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Through Passion, I gain Focus

Through Knowledge, I gain Power

From Star Wars: The Old Republic Wiki. Jump to: navigation, search. Ashara's Force-woven Head Augmentation: Binds on pickup Head Medium armor (Rating 104) 482 Armor Durability: 100/100. Total Stats: +47 Mastery +53 Endurance Requires Level 49 Requires Medium armor Ashara's Force. Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics via Force augmentation, Precognition (battle precognition is common to most Force Adepts), Clairvoyance, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Aura sensing, Forcefield Creation (via Force Barrier), Mind/Memory manipulation (via Jedi Mind Trick), energy manipulation (can reflect, redirect, absorb energy attacks thrown at him via Tutaminis), sensory. According to (former) canonical sources, Yoda was an elite amongst the elite in terms of lightsaber duelists. He employed Form IV - Ataru - which is for the most part very unorthodox, especially for somebody of his diminutive stature. Ataru is kno.

Through Serenity, I gain Strength

Through Victory, I gain Harmony

There is only the Force.

This is the code those who choose both the light and the dark side of the force. This is the code of those who chose to see with a clear mind of what the force really is and not the point of views of either the Jedi or sith as they chose to mainly focus on a single aspect of the force. For this is the code of the Grey Jedi; those who're not after of the light or the dark and use them in perfect harmony.

4000 BBY

Ningen, located in the unknown regions of the galaxy and home to the sub-human race called Shinobi and where our story will start….

In the forest of a rather large settlement, 5 people were doing battle, though it was a 4 on 1 battle, but the fifth warrior was faring well against the others. The first warrior was a tall man with tanned skin and dark eyes. He had waist-length black hair typically styled in a centre-parted fringe that framed his face. He wore a standard shinobi dress of his era, consisting of dark red armour worn over a simple black suit with sandals. This armour was constructed from numerous metal plates, formed into multiple protective guards along his body; each collar of his shoulder guards bore the Senju symbol. Prior to Konoha's formation he wore a white coloured cloth bearing his clan's symbol on his forehead, which he later replaced with the village's forehead protector.

The second warrior was a fair-skinned man with white, shaggy hair and dark-coloured eyes. He had three red markings on his face, one under each of his eyes and one on his chin. In combat, he wore blue armour with a distinctive white fur collar over a simple black suit. This armour was constructed from numerous metal plates, formed into multiple protective guards along his body. Beneath his shoulder armour he wore two bands on each arm. This clothing was accompanied by sandals and a happuri in place of the more traditional forehead protector. The happuri was initially engraved with the Senju's emblem, which was later replaced with Konoha's.

The third was a fair-skinned man with spiky, black hair that had a slight blue tint to it. His is waist-length with shoulder-length bangs framing the sides of his face, covering most of his right eye. Although still relatively young, more prominent creases had developed under each of his eyes. He wore crimson armour with numerous metal plates, forming protective guards along his chest, waist, shoulders and thighs. During the battle, he often carried an orange-brown gunbai which had a long black chain running up it. The anime also shows him wearing a metal belt, as well as a brown leather sash to hold some of his other weapons, and a pair of belt sashes to hold two of his swords.

The fourth was a woman with long, bright-red hair and large, pupiless eyes. She wore an elaborate, high-collared kimono with the Uzushiogakure symbol on the back of the obi which was tied around her waist. Her hair was arranged in buns with hair pins in them and three clips in the front. She also wore a dark shade of red lipstick and had the Strength of a Hundred Seal on her forehead. She also wore tags with kanji written on them in her hair decals.

These were Hashirama Senju, Tobirama Senju, Madara Uchiha and Mito Uzumaki; Konoha's four most powerful warriors and they're right now fighting a warrior that giving them a hard time…. Ummm these are the same legendary warriors of Konoha right?

The individual that there are fighting is a hooded figure wearing dark red armour under a black robe. The armour was of a material never seen before and a helmet with a T-shaped visor covered by the hood. Also was wielding two red energy blades with hilts similar to that of a katana and a wakizashi.

The lone figure held his own against four of the world's greatest warrior with somewhat relative ease. This baffled them especially Madara because no one other than Hashirama could push him onto his back foot in close quarters combat, but this masked individual did it and it baffled him greatly. The being in question was random when it came to his blade work, for example, when he was attacked by Madara via sword and gunbai, the warrior would hunkered down keeping a close move set, then when an opening was presented, he countered with powerful, yet precise strikes (AN: Souresu then transitions to Djem Sho with elements of Makashi) then the warrior would attack Hashirama and Tobirama with punches and kicks then to channeling lighting into his energy blades to cut through their jutsu (Ataru and Niman/Jar'kai). However, what caught Madara's attention was that this that his power was being amplified by… CHAKRA?!

