Jul 15, 2020  Counter-Strike is a first-person shooter in which players join either the terrorist or counter-terrorist team (or becomes a spectator). Each team attempts to complete their mission objective and/or eliminate the opposing team. Games Counter-Strike Condition Zero czero Servers SEARCH BY Server Name or IP Server Current Map Server Variable Server Tags Online Player Name Online/Offline Player Name Team Name or Tag Profile Username Profile Last Name Profile Email.

Counter Strike Condition Zero For PC: Games are the best source of entertainment, they help to make new friends and makes our mind sharp. There were numerous games released in the early 2000’s and were quite good. These games were known for their popularity as the gaming industry was booming at that time. One such game was Counter Strike Condition Zero Game Free Download. Check this Total Overdose PC Game Download blog post.

It was the sequel of its later version. This amazing game was released in the year 2004 and it is a single as well as multiplayer shooting game. Counter Strike Condition Zero For PC uses Goldsrc engine. It has astonishing maps, textures, visuals, and many other graphical tweaks.

Counter Strike Condition Zero PC Gameplay

The game developers are Ritual entertainment, Valve Corporation, and Turtle rock studios. The game revolves around the battle between terrorists and counter terrorist. Users can select any one mode. Usually, terrorists have to plant the bomb and keep the hostages safe. By doing so, one can earn medals and money by which they can buy or upgrade their weapons.

Counter-terrorists need to kill all the terrorists, rescue the hostages and defuse the bomb. All these missions have to be completed within a limited time frame. One can select numerous weapons like AK 47, Mini Uzi, Rifles, shotguns, pistols, snipers, grenades, flash grenades, knife, medkits and numerous types of defense and protective gears.

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Detail Talk About Counter Strike Condition PC Game Download

  • Title: Counter Strike Condition Zero
  • Platform: Windows PC Download WithZero Price
  • Gaming Genre: Action
  • Star Review: 4+

This game has got an worldwide popularity and still played by millions of people. In the multiplayer mode, users can connect with their friends from all over the world with the help of a local area network or online. There are numerous groups online too. Counter Strike Condition Zero Download PC Full Version has a very strong server online, therefore, the game works perfectly fine and smooth while playing online.

In this game, users have the facility to change the graphic, texture, sound quality through the settings menu. For the easy of accessibility, one can even change the pointer settings, switch to other modes of gaming medium too. Users can play this game with the help of joystick, play station or X box controllers too.

The basic medium to play this awesome game is with the help of the keyboard and a mouse. Due to its worldwide popularity, counter strike is available in a variety of languages like Dutch, German, English, French, Spanish etc. This is a good strategy game and improves hand-eye coordination. This game improves strategical thinking and improves decision making quality.

Counter Strike Condition Zero Xtreme Edition SetupStrike

Counter strike Condition Zero Recommended System Requirements

  • CPU – Pentium 4 processor
  • CPU SPEED – 3.0 GHz or above
  • RAM – 1 GB
  • Operating system – Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Mac operating systems
  • Video card – Direct X 9 or 10 with compatible drivers.
  • Free hard disk drive space – Around 4.6 GB

Counter Strike Condition Zero Setup Details

  • Genre – Action/Fighting
  • Setup size – 536 MB
  • Setup format – Available in numerous formats like exe, zip or RAR file
  • Version – 2
  • Program by – Valve productions
  • License – Free

Counter Strike Condition Zero Supported Gaming Device

This game is compatible with different gaming devices such as PC, Play station 2, Play station 3, Play station 4 and X box 1 and 360. One can apply numerous cheat codes to make the game easier and for a better gameplay. One can download additional maps, guns, mods, skins, textures from the internet and apply to the game in order to make it look more realistic.

Gamers can select the difficulty level and select maps while playing. The game has got amazing visuals and its several updates have made lots of improvement in the graphics and sound. This game still has got an amazing fan following and many good reviews in the gaming sites and other platforms.

Counter Strike Condition Zero game can be the best choice to kill time and to play with friends. This game has been awarded as the best game in the year 2005. Almost every gamer must have played this game and must be on their favorite list. One should definitely try it in their personal computers and enjoy the thrill of working with armed forces.

Download Counter Strike Condition Zero PC Game Full Version

Visit the link for free download Counter Strike Condition Game for PC with the full version. You may visit for download Tekken 3 PC game.

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Final Words For Counter Strike Condition Zero PC Game

Here is the link available for free download Counter Strike Condition Zero PC Game Full Version. We also write everything about this popular PC Game such as gameplay, specification, requirements etc. If you like this action game then share this best action game with more action game lovers on Facebook, Google+ etc. And also don’t forget to visit this PC game blog kbpcgames.com for future more action and PC games download. Thank You.

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As a follow-up to Half-Life: Counter-Strike, one of the most successful PC titles of 2000, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero takes the game to a new level. Both a single and multiplayer game, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero puts a special counter-terrorist operative under your command and you must neutralize any threat that comes along. Rescue hostages, escort VIPs to safety, disarm bombs, travel through hostile environments, and more.

