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Dec 06, 2016  Drift City is unlike any driving game you'll ever play. Part role-playing game, and part racing game, Drift City will keep your pedal to the metal in your quest to become the ultimate driver! In Drift City, there is no set path to follow; you can choose to follow the main story, complete side missions, race in the Battle Zone, or just drive around and explore Mittron Island. 8,760 likes 9 talking about this. The ultimate display of car control and outright smoke filled, engine roaring, car slinging action you have ever seen. Alternative Drift City download from external server (availability not guaranteed). Notes: Download link will first install Ijji Reactor, which is the developer's installer. The game can be installed from the.

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  2. Dec 11, 2011  Drift City Beginner’s Guide by Selebii. This guide is here to assist beginners or anyone who still has questions for a certain arena of Drift City. Driver Dome -: Auction House -: This is a place where you can sell your parts/most items in your inventory that are allowed to be auctioned by the game.

When a game combines great graphics, playability and addictiveness, and all of this online, nothing less is to be expected than excellent entertainment. This is the case of Drift City, an online racing game.

Drift City

Multiplayer online races from your PC

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The story behind this racing game is very simple: in the near future mankind discovers a new fuel source, Mittron, that is much more efficient, powerful and ecological than petrol, but when mankind finally manages to use it, HUVs appear: crewless high technology vehicles, that threaten the existence of each and every person that sets foot out on the street. The logical outcome, of course, is war, but this time on four wheels.

As with most multiplayer games, moving up in level and getting better equipment (in this case better car spares) will be the main incentive to keep driving in the cities and islands available.

There are quite a few cars to choose from that are modeled from modern day Dodge, Jeep, and Nissan models.

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One of the most surprising things about this game is its graphics, which have been completely developed using Cel-ShadingStructural kinesiology quizlet. technology, giving the game a comic-like appearance. It's worth mentioning that the music is pretty good as well.