But how was that possible? When the fight started, the being before them didn't have a chakra signature, but as the fight progressed a signature could be detected from their opponent. Either this being had a chakra network and masked his signature, or was this gaining a chakra network as they fought and if so, how?

Another thing that grabbed their attention, was whenever they used projectile weapons or projectile jutsu, their attacks were either stopped in mid-air, absorbed, or redirected either back at them or to the side and when pressed, he would draw in loss objects such as rocks or fallen branches to distract them from getting to close, or when they did, the warrior would shoot lightning from his hands. At first they thought he was from Kumo, but the lightning had no chakra to it, so trying to figure out who this warrior was or where this individual came from is a complete mystery.

Right now, Madara and Hashirama are currently in blade locked with the masked warrior. The two Konoha shinobi made sure to have chakra through their weapons, or this'll be a very short fight.

'W-whoever you are…. You sure are strong' Hashirama said as he tried to push the warrior back.

'I have to agree with my idiot friend here you're the strongest warrior to ever cross swords with us' Madara said as he admitted that this unknown warrior was strong.

'I appreciate the praise, but I know this is merely a distraction' the warrior said as he pushed them back, breaking the blade lock only to jump out of the way of a water dragon that crashed into where he once stood.

Tobirama gritted his teeth as this was his three attempt to try and catch this warrior off guard, but every time he tried, he was either countered, or he missed his target altogether. 'Damn how did he know?' he asked himself.

'You don't know the power of the force' the warrior stated as he dodged a barrage of chakra chains courtesy of Mito.

'You're fast, but not fast enough' Mito said.

'What do you…' he asked, only for chakra chains to burst out of the ground catching the warrior off guard. The masked warrior managed to dodge, but not before the chains knocked of his helmet revealing the warriors face and what she was made her blush a bit. The warrior has bright, blue eyes with yellow tint and spiky, blond hair with red streaks and jaw-length bangs framing either side of his face. His face was angular and he had 6 very noticeable scars on his cheeks three on each. Another thing that she realized was that the assailant was a BOY!?

'We're being bested by a boy…. The fuck!?' thought Madara and Tobirama who were shocked at a boy who was around 12 years of age was pushing them onto their back foot as if they were children.

'Hmmm…. You're the first outside my master to have ever knocked off my helmet…. What's your name?' he asked the woman.

'Uzumaki Mito and you are?' Mito asked.

'Darth Toki formerly known as Naruto and the sith apprentice to Darth Malak' the now name Naruto said as he introduced himself to a worthy foe.

'Darth Toki? Why not keep your name?' asked Mito genuinely curious about his name.

'Darth Toki is both a name and a title given to me by my Master after I prove my worth as an apprentice when I killed my brother Menma for right of apprenticeship. I threw away the name Naruto and took up the title of Darth Toki to show that I have been reborn as a sith' the now named Naruto said shocking Mito of the warriors answer.

'Y-you killed your brother for an apprenticeship?!' she asked horrified that this warrior who appeared to be no more than 16 would kill his own brother for an apprenticeship with some sith master.

'It was either that or to die at my brothers hands. The trial to become a sith apprentice is through blood and to realize that even your own family will sell you out for their own personal gain whether it be power, wealth or glory' Darth Toki said remembering the teachings of his master.

'That is a load of bull and you know it' Hashirama said as he clearly overheard their conversation.

'It matters not what you think, I did what I had to in order to survive. And now I have this world to thank' he said confusing them.

'What do you mean 'have this world to thank' does this have something to do with that chakra network that suddenly appeared in your body?' asked Madara shocking everyone because when they first started this battle, the boy had no chakra, but now that they focused on him, they can sense his chakra which baffled them.

'Oh so you noticed' Naruto said getting their attention.

'What do you mean?' asked Tobirama who joined the others.

'You see before coming here, I battled with a white haired man who could use his bones as weapons..' he said, but was interrupted by Mito.

'You faced a Kaguya and won?!' she asked knowing that said clan were notorious for being powerful hand to hand fighters. So, for one to fall in their preferred fighting style was a feat in of itself.

'So that's what they are… anyways after I killed the fool via force choke I decided to steal his power and add it to myself, so I used a variation of Force Drain and took not only his chakra network, but his ability to use his bones as weapons, however, before I can use it, my body has to accept the foreign system which is very painful' Naruto said as Mito was the first to notice.

'Is?' she asked?

