Far Cry - Advanced Graphic Mod

Read below for specifics on how to install this modification, it improves the graphics of Far Cry.

Aug 25, 2017  This is far cry 2 graphics mod 2017. I already made another one but it was over saturated so i fixed that problem and made another update. So this is the per. Far Cry 4 Graphics Mod Mod For FC3; Far Cry 4 Graphics Mod How To Remove The; Far Cry 4 Graphics Mod Mod For FC3. The game worked fine prior so Im not sure if its a problem with my computer, but if you need I can grab system specs too. Dont know if its actually worth noting but your Redux mod for FC3 works fine. (Its quite lovely too). Mar 23, 2017  New Ultra Realistic Far Cry 3 Mod With 4K texture S A L U T A T I O N! Everyone from far. Mar 06, 2019  Realistic Graphic Mod Reshade; Realistic Graphic Mod Reshade. Unique DLs- Total DLs- Total views. Download: Manual; 0 of 0 File information. Last updated 06 March 2019 5:24AM. Original upload. Copy all file into Far Cry 5bin 4) Done HOTKEY.


<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Advanced Graphic Mod >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Technical manual example.

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-> MGM - Maximum Graphic Mod <-



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1.Change the shortcuttarget and write this into it (don't forget space at the begining)

/FarCry.exe' -devmode -Mod:AGM

2.open DevMode.lua with notepad and scroll til the end, then copy this text under END.



Input:BindCommandToKey('r_hdrrendering 1','f5',1);

Input:BindCommandToKey('r_hdrrendering 0','f6',1);

3.Install every Patch for the game!

4. Then copy the files into the Far Cry directory and Play the game.


1.Advanced Graphic Mod

Far cry 4 low graphics mod

2.Advanced Graphic Mod Readme

Far Cry 4 Low Graphics Mod

3.Copyright - Credits Readme

4.systemcfgoverride.cfg (Tuning Options)

5.DevMode.lua (quicksave / hdr)



8.No Intro

Some Weaponmodels are taken from Fragger!

Known Problem's

With Quicksave sometimes the hud disappears or the radar is black, in this case load your last savepoint over the menu (ESC).

Author: sinot

Date: 08.04.06

Version: 1.0

_important bindings_





STRG Right = Duck

Umschalt Rechts = Walk

NUMPAD_1 = Reload

ENTER = Action

MOUSE_1 = Fire

MOUSE_2 = Zoom

MOUSEWHEEL = Toggle Weapons

4 = Grenade

5 = Toggle Grenade

2 = Hold Breath

7 = Throw Weapon

, / pos1 = Change Firerate

ENDE = Light

page down = Binocular

page up = Change View

del = go down

Far Cry 4 E3 Graphics Mod

Other Options

F5 = HDR on

F6 = HDR off

F9 = quicksave

Far Cry 4 Mods Download

F12 = quickload


Description: i've been looking for a mod who contains the best graphic, visual & accoustic changes for the game. i decided to make it by myself.

With my system i haven't any problems during the game.

Athlon 64 3500+


Far Cry 4 Graphics Mod

6800 Ultra

The Mod will be load automatically what you'll see at the new splashscreen.

Some Changes!

Scharper Weapontextures

Sharper Objecttextures

Far Cry 4 Graphics Mod

Sharper Worldtextures

Realistic Weaponsounds

Far Cry 4 Graphics Mod Ultra Realistic

HDR und Quicksave

Far Cry 4 Nexus Mods

Advanced Graphic Mod - made by sinot

you can mail me if you want: [email protected]