thirsty us saniwa are. A seiyuu or two have been excluded from this list because their R-18 works are practically relics, and/or because they aren’t active in the R-18 otome drama CD scene.

( • v • ) Sin away, 審神者. *Technically 28+ due to some characters sharing the same voice actor. Character 声優 (Seiyuu) R-18 Otome Drama CD Pseudonym • Followed by some (1-4) drama CDs they’ve been in.

Quite a few of these seiyuus have way more CDs than I’ve listed on this list I’m looking at you, Ookurikara, Ichinii, Nikkari, Honebami, Hachisuka, Urashima, CCP, Kikkou👀 1. Akashi Kuniyuki* Asari Ryouta 浅利遼太 • 私の彼のおかしなヒミツ Vol.3 M気質の彼 (Watashi no kare no okashina himitsu, Vol.3, M kishitsu no kare) *Shares the same voice actor as Hirano Toushirou/Sohayanotsurugi.

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Horikawa Kunihiro Enoki Junya 榎木淳弥 • キョウダイの恋愛事情 Vol. 1 (Kyoudai no renai jijou, Volume 1) • 未亡人と愛玩少年~vi et animo~ (Miboujin to aigan shounen 〜vi et animo〜) 3. Urashima Kotetsu Fukushima Jun 福島潤 • ふたりの秘密 Vol.3 (Futari no himitsu Vol.3) • 只今恋愛中! (Tadaima Renai Chuu!) • 抱かれてから始まる恋~小毬編 (Dakaretekara hajimaru koi 〜Komari hen〜) • 十六夜恋歌 春 (Izayoi Renka Haru) 4. Ookurikara Furukawa Makoto 古川慎 • 私の小鳥 −Weiβ- (Watashi no kotori -Weiβ-) • Cream Pie~大好きな彼と、素肌のままで最後まで❤~ (Cream Pie 〜Daisuki na kare to, suhada no mama de saigo made〜) • 監獄~囚われの島~ (Kangoku 〜Toraware no shima〜) • 旦那さまシリーズ vol.4 敬語旦那さま (Danna-sama series Vol.4 Keigo danna-sama) 5. Higekiri Hanae Natsuki 花枝夏樹 • かれピロ 年下彼氏とお泊り遊園地デートで♡編 (Kare Pillow Vol.8) • お姉さまと僕~薔薇の下で逢いましょう~ (Onee-sama to boku 〜Bara no shita de aimaishou〜) • 紅ノ華嫁 壱ノ候補:華房瑞穂 (Aka no hanayome Vol.1) 6. Hotarumaru Iguchi Yuuichi 井口祐一 • 私の彼のおかしなヒミツ Vol.2 男の娘の彼 (Watashi no kare no okashina himitsu Vol.2 Otokonoko no kare) • 拾ってください!(Hirotte kudasai!) • 『私立常盤坂学院 - immoral game -』 第2巻 塔ケ崎ルカ ~美しき塔は聖女を幽す~ (Shiritsu tokiwazaka gakuin -immoral game- Vol.

2 Tougasaki Ruka 〜Utsukushiki tou wa seijo wo yuusu〜 7. Uguisumaru Kakihara Tetsuya 柿原彻也 • 好きになってはいけない彼(ひと)親友の彼氏・百々瀬結斗 (Suki ni natte wa ikenai kare/hito Shinyuu no kareshi • Momose Yuito) • 大好きな彼とHして腕まくらでピロートークされちゃうシリーズ 第5弾 幼馴染彼氏と夜の保健室で編 (Kare Pillow Vol.5) • Relacion Dulce vol.2 お酒のチカラではじまる新しい関係 (Relacion Dulce Vol.2) 8.

Yamanbagiri Kunihiro Maeno Tomoaki 前野智昭 桜ひろし • 不破光秀 • 大好きな彼とHして腕まくらでピロートークされちゃうシリーズ 第6弾 同棲彼氏と2人のおうちで編 (Kare Pillow Vol.6) 9. Nikkari Aoe Majima Junji 間島淳司 • 抱かれてから始まる恋~昴編~ (Dakaretekara hajimaru koi 〜Subaru hen〜) • 旦那さまシリーズ vol.1 溺愛旦那さま 先生に学ぶ初夜《あい》の時間 (Danna-sama series Vol.1) • 刀剣様の花嫁狩りと淫らなお手入れ (Touken-sama no hanayome kari to midarana oteire)** **I laugh every time. Gotou Toushirou Murata Taishi 村田太志 • 偏愛性ノエシス~おめでとう、だけど~ (Henaisei Noeshisu 〜Omedetou, dakedo〜) • えねみーかっぷりんぐ (Enemy Coupling Seasons 1 & 2, Vol.2) • でーとびより 藤巻慎也編 (Date Biyori Vol.1) 11. Hachisuka Kotetsu Okitsu Kazuyuki 興津和幸 • Switching?! (Switching Seasons 1 & 2, Volumes 2 and 4) • 彼と添い寝でしたいコトぜんぶ 真瀬智晴 (Kare to soine de shitaikoto zenbu • Mase Tomoharu) • 黒ヒョウ科ダーリン (Kurohyouka Darling) 12. Shishiou Oosaka Ryouta 逢坂良太 万里小路麗音 • ガールズセラピスト case.02:良永真如 (Girls’ Therapist Case 02) • アバンチュール~禁断の一夜~ vol.2教師と生徒 (Adventure 〜Kindan no ichiya〜 Vol.2) 13. Hakata Toushirou Oosuka Jun 大須賀純 • きみと、はじめて。2 (Kimi to, hajimete.