Force Augmentation Star Wars 2017

'Yes, my body is still accepting the chakra network right now and as a dark side user, my anger and pain give me strength, so this whole time I've been fighting you while in tremendous pain' Naruto said as he activated his lightsabers which made everyone draw their weapons.

'Oh and I should thank you' he said confusing them again.

'For what?' asked Madara now confused as to why this boy would thank them?

'Because this whole time we've been fighting, I've been using my power this whole time stealing you're your powers, your knowledge and traits; from you the Senjhu brothers your body's cellular structure and command of the elements, from the Uchiha his eyes and knowledge of his eyes and the art of illusions and finally from you Uzumaki your potent chakra and knowledge of the sealing arts' he said activating the sharingan shocking everyone especially Madara whose shock turned to rage.

'How dare you steal my eyes' he growled.

'Heh. I should thank you for this power…. With this I'll be strong enough to kill my master and take his place as Sith Master just as he did with his master' he said as his eyes morphed from the regular sharingan to the Madara's Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan then Naruto summoned 4 chakra chains from his back shocking Mito.

Then, Naruto as he displayed his new power, his eyes widen as blood started coming out of the corner of his mouth and from his nose. He then doubles over as the pain his body was going through was too much. Seeing this, Madara charged at the down boy in an attempt to end his life, but was pushed back by a very strong force push courtesy of Naruto. Mito then decided to act, but with a seal tag that she created 'Hashirama-kun I need you to distract him long enough so that I may place this' she said to her fiancée.

'What for?' he asked.

'This seal will put him into a deep sleep, but when that happens, I'll seal him away into the sacred scroll where no one can find him' she said getting a wide eye from both Hashirama and Tobirama.

'That boy is a menace he must be killed something I believe I and dare I say it Madara can agree on' he said, wanting to wash his mouth out with dog shit after saying that he agreed with the Uchiha clan head.

'Hashirama you noticed it too when he spoke of killing his brother…. The pain in his voice though well-hidden was there and I believe this can help. This seal is both a sleep seal and a soul purification seal, this will help his body grow accustomed to what he's going through while at the same time save him from a life of guilt and torment for what his 'master' forced him to do' she said say the word master with venom.

'Very well Mito-chan, I'll trust your judgement' Hashirama said make Mito smile and Tobirama nod though he disapproves with this decision, knew that this boy must have undergone some form of hell where he had to kill his own brother just to survive. Tobirama knew that if he was ever in Naruto's position, he would never live with himself if he was forced to kill his own brother just to survive.

The two brothers quickly sprang into action, with Madara following close behind. Tobirama unleashed several water dragons, Madara unleashed several giant fireballs, and Hashirama unleashed a wood dragon. Their attacks force Naruto to jump into the air in order to dodge as his body was in so much pain that he couldn't concentrate on the force. In the air, Mito acted by shooting chakra chains at Naruto who was too distracted to notice the attack. The chains wrapped around his wrists and ankles leaving him immobile thus allowing Mito to draw him in and slapping the seal tag on Naruto's chest. Mito activated the seal which had an immediate effect as Naruto closed his eyes and drifted to sleep.

Madara seeing his chance, drew his sword and rushed to kill the boy, but was stopped by Hashirama who summoned wooden tentacles which wrapped around him 'that's enough Madara, he's unable to defend himself, what kind of honor do you have if you kill a defenseless opponent?' he asked his friend.

'This boy is a danger to everyone around him, his power is too great for any of us to challenge, this boy no older than 16 managed to best us and it was only through his body not handling the strain of assimilating our traits and power into himself that we won. Once he awakens he'll be more powerful than either of us, so he must be destroyed now' Madara said trying to convince his friend to allow him to kill the boy.

'No, my fiancée has insured that the boy is no longer a threat while that seal is placed on him, she also insisted that we seal him in the sacred scroll where he'll be locked away for as long as the scroll exist' Hashirama said trying to reason with this friend.

'As much as I hate to agree with Madara, but he does have a point, also what makes you think that a simple seal would hold someone of that power?' Tobirama asked completely questioning the sealing capabilities of an Uzumaki.

Then Tobirama felt a massive surge of killing intent coming from behind.

'Are you questioning the sealing capabilities of the Uzumaki clan Tobi-san?' Mito asked promising that if he answered wrongly, it'll end in his death, or sterilization.

'N-no Mito- onee-chan' he said hoping that the gods were merciful with him today.

'Good, because should you question my clans' ability again, I'll slap a seal on you that'll cause your testicles to implode and your penis to swell like a pufferfish before exploding…. Am I clear?' she asked as poor Tobirama was so pale of her threat that you can almost see his veins.

