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Fallout Tactics Exit Vehicle

Fallout Tactics How To Exit Vehicle

I just bought this game the other day and am enjoying it. I'm on the third mission right now so i haven't seen all the guns and whatnot. What are your tactics? Fate game free full version machine. Do you think they work really well? Right now I like having one or two guys with double barrel shotguns, go in close and rip em apart with one or two blasts. It works great. View image: /infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif
I know obviously this won't work in the later missions cause I'm sure they'll be more difficult than just making your way from objective point to objective point and kill what ever doesn't like you. (AKA mission 2 your supposed to be sneaky so the alarm doesn't sound..I went in guns a blazing and took out the whole town.)
So what works for you?
Also what are the best perks to grab? I can never deceide.
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Fallout Tactics Exit Vehicle

Before you exit the mission or at anytime you skill is high enough you may go do this process. Be careful to copy back the original entities0.bos file back into your fallout tactics directory. Aug 27, 2001  Fallout Tactics: Radiation is exterminating my crew! I then brought everyone to the exit zone and headed back to base. That and driving the vehicles, anyway. Good luck to ya!