Pero ahora no pienso en ti, sino en ti, en tu emocion, soy una persona asi. Estos son los libros que deberias pedir a los Kings para tu cumpleanos. La mezcla de nuestras novelas actuales y clasicos atemporales. Descargar libro ardiente verano pdf download. Ardiente Verano Noelia Amarillo Descargar Pdf Gratis He recomendado 12 (doce) libros para que no te rompas la cabeza cuando se trata de envolver regalos. Son hermosos Ardiente Verano Noelia Amarillo Descargar Pdf Gratis titulos que puedes disfrutar en las largas noches de verano, entre trenes y aviones, disfrutando del buen insomnio.

Shokudaikiri Mitsutada* Satou Takuya 佐藤拓也 • Reversible vol.1 ~俺様カレシ・尊~ (Reversible Vol.1) • 彼と添い寝でしたいコトぜんぶ 岡崎祥 (Kare to soine de shitaikoto zenbu • Okazaki Shou) • リミット・コール (Limit Call) *Shares the same voice actor as Kousetsu Samonji. Heshikiri Hasebe* Shingaki Tarusuke 新垣樽助 • それはささやかな恋のはじまり 宮坂春樹 (Sore wa sasayaka na koi no hajimaru • Miyasaka Haruki) • Villain Vol.

4 -The Story of Killer- (Villain Vol. 4) • ラポール -遠隔操作- 甘い口&辛口 (Rapport) *Shares the same voice actor as Nagasone Kotetsu. Honebami Toushirou Suzuki Yuuto 鈴木裕斗 • 彼と添い寝でしたいコトぜんぶ 藤木空 (Kare to soine de shitaikoto zenbu • Fujiki Sora) • 年下彼氏くんの戸惑い初体験 (Toshishita kareshi-kun no tomadoi hatsutaiken) • 恋。しかるべき~芹沢拓海編~ (Koi. 〜Serizawa Takumi hen〜) 17.

Taroutachi* Tai Yuuki 泰勇気 • うきうきウィークエンド2 遠距離恋愛中の彼 (Ukiuki Weekend Vol.2 Enkyori renai chuu no kare) *Shares the same voice actor as Souza Samonji. Ichigo Hitofuri Tamaru Atsushi 田丸篤志 • Switching!? (Switching!? Seasons 1 & 2, Volumes 1 and 2) • 彼と添い寝でしたいコトぜんぶ 藤木陸 (Kare to soine de shitaikoto zenbu • Fujiki Riku) • カフェ・ロマーナへようこそ 小霧楓の恋(Welcome to Cafe Romana, Volume 3) 19.

Kikkou Sadamune Yamanaka Masahiro 山中真尋 • Rouge et Noir 第1弾 麻薬取締官 真壁亮編 (Rouge et Noir Vol.1) • 私の小鳥 -Schwarz- (Watashi no kotori -Schwarz) • 抱かれてから始まる恋~青葉編~ (Dakaretekara Hajimaru Koi 〜Aoba hen〜) 20. Yagen Toushirou* Yamashita Seiichirou 山下誠一郎 • カフェ・ロマーナへようこそ 小霧春の恋(Welcome to Cafe Romana, Volume 1) • キョウダイの恋愛事情 vol.4 弟・梓馬漣 (Kyoudai no renai jijou Vol.4) *Shares the same voice actor as Aizen Kunitoshi. Ookanehira Ono Yuuki 小野友樹 • 刀剣様の花嫁狩りと淫らなお手入れ (Touken-sama no hanayome kari to midarana oteire)** • 恋する編集者 かけ引き。(Koisuru henshuusha • Kakehiki) • 淫魔 第7弾 一途な誘惑・多情な誘惑 (Inma Vol.7) **I’m laughing again.

Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki Hama Kento 濱健人 • Choice! ―チョイス!―Vol.1 彼の初めて (Choice! Vol.1 Kare no hajimete) 23. Sayo Samonji Murase Ayumu 村瀬歩 • 大好きな彼とHして腕まくらでピロートークされちゃうシリーズ 第16弾 年下彼氏とスケートデートのあとで編 (Kare Pillow Vol.16) 24.

Tomoegata Naginata Nojima Hirofumi 野島裕史 • re:Reversible vol.2~癒し系カレシ・直央~ • Switching?! Koryuu Kagemitsu Tachibana Shinnosuke 立花慎之介 • Beat♯Mix vol.1 • まどろみのアリス 26. Kenshin Kagemitsu Yonaga Tsubasa 代永翼 • ラブユーブング 周防駆編 • 密室カレ 27. Azuki Nagamitsu Kawahara Yoshihisa 川原慶久 • 年の差レンアイ ~あなたにずっと恋してる~ 28.

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Kashuu Kiyomitsu Masuda Toshiki 増田俊樹 • Sweet x Sweet 槙大河.