'Yes…' he said in a very tiny voice as he wished to be anywhere but here. Both Hashirama and Madara were hiding behind a tree cowering in fear of the vengeful Uzumaki woman leaving Tobirama to face her wrath.

'Hashirama…. I fear for you right now' Madara said.

'Me too' the Senjhu clan head said cowering from his fiancée.

'Hashi-kun… Madara-san won't you please come out and help me seal this boy up' she said in an ever so sweetly tone that promised pain if they didn't comply with her wishes.

'Hai!' the two men yelled in unison not wanting to face her wrath.

They set the boy next to the scroll while Mito retrieved Naruto's weapons with her chakra chains and latched them onto the boys' belt. Madara wanted to protest, but Mito beat him to it 'Madara I know what you're going to say and no, these weapons are too dangerous and must be kept with the one who can use them safely and beside they won't work for any of us' she said getting a confused look from the Uchiha clan head.

'How so?' he asked.

'Because I tried to activate them with my chains, but they didn't work, so I assume that they'll work with those who can use that power called the Force' she stated as she placed a new seal onto Naruto, right before sealing him inside the scroll that'll be sealed into the Sacred Scroll.

'Ummm…. What was that seal you placed on him dear?' Hashirama asked as the other two wondered the same thing.

'It's a seal that my younger sister thought up she called the 'Sleeping Prince Seal' and the only way to awaken him should someone find the scroll and release him…. Is to kiss him' she answered making the men look at her as if she was crazy.




'Your sister's a child' was all Tobirama said right before he was being chased by an angry Mito. This caused both Hashirama and Madara to sweat drop at the sight.

'Hashirama I quote a very true saying from the Nara clan' Madara said.

'And what's that?' the Senjhu clan head asked.

'Women are troublesome' he answered.

'No truer words have ever been spoken' he said sagely.

Time Force (Time Skip)….

Natsumi Uzumaki a young girl who resembled her mother more than she does her father, but she doesn't know who either of them are or were in this case. She has purplish blue eyes and a round face with three whisker birthmarks, which, with her red hair and yellow streaks naturally framing both sides of her face, made her look like a tomato. Her attire she wore a short-sleeved, tan kimono-like blouse with a dark embroidered border, held closed with a black obi, a dark short skirt and stockings that stopped at her thighs along with green goggles and brown sandals. Having failed the gennin exams for a third time, she hoped that this make up exam given to her by Mizuki would give her the ability to become a shinobi and fulfill her dream of becoming hokage.

She had managed to steal the 'Forbidden Scroll' from the Hokage Mansion with relative ease. All she had to do was use her oiroke no jutsu (Sexy Jutsu). She also learned that her grandfather figure was a huge pervert, since he was easily knocked out with a nosebleed. It was also easy that the ANBU weren't around which made moving around even easier.

When she made it to the meeting point, she walked into the cave that was carved into the tree. She opened the scroll, reading the first jutsu she wasn't happy at all.

'Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone Jutsu)' she whined throwing her hands into the air, but she swore to herself that she would become the first female hokage, meaning she wasn't allowed to back out of any challenge, especially not one she set for herself.

Hokage Tower

Hiruzen finally came too, he sighed heavily 'beaten by a child who isn't even a ninja' he thought to himself, feeling embarrassed that he the Sandaime Hokage the Shinobi no Kami was bested by a child. His beloved granddaughter figure was almost as bad if not worse than his old student when it came to being a pervert, but he didn't know why she had created the jutsu. Seeing that the Forbidden Scroll is now missing, he left to summon the jonnin, chuunin and ANBU to try and find her. The one person he'd hope in finding her before the more hostile shinobi was Iruka.

With Natsumi

Natsumi had been practicing for about an hour before she finally mastered the jutsu, including the secret of the jutsu which was its ability for information gathering and from what she read the jutsu was perfect for mastering both chakra exercise and elemental jutsu mastery. She then decided to look at the rest of the scroll 'Hmmm…. All these jutsu look cool, I'll just skim them over and see what's at the end' Natsumi said smiling at the idea.

At the end of the scroll was a seal. Natsumi just looked at the scroll, ignoring the writing under it warning that no one should unseal it, unless it was necessary and a note saying that 'only one of Uzumaki or Senjhu blood are able to unseal it.'

