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Conjurer, one of the many pre-made classes in Divinity: Original Sin II. Depending on the race of the character may also change the decision. If the Conjurer wants a third skill line, choosing another element may be the best option. Other Conjurer combinations could be Hydrosophist and Necromancy for a support role, Geomancy and Warfare for. Dec 20, 2019  When playing Divinity Original Sin II, one of the best feelings is finding a powerful and unbeatable weapon that you can add to in the future and make it your own. If you’re a ranger, like me, you know that finding the perfect bow can be tough, but when you do find one, it’s game over for your.

In this chapter of our Divinity Original Sin 2 guide you can find a desription of all individual race-related talents. The characters of the given race have access to these talents since the very beginning of the game. Apart from that, these talents have no other prerequisites. Each race talent contains a short description of its availability and effect, as well as our comments.

Sophisticated ans Spellsong are two talents only available for the Lizards.

Below you will find a table showing all racial talents, together with an explanation of their effects.

Divinity 2 Permanently Change Race





Ancestral Knowledge


+1 to Loremaster

This talent doesn't need any additional commentary - it simply offers a +1 bonus to Loremaster. Because of that, elfs are better at identifying items and enemies at the start of the game.

Corpse Eater


Can consume corpses and gain access to their memories

A very interesting ability that advocates always having at least one elf in your team. Using this skill, our character can reach into the memories of the deceased; additionally eating body parts cures about 60 health points.

Most importantly, our elf can learn in this way new an ability that were known to the deceased and does not need a skills book for this. Of course, you cannot control what skill the hero will learn, but since this is a bonus you cannot complain.

In a separate chapter of this guide you will find information on which abilities you can gain by eating the individual parts of the body.



+1 Bartering bonus.

A talent that makes it worth investing in Bartering's abilities, whether through skill points or items.

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Each point of this ability reduces the Cost of purchasing items by 10% and increases the price at which you can sell your own items.



+2 Wits bonus and 3% chances for critical hit.

A talent that is useful to pretty much all characters. An increased Initiative allows you to make a move before others. Also, this talent increases your chance for a critical hit by 5%. This also give you great foundation for characters that value a high critical chance such as assassins or archers.



+2 Persuasion bonus

A single point of persuasion increases your ability to influence the characters you talk to. You should designate the characters who have a highly developed ability of persuasion to talk with others, because this allows us to easily acquire important information or force the NPC to perform actions that work for our benefit.



+2 Intelligence bonus.

A very useful talent that offers a rather big bonus to fire and poison resistance. Useful mainly to fighters and characters that fight at a close range because they are the ones that are the most exposed to those two elements. However, additional resistance is always good.

Dwarven Guile


+1 bonus to Sneaking.

Improves the sneaking abilities of Dwarves. However, since Dwarves get a +2 Strength bonus, it's pretty useless to make them assassins or archers (and those are the classess that could use sneaking). Therefore, this is not a particularly useful talent.



+2 Strength bonus.

A talent that is useful to both ranged characters and warriors that focus enemy attention on them.