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  1. Luger Serial Numbers By Year
I recently came into the possession of this Erfurt 1917 P-08. All matching numbers and matching mag. The finish seems to be too good to be true. There is some pitting but it is minor, at least to me. I cannot determine if this thing has been re-blued. The markings are strong with sharp edges. There is no indication of buffing that I can find. I know Erfurt is known for having rougher tooling, however everything seems to be flawless. The interior of the chamber is not blued and is showing its metal. The barrel, though I cannot seem to capture it with a camera, has a brown hue to it. The straw colored parts are in excellent condition. Can anyone help me by taking a look at these photos to as if this is its original finish?
Thank you,
Erfurt Luger Serial NumbersSerial

Luger Serial Numbers By Year

A: Between 1910 and 1918, Luger pistols were made at the Royal Arsenal in Erfurt. Two variations were made: the standard military model with a 4' barrel and the Artillery model with an 8' barrel. May 26, 2019  The.45 Luger prototype serial number 2, believed to have been a back-up to Serial Number 1, survived the 1907 trials and is in private ownership. Its rarity gives its value of around US$1 million at the time the 'Million Dollar Guns' episode of History Channel's 'Tales of the Gun' was filmed, 23 recheck by Guns & Ammo as of 1994.