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Curious, she unraveled the scroll and found a message it read:

Dear Reader,

If you're able to read this, then you're either an Uzumaki or a Senjhu. The seal present on this scroll, contain a warrior who gave me, Hashirama-kun, Tobirama-san and Madara-san a very hard time with powers unlike which the likes I've never witnessed before he called it 'The Force', but due to some circumstances, he was finally subdued and sealed into this scroll. The boy is in a seal induced coma by the 'Sleeping Prince Seal' and if you plan to unseal the warrior and wake him up, then you'll have to kiss him…. If you're a girl; then congratulations on getting your first kiss from a strapping young lad. If you're a boy…. Pray that he's merciful.

Sincerely, Mito Uzumaki-Senjhu

P.S: If he awakens let him know that I've passed on.

P.S.S: The seal holding the warrior is a blood seal, so use blood on the seal.

After reading the message, Natsumi was shocked at someone had given the Shodaime, his wife, the Nidaime and Uchiha Madara a hard time. And this power the Force, if this warrior can use it, then what to stop her from doing the same, she hoped that whoever this warrior is, he could teach her the ways of the force. She then looked at the seal and bit her thumb. She let the blood drop onto the seal and it started to glow. Natsumi dropped the scroll as a puff of smoke erupted from the seal.

The smoke cleared revealing the most handsome young man Natsumi have ever seen. She couldn't help but blush at the sight of him. She looked at the message in the scroll again and blushed at the method to wake the boy up 'my first kiss…. I wanted to be with someone special, but I want to learn this power, so a kiss for lessons…. I can live with that' she thought to herself as her face reddened even more.

She then kneads down and then straddled the sleeping warrior. Her face heated up as she examined his face. Natsumi then bend closer to his face, until their lips were mere centimeters from each other. Then her lips met his. This was the scene Iruka stumbled upon while in search for Natsumi. The scarred chuunin couldn't help but blush seeing his student kiss a boy about her age, but he knew his assignment and so decided to interrupt 'ahem….' He said clearing his throat and startling Natsumi.

'I-Iruka-sensei?!' she squeaked disconnecting from the boy, who started to glow meaning that the seal was breaking.

'Natsumi, what are you doing?' the scarred chuunin asked. He didn't know why Natsumi would steal the scroll, but he was definitely going to find out the reason before judging her. 'Why did you steal the Forbidden Scroll?'

'I believe I was kicked out of that class, so this is new to me,' she told him in an innocent tone. She didn't know why he just stared at her, so she continued 'Anyway, I was here for the make-up test. Mizuki-sensei told me if I learned at least one jutsu from the scroll, I could become a Gennin and a shinobi of Konoha.'

'Natsumi, I'm afraid you're mistaken, there isn't a make-up test' he admitted to her. 'It there was, I would've told you about it. I more than anyone wants to see you become a Kunoichi of Konoha, and one day a fellow comrade. However, Mizuki lied to you.'

'Why?' Natsumi asked completely oblivious to the fact that the seal on the sealing boy have all but disintegrated.

'That's right I lied,' Mizuki said from one of the many branches in front of them, their Mizuki nor Iruka noticed the boy opening his eyes and looking at the scene unfold in front of him. 'Do you of all people want to know why everyone in Konoha hates you? Even your 'precious' Iruka hates you.'

'Mizuki it's forbidden for anyone but the hokage to tell her!' Iruka yelled at him, while standing in front of the orange wearing 12 year old girl. He couldn't do anything, if he went to attack his former best friend now turned traitor, then he might spot an opening to harm his little sister figure! 'I won't let you lay a hand on her! She's Natsumi Uzumaki, one of my favorite students, since she works hard for the skills she's earned!'

'Iruka-sensei?' Natsumi asked, but before she could continue, Mizuki laughed at the scared redhead. 'What're you laughing at you white haired bastard?'

'The night the Kyuubi no Kitsune attacked, the Yondaime Hokage didn't kill the beast, which was merely a cover story for the younger generation, but the older generation knows what exactly happened' Mizuki shouted while Iruka tried by failed to cover Natsumi's ears. Naruto now fully awake pulled out his lightsabers and was ready to act. 'You're the Kyuubi; Sealed away by the Yondaime, but no one's going to be tricked by you. Now I'm going to aven…auuggg' he said, but was stopped when two red blurs shot at him and pierced his chest and abdomen. He felt a burning sensation and when he looked down he could see 2 blade hilts and what looked like red energy blades. But before he could say anything, he dropped from his perch and died.

Iruka and Natsumi looked at the now dead Mizuki but their attention was mainly focused on the two energy blades that shot from Mizuki's corpse and sailed passed then into the waiting hands of Naruto.

When Iruka and Natsumi looked at the now awake teen, they were shocked, for different reasons; Natsumi was shocked at how handsome the teen was and how cool he was with those energy weapons while Iruka was shocked at how much the boy resembled the Yondaime Hokage that one could mistake him for his son.

