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Are you looking to change Fonts and Emoji on your Huawei smartphone? Then you’re at the right place. Here, we’ll teach you how to download and install 50+ Fonts / Emoji on Huawei/Honor EMUI devices.

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As we all know, Huawei and Honor phones runs on its own custom skin called EMUI on top of Android. Just like Xiaomi’s MIUI, the Huawei EMUI also comes with lot of customization options. Users can easily change theme, icons, lock screen, but unfortunately there is no settings to change font style. So, here we have decided to share quick steps to change font style on any Huawei phone. The following guide is compatible with each and every Huawei phone running on Android Oreo / Nougat / Pie based EMUI 8.0 / EMUI 5.x ROM.

  • Big collection of cool jazz ttf fonts for phone and tablet. All high quality phone and tablet fonts on page 1 of 25 are available for free download.
  • Users can easily change theme, icons, lock screen, but unfortunately there is no settings to change font style. So, here we have decided to share quick steps to change font style on any Huawei phone. The following guide is compatible with each and every Huawei phone running on Android Oreo / Nougat / Pie based EMUI 8.0 / EMUI 5.x ROM.
  • Dec 14, 2018  Mobile Font: Cool Jazz (.ttf) Font to Download Click Here Download Cool Jazz Font (.ttf) (1 MB) CTTO Don't forget to join, like and visit my Facebook Group and Page Facebook Group: VIVO Themes, Fonts and others for sharing (Credit to the Owner) CTTO and Huawei Themes, Fonts and others for sharing (Credit to the Owner) CTTO.

Apart from fonts, here we have also shared new Emoji for Huawei EMUI devices. Users need to download the emoji and then follow the same below steps to install the emoji on their devices. To change font style and install new emoji, there is no need to have root access.

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Download Fonts for Huawei EMUI phones

The following are the list of font names and their corresponding download links right next to them:

  1. Bethany – Downlod
  2. Chococooky – Downlod
  3. Iphonelight – Download
  4. Product_sans – Download
  5. Comic_sans – Download
  6. Marshmallow – Download
  7. Rosemary – Download
  8. Black Jack – Download
  9. Cavair Dreams – Download
  10. Dancing Script – Download
  11. Grand Hotel – Download
  12. Heleveticaneuelight – Download
  13. Husser – Download
  14. Rabio Head – Download
  15. San Francisco(Sf Font Ios9) – Download
  16. Sf Cartoonist – Download
  17. Lato – Download
  18. Ubuntu Regular – Download
  19. Ubuntu Light – Download
  20. Roboto Regular – Download
  21. Roboto Condensed – Download
  22. Abel – Download
  23. Cool Jazz – Download
  24. Josefin Sans – Download
  25. Montserrat – Download
  26. Open Sans Condensed Bold – Download
  27. Open Sans Condensed Light – Download
  28. Raleway – Download
  29. Antonio – Download
  30. Angry Birds – Download
  31. Miui8 – Download
  32. Sony Sketch – Download
  33. Stonage – Download
  34. Cocon – Download
  35. Klavika – Download
  36. Rattlescript Boldcaps – Download
  37. Slate Pro(Blackberry) – Download
  38. Sulus – Download
  39. Bowhouse – Download
  40. Calibri – Download
  41. Comfortaa – Download
  42. Rix Squirrel – Download
  43. Fashion Fetish – Download
  44. Hello Pipi – Download
  45. Hello Pool Needle – Download
  46. Nato(Google Pixel) – Download
  47. Cocon Light – Download
  48. Dudu Callighraphy – Download
  49. Emui5 – Download
  50. Hacen Liner Xl – Download
  51. Hytravel – Download
  52. Corporate Rounded – Download
  53. Insomia – Download
  54. Samsung Sans – Download
  55. Waltography – Download
  56. Angeline – Download
  57. Glegoo – Download
  58. Life Saver – Download
  59. Kalam – Download
Free Cool Jazz Font For Android

How to install a new Font on Huawei/Honor devices

1. Firstly, you need have an app called “Tweaker for Huawei” on your device. Users can download and install the app directly from Google Play Store.

2. Launch the Tweaker for Huawei app from app drawer and tap on ‘Enable Font Change’. Now you need to toggle ‘OFF’ and press ‘Apply’.

Cool Fonts For Android

3. Once done, you need to download your favorite font from the above list and change the extension ‘.zip’ to ‘.hwt’. Do remember that you need to rename the extension without extracting the zip file.

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4. Then transfer the font file to Internal storage > Huawei Themes folder if your phone is running on EMUI 5.1 or below. For Huawei phones running on EMUI 8.0 or above need to move the file to Internal storage > HWtheme folder.

5. Next go to Theme App and tap on Offline (Me) option located at the top right corner.

6. Now you need to tap on Customize option and then select the font option. Refer the above screenshot for easy references purposes.

7. That’s it! Here you’ll find the latest font which you’ve installed on your device. Select the font and tap on Apply.

In this way, you can download any of the above listed fonts and apply on your Huawei EMUI smartphone.

Download Emoji for Huawei/Honor phones

Best Fonts For Android

Download Emoji for EMUI phones

How to Change Emoji on Huawei/Honor EMUI devices

The steps to install new Emoji on any Huawei phone is same as the above steps. Simply download the Emoji from above links and then follow the above steps to apply on your EMUI phone.

That’s it! Now you can regularly change fonts and install new emoji on your Huawei/Honor phones. Don’t forget to share which font you like the most from the above list by leaving a comment below. York centrifugal chiller manual.

Free Cool Jazz Font For Android Phone

Source – XDA

Cool Jazz Font For Android Free

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