Ekahau Site Survey version 8.6 released for both Windows and OS X (Beta)

Today, we’re finally releasing Ekahau Site Survey for Mac OS X in public beta. You can download it from the same place as the Windows version (check your license email for the download URL). The Mac version works quite similarly as the Windows version already, which is exciting!

The 8.6 release brings a number of exciting improvements to the Windows version as well:

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  • Ekahau Site Survey for macOS has been officially released. You can download it from the same place as the Windows version (check your license email for the download URL). The macOS version works quite similarly as the Windows version. However, there are a couple of limitations to be aware of.
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  • Oct 01, 2015  Jussi gives us a first look at Ekahau running natively on Mac OS X during the CWNP WifiTrek conference in San Francisco September 2015.
  • Support for high DPI display devices such as Microsoft Surface 3/4 and Dell XPS 13
  • Photos for AP notes (for example AP installation images)
  • Improved One-Click Reporting – now includes, for example, per-band reporting
  • New crosshair cursors (once again, we’ll get them perfect one of these days), new APs as always, etc…

Read the full list of new features and improvements here: https://www.ekahau.com/release-notes-ess

Limitations of the OS X version:

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  • Surveying: The key reason we’re still calling it beta is the site survey piece is more limited than Windows version. We can only use the MacBook integrated Wi-Fi adapter for passive scanning. No multi-NIC. No control over channels to scan. No standardized passive survey readings as laptop antennas and adapters vary depending on the laptop model. And for active scanning, you can use the few external adapters that work on a MacBook (and the drivers for those provided by the adapter manufacturer aren’t always perfect). There is no support (and never will be) for NIC-300 / Proxim 8494 adapters on Mac OS X.
    Recap:Integrated adapter for passive scanning & external adapter for active scanning if you can find one. No Ekahau NIC-300 Support!
  • Licensing: Using just one license on both operating systems is not super-easy for now, and is not supported by Ekahau at this time. We recommend just picking one operating system (best option for most), or purchasing another license if you’d like to run ESS on both operating systems (does not make sense for most).If you want to start using Ekahau Site Survey for Mac OS X, you can simply use your existing license key which you have been using with the Windows version. During the license activation process, the Windows activation will be automatically released and moved over to Mac OS X. No need to contact our tech support… hopefully 🙂

    If you absolutely want to use both Windows and OS X versions with the same license, there is an unsupported method with Windows Boot Camp on Mac. Read more about the unsupported method here: https://docs.ekahau.com/index.php/ESS_for_Mac_OS_X_Beta_-_Licensing

  • No GPS support for outdoor surveys
  • Stability is not quite up to the Windows version level yet. After all, the Windows version has been around several years and has been used by tens of thousands of customers. Fortunately, the Mac version has already gone through a massive beta test program and our QA team has been on Red Bull diet since May, so we don’t expect any huge issues. However, should you run into any problems contact our support at www.ekahau.com/support or @EkahauSupport on Twitter.

We’ll be improving the OS X version towards the end of the year with the goal of dropping the beta late this year or early next – stay tuned!

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