Naruto then deactivated his lightsabers and reattached them to his belt. He then looks around and finds a scroll and uses the force to pull it towards himself which surprised everyone. Naruto looked through the scroll and blushed a bit. He drops the scroll and turns to the teacher and the student and pointed to the girl 'did you wake me?' he asked.

Iruka then got out of his shock and pulled a kunai 'whoever you are, you are not touching my student' he stated.

Naruto's face morphed to one of irritation 'I was asking the girl if she was the one who released me from my seal and awoke me, not you queer' he growled as he called upon his force ability to levitate any lose debris such as rocks and branches.

Iruka wanted to protest about his sexual preference, but tensed and was ready to act, but was stopped when Natsumi walked forward surprising him 'I did' she admitted.

Naruto looked at the girl and noticed that she had no fear in her eyes. The look intrigued him because at first she was scared at the white haired man's words, but when confronting him she showed only determination and courage. This made him smirk 'I must thank you for releasing me from my prison and I'm kind of disappointed that Mito has passed on, but from what I can tell…' he said as he approached the girl.

As Iruka tried to step in front of the boy, he found his body frozen in place. He was completely helpless as the mysterious boy was face to face with Natsumi. Naruto then moved his hand and gently cups Natsumi's cheek. This action made the girl blush because this is the first time someone ever did that to her. 'You're quite beautiful… my first kiss was with someone like you… I'm not happy that it was the method to wake me, but the taste of your lips is something to die for' he said in a husky tone that Natsumi's face matched her hair in terms of color.

Naruto then lend in closer 'I won't mind another taste….' He said as he lend ever so closer to Natsumi who closed her eyes expecting a kiss, but before their lips can meet, she hears a annoyed Naruto back away as several people in animal themed masks appeared surrounding the boy with their weapons fully drawn.

'Who are you?' the Tiger masked shinobi asked as he pressed his blade against Naruto's exposed throat.

'Who am I is of no concern to you, however if the pretty lady in the cat mask asked the same question, I'd be more than happy to comply' Naruto said in a way that made Neko blush under her mask and Natsumi glare at the boy who was about to kiss her.

'Fine then, who are you?' Neko asked.

'Well since you asked nicely Yugao Uzuki, I'll tell you' he said making Neko stiffen at hearing her name being said by this boy.

'I am Darth Toki formerly known as Naruto and I guess the now former apprentice of the now late Darth Malak and as to how I know your name…. I read your mind' he said with a smirk. That smirk unnerved the anbu because if he can get someone's name simply by reading their mind, what else could he extract. Among everyone there, only Natsumi didn't flinch at Naruto's smirk which Naruto noticed.

'Natsumi Uzumaki…. Your courage and determination are awe-inspiring, so here's the deal I'm willing to make with you' he said getting everyone's interest.

'What kind of deal?' she asked.

'If you can convince the hokage to make me a member of this village, then I'll make you my apprentice' he offered shocking everyone of what the boy wanted.

'Apprentice?' she asked.

'Yes, as in I'll teach you how to harness and control a power that made Hashirama, Tobirama and Madara quiver in their boots. A power that made this villages three most powerful shinobi my bitches, the power that binds the universe together; a power simply known as the Force' Naruto said as he used force repulse to push everyone other than Natsumi away from them.

Natsumi was in awe as Naruto pushed back three ANBU and her sensei back with even lifting a finger. 'Sugei…. That was cool' she muttered.

'That was merely the very tip of a very large iceberg of what I can do with the force,' he said as he held out his hand.

'So, do we have a deal?' he asked.

Natsumi knew that if she accepted, she'd become the most powerful Kunoichi in all of Konoha and her path to becoming the hokage would be set in stone, but she knew that deals like this always had a catch, other than becoming his apprentice and getting him as a shinobi of Konoha there was something else that he wanted, but she could get a read on him which meant he hid his intentions very well.

'Will learning this power gives me the strength I need to protect what I hold precious to me?' she asked.

'Silly girl, of course in fact I asked the same question to my master, however unlike me you didn't have to make a difficult choice' he said remembering the day he killed his brother.

'And what will that be?' she asked as she studied his grim features.

'It is unimportant right now…. So do we have a deal or not?' he said wanting to change to topic.

'Fine' she said as she grabbed his hand and shook it.

'Then it's settled… you 4 can stop sneaking up on me, or do you want me to make it so that the next force repulse I use will deatomize you into dust' he threatened as he started to gather force energy. The four that were sneaking up on him were shocked that he was able to spot them without taking his eyes off Natsumi and from, his tone, Naruto was quite serious with his threat and looked ready to do it.