Still tied to its Half-Life parent, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero is the most modified and enhanced version of the game engine yet, featuring more detailed player models, new skin and customization options, and atmospheric effects. Each map is available to many different play modes: players can complete missions with a friend in co-op mode, play on the Internet in multiplayer mode, or practice in skirmish mode.

Odds are you're already familiar with Counter-Strike, but in case you're not, the game pits a team of terrorists versus a team of counterterrorists, and the gameplay falls somewhere between frantic team deathmatch and realistic tactical-shooter action. Combat is usually very fast paced, with weapons inspired by real-world counterparts; teamwork is a must if you want to win. Gameplay is divided into short rounds that typically last just a few minutes. Each team has specific goals, depending on the map; almost always these revolve around planting/defusing a bomb or holding/rescuing hostages. As you complete goals and kill enemies, you earn cash, which you spend on weapons and gear when a new round begins. If you're killed during a round, you have to sit out the remainder of it, watching the action in a spectator mode.

Condition Zero dishes up more of this tried-and-true Counter-Strike gameplay, but what sets it apart is its new offline modes. One mode is a ladder-based tournament, playable only as the counterterrorists. After selecting a difficulty level, you progress through six 'tours' of three maps each. Within the current tour, you can tackle the maps in any order, but other tours and their maps have to be unlocked sequentially.

For each map, you work through a series of rounds where your team has to stay in the overall won-loss lead while you also try to complete personal challenges (like killing three terrorists with a particular sniper rifle). You keep playing on the same map until your team has won a certain number of rounds and you've completed your personal goals. By winning, you gain more reputation points, which you use to select increasingly skilled bot teammates before beginning the next map. However, if the terrorist team gets too far ahead in the won-loss column, you lose on that map and have to retry it from scratch.

While there's nothing innovative about all this, it does provide a little extra structure and added goals to what's otherwise the standard Counter-Strike gameplay. Some real innovation would have been great, but at least the regular Counter-Strike gameplay is as solid as ever: straightforward, elegant, easy to learn, and hard to master. Matches boast an addictive blend of brutal, lightning-fast firefights and some careful, silent stalking. They're filled with sudden shifts in momentum and miraculous last-second victories or humiliating defeats.

If you want to enjoy this classic gameplay offline without working through the ladder, you can simply start up a standard match with bots. It would have been nice to have deeper configuration options for the bots, but at least these matches let you play as the terrorists, unlike the tournament. In addition to playing offline, you can use Condition Zero to play online Counter-Strike or Condition Zero matches with other humans. The only major difference between these is that Condition Zero lets you fill out a server with bots, and some maps have been slightly tweaked.

While Condition Zero mostly has a been-there-done-that feel, its A.I bots stand out. If you're a hardcore Counter-Strike veteran, they may not impress you much. But for newbies and casual players, the only glaring difference between these bots and human players will be that the bots never cheat or spew obscenities. They could certainly be better at overall team strategy, but they're tactically impressive. They usually navigate the maps well, and they know how to cover each other, guard a planted bomb, or camp a hostage rescue zone to pop out of cover and blast a counterterrorist returning with his precious cargo. At the highest skill setting, the bots boast wickedly good -- but not infallible -- reflexes and aim. On all skill levels they exhibit realistic, human-like 'thought': sometimes wise, sometimes foolish, sometimes team oriented, sometimes independent (they won't always follow your orders). Throughout matches, they also keep you apprised via voiceovers of where they're going, what they see, and what they're doing. They'll even exult when they do well: 'Owned!'

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They'll also make the occasional mistake. In other games, A.I. characters often make the mistakes of milling around aimlessly, walking into walls repeatedly, falling off cliffs, or getting stuck on each other. Once in a while, the bots in Condition Zero will fall prey to those sorts of foibles, but usually their mistakes are the same ones human players often make: having a deer-in-the-headlights moment and getting blasted before they can react, forgetting to watch their backs, blowing themselves up with a bad grenade throw, and so on.

A.I. takes a leap backwards in the so-called Deleted Scenes. These single-player scenarios take you across the world to perform counterterrorist duties, like liberating hostages or retrieving a stolen nuke. They offer a few fun, old-school, run-and-gun shooter moments. Mostly, though, they're linear levels filled with dumb enemies, lame scripted events, cheap gotcha attacks, silly boss battles, campy dialogue, vent crawls, crate jumps, and enemies spawning out of thin air. It's easy to see why this version of the game was deleted and retained merely as a sort of bonus supplement.

Counter Strike Xtreme V6 Download

Since Condition Zero is really just an extension of the six-year-old Half-Life, the presentation is, unsurprisingly, quite dated. Blocky models, simplistic lighting, and some ugly textures (particularly noticeable in the Deleted Scenes) just barely get the job done. At least the sound effects are solid, if overly familiar. The real crux of Condition Zero is simply that it provides a great way to enjoy Counter-Strike offline, old graphics or not. If botmatches are your thing, by all means, check it out.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Ultimate Edition - Easy Setup (671 MB).This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Deleted Scenes - Easy Setup (924 MB).

Counter Strike Xtreme Pc Download

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