Remote Radionics and Quantum Evaluations

This page contains introductory information about Remote Radionics and Quantum Evaluations and how they can be applied to learning more about and sometimes supporting bird and other animal health and well-being. However most experience has been gained by others working with people and agriculture.
There are some important considerations and issues for you appreciate and understand with respect to the instruments used for and the processes involved in remote radionics and quantum evaluations. These considerations and issues relate to so called 'legal' and petro-chemical/pharmaceutica/establishment medical and veterinary organisations that from some perspectives appear designed to thwart and suppress the free flow of new information and of older information and knowledge that might appear to challenge orthodox ways of generating income etc. So please pardon by 'gibberish'.
I and you need to remain mindful of the following restrictions on communication about remote radionics and quantum evaluations.
I am not permitted to make any claims as to the effectiveness of the instrument I use in treating a particular medical condition. The energy balancing device is not a medical device and does not treat or diagnose. It is a frequency-based device used only to read and balance relative frequencies. Frequency information, if presented, is presented for educational purposes only. Anyone using remote radionics and quantum evaluations is encouraged to continue to work closely with their health practitioners.
There are many and varied instruments that utilise remote radionic and/or quantum evaluations. One of the most recent to be developed for use by health practitioners and others is know as a CoRe instrument and was developed at Princeton University. It is largely automated and can be used locally via leads and direct contact with the person being evaluated or remotely.
The instrument I have access to and experience with is manual, yet can be used to evaluate animals from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world, with permission. In that it requires the evaluating person's hand to interface with the instrument's 'stick-plate'. This is a zone of the perspex-like top of the instrument that changes from feeling slippery to feeling sticking when the correct reading is reached while adjusting a dial connected to a well containing series of vials containing liquid crystal pure water imprinted with the frequency patterns of what is to be evaluated and what is needed for the evaluation.
Overview of a particular instrument that can be used for remote radionics and quantum evaluations
The instrument is an advanced instrument that is powered by a specimen placed into the main well. A specimen may be a hair or feather sample, saliva or blood, or other representative particles from the person, animal or object being balanced. The specimen can also be a thumb-nail photograh print of the bird or animal provided the background is uncluttered and that the no other bird or person or animal appears in the photograph, and that the bird or animal to be evaluated is not being touched by another bird, person or animal at the time of the photographic recording. The instrument uses the specimen as a mediator to the subject that is being balanced.
Everything created by God or man has an identity, or fingerprint, that is singular to that person or object only. Everything created by God or man also emanates a form of energy. This energy can be measured by utilizing frequencies or energy fields and then manipulated to produce the desired effect. The instrument is capable of being tuned into these frequencies jus as a radio cna be tuned into the frequencies commonl used by the radio stations to produce music or news. The instrument uses the object' own energy state to locate disharmonious fields and balance them.
For example, every bird, and each of its organs, body structures, nerves, blood vessels, hormones, blood parameters, biochemical parameters, viruses, bacteria, protozoa, fungi and parasites has its specific and characteristic measurable/detectable (if present energy) frequency patterns. Each potential cause of disease also has its own specific and characteristic frequency pattern. For example each type of virus, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, parasite, heavy metal poisoning, other poison, cancer, radiation, nutritional deficiency, nutritional excess, genetic defect, etc has specific vibration frequencies, as do such processes of disease and physiology such as pain, inflammation, spasm, blockage, poisoning, infection and various associated emotions and attitudes. Each petrochemical drug, antibiotic etc also has it's specific frequency pattern as does each component of a bird's diet.
However, because the instrument available to me is 'manual', it is very time consuming and one needs to establish systems of evaluation of selected components and frequency patterns, It is not practical yet to evaluate everything for every bird.
However, it is practical now to evaluate for the presence or absence of say, the specific frequency patterns associated with say, five different common viruses in a bird, to then at individual discretion, apply these findings to guide further investigations by orthodox scientific laboratory tests etc.
The energy frequencies are measured by their strength or intensity. The intensities of energy sub-fields of an object are typically equal in intensity to each other when the object is balanced properly. Conditions or problem areas are also identified and measured by intensity and energy sub-field, or location. Generally the higher the intensity is, the more serious a condition or problem is.
Operation of the instrument for remote radionics and quantum evaluations
The instrument may be operated by any individual who is familiar and adept with it. Intensity readings, however may differ from person to person. This occurs because there is a difference in the sensitivity of individuals' fingertips on the stick-plate. For example, when checking for a 'stick' on the stick-plate (with the dials set at 0-100), three rotations on the plate before reaching a 'stick' will result in generally higher readings than those of a person who receives a 'stick' after only two rotations. It makes no difference if the fingers are rotated clockwise or counter-clockwise.
Some instruments can also be used to remotely adjust, and move closer to balance, the intensity of those frequency patterns previously evaluated as being out of balance. Although no claims can be made as to how an individual's body might respond to this process under current laws, regulations and 'be orthodox or else' climate, I do find it all most interesting and therefore continue using the such technology whenever people are prepared to pay a fair and equitable fee for it. It has also been used pro bono to investigate various incurable and poorly understood diseases. For example many as yet unpublished discoveries have been made about Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease, PBFD circovirus, PBFD Circovirus DNA, PBFD Circovirus Protein A and Protein B and their changing distribution throughout the body of birds with PBFD before, during and after repeated remote evaluations and adjustments. This work and these discoveries will need to be collated, replicated and applied to other viral diseases of birds.

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