'Very well, we'll take you the see the hokage, but I don't think he'll let you join the village just because you asked' Tiger said as Neko and Rat were retrieving both the scroll and Mizuki's corpse.

'Oh I can be quite persuasive and with Natsumi putting in a good word for me I'm sure to be a shinobi of this fine village and who knows… I just might be her sensei' he said with a confident grin; one that unnerved everyone including Natsumi.

Hokage Tower

Hiruzen was doing paperwork or he was supposed to, but instead he was keeping an eye on Natsumi, he more than anyone wanted to make sure that his beloved granddaughter was okay. He vaguely remembered Mito speaking of a powerful warrior who appeared and squared off again her, her fiancée, her future brother in law and the legendary Uchiha Madara and was pushing them back, but I was due to an unforeseen circumstance that allowed her to seal the warrior. But what surprised him was the fact that the warrior was a boy no older than Natsumi and he possessed a strange and dangerous power called the Force. She had explained to him how he used this power to levitate objects, create powerful waves of kinetic energy that sent them back or to redirect any and all projectile based attacks away from him. Another was his unique energy blade that he used with such deadly proficiency that if it weren't for their experience with bladed weapon combat, then they would've died that day. But what really scared him was when she told him of his ability to steal the abilities and traits of others she even listed of what this warrior took; the chakra network and the dead bone pulse from a Kaguya, the cellular structure and the knowledge of commanding the elements of the Senjhu brothers, the eyes and knowledge of said eyes and knowledge in the arts of illusions from Uchiha Madara, and the potent chakra and knowledge in the sealing arts from herself. All in all, the boy would be a very powerful and dangerous warrior.

Then he was snapped out of his thoughts when he heard a knock at the door 'Come in' he said allowing whoever was knocking to come in. Then the three anbu along with Iruka, Natsumi and the boy who looked surprisingly like Minato entered the room. Then the anbu kneeled before the hokage 'hokage-sama, we bring Natsumi, Iruka and Darth Toki aka Naruto along with the stolen scroll and the corpse of Mizuki' Neko said in a respectful tone as she placed the scroll containing Mizuki's body and the Forbidden Scroll on the hokages' desk.

'Very well, Neko take Mizuki's corpse to I&T and have Inochi extract whatever information he can see why Mizuki would turn traitor. Tiger and Ox return the scroll to its rightful place' he ordered his anbu who took the scrolls and vanished in a flurry of leaves.

'Iruka, you may leave, I wish to speak with Natsumi and Naruto alone,' he said in a way that left no room to argue.

'Hai, Hokage-sama' Iruka said leaving the two children with the aging leader.

'Jiji-chan,' Natsumi shouted as she jumped from her spot and hugged the old man. Hiruzen accepted the hug. It was only fair, since she had a very rough night, he was planning on telling her the truth, but only when she reached an understanding age, but someone beat him to it.

'You're very lucky that she's very forgiving old man…' Naruto said getting their attention.

'What do you mean?' Hiruzen asked.

'If it were me…. I would kill everyone who wronged me, who lied to me, who abused me, who attacked me…. I would give them what they gave to me times 1000' he said with malicious intent that his eyes flashed a ghastly yellow, before returning to his purplish-blue eyes.

'Revenge is not the answer young man, even you must learn to forgive the actions of the ignorant and see past your hatred' Hiruzen said trying to reason with the boy.

'No, forgiveness is given to those who're worth redeeming and from what I've seen in Natsumi's memories, the number of those who don't deserve a second chance is vast with only a handful of people that do deserve redemption… unlike you old man I don't trust anyone easily, but I didn't come here to compare our philosophies, I came here to become a shinobi of his village and to take Natsumi under my wing as my apprentice' Naruto said getting a raised eyebrow from Hiruzen.

'And why should I allow this?' the hokage asked getting a worried look from Natsumi who didn't like where this was going.

'Because, if you have paid attention to Mito's words before she passed, then you'd know how powerful I am already…' he said as he activated his or should I say Madara's Mangekyou sharingan as well as summon 4 chakra chains from his back while at the same time bone spikes erupted from his body and finally summon a tree. This made everyone in the room wide eye.

'My body has adjusted to the new power, so now I have everything that I took from those warriors before being sealed by Mito' he said as he deactivated his powers.

'And what might that be?' he asked fearing the answer.

'The chakra network and dead bone pulse of a Kaguya, the cellular structure and knowledge of elemental manipulation of the Senjhu, the eyes and knowledge of illusions of the Uchiha and the potent chakra and knowledge of the sealing arts of the Uzumaki… with these powers combined with my power in the force…. I can easily become the most powerful force sensitive of all time, even more powerful than Darth Revan' Naruto said confident in his ability when comparing himself to the famed Darth Revan who before his fall defeated Mandalore the Ultimate in single combat when the Mandalorians attacked Coruscant.

Hiruzen wanted to say something, but Natsumi stopped him 'please jiji-chan…. Naruto maybe full of himself….' Naruto grew a tick mark at the jab Natsumi made, but chose to remain silent.

'But he's one of the people who looked at me the same way you and Iruka do and he even offered to train me in the ways of the force so that I may become stronger than I am now, so please make him my sensei' she asked giving him the dreaded puppy eyes jutsu.

Hiruzen wanted to resisted, but knew he would lose, so he sighed and nodded 'very well, as of today Naruto you are now a jonnin of Konoha and Natsumi will be your apprentice' he said as he pulled out some papers.

'Here fill these residential papers and ninja registration forms and you're good to go' he said giving Naruto the papers.

It took Naruto 10 minutes to finish signing the papers. Then Hiruzen gave him a Konoha headband which he tore off the fabric, placed the metal plate on his armour then used a weak force lightning to weld the melt plate onto the armour. He also received a green flak vest, but chose not to wear it simply because it didn't match the red and black color scheme he was going for. Hiruzen then gave Natsumi a head band of her own; she took it and wrapped it around her forehead.

'Well everything is in order, so congratulations on becoming shinobi of Konoha, now it's late and I believe you two should retire for the evening' Hiruzen suggested. A suggestion the two children agreed too.

Character Bio (Before Story)

Name: Darth Toki (Formerly Known as Naruto)

Age: 16

Race: Human

Class: Sith Apprentice (became an apprentice at the age of 6)

Master: Darth Malak

Planet of Origin: N/A

Gender: Male

Eyes: Purplish-Blue

Hair: Blonde with red streaks

Height: 150 cm (60in)

Weight: 40 kg (88lbs)

Physical Attribute: Due to his age, he hasn't even come close to his physical prime, but due to his training under his Master Darth Malak and his training from the other Sith Warriors he's in extremely good shape for his age. His build is the equivalent of an Olympic swimmer not too slim, but not too bulky either. Another thing is due to his training in Teras Kasi he has developed a unique ability to fight even in his sleep.

Now has a chakra network and several bloodlines such as the Sharingan, Shikotsumyaku (dead bone pulse), Mokuton (Wood Release), Chakra Chains

Martial Artist & Lightsaber Duelist:

Martial Art:Teras Kasi

LightSaber Forms:

(Offensively) Form II: Makashi, Form IV: Ataru, Form V: Djem Sho, & Form VI: Niman/ Jar'kai (Primary Form/ Back Bone).

(Defensively) Form III: Souresu & Form V: Shien

Force Abilities:

Force Augmentation Star Wars

Core Force Abilities:

Force Push/ Force Pull


Force Augmentation (ex: Force speed/ Force Dash)

Saber Throw

Force Whirlwind

Force Wave

Force Concealment/ Force Cloak

Force Repulse

Force Augmentation Star Wars Reviews


Light Side Force Abilities:

Force Stun

Force Valor

Battle Meditation

Force Heal

Force Shield/ Force Barrier

Shatter Point

Jedi Mind Trick (Force Persuasion)

Beast Trick Ability

Electric Judgement

Dark Side Force Abilities:

Sith Sorcery (rarely uses it)

Force Choke

Force Augmentation Star Wars Full

Battle Mind

Force Lightning

Force Storm

Force Maelstrom

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Force Destruction

Force Scream

Force Shadow

Force Illusion

Dunmash Tactic

Force Drain (Naruto's own variant: Essence Drain)

Drain Knowledge (Mind probing)

Chakra Based Abilities:

Force Augmentation Star Wars 2

Elemental Manipulation (Ninjutsu, Genjutsu & Kekkei Genkai)

Elemental Shape manipulation

Sharingan based abilities such as Amaterasu

Shikotsumyaku (dead bone pulse)

Mokuton (Wood Release)

Chakra Chains

Sealing Arts (Fuinjutsu)

Accomplishments Since start of story:

Force Augmentation Star Wars Movie

Killed a member of the Kaguya Clan and stole both his chakra network and his bloodline.

Force Augmentation Star Wars Cast

Held his own against Madara, Hashirama, Tobirama and Mito in a 4 to 1 battle, stole their knowledge in various arts and their physical traits such as bloodlines during the confrontation and added them to his own body.