CORE 9: Product Design and Development Success Through Integrated Systems Engineering

If you simply want the fastest Mac you’ve ever used, the base-model Mac Pro Eight-Core 2.8GHz won’t disappoint. Ae cc 2017 mac after effects cc 2017 for mac. If, however, you don’t need the maximum Mac, stick to an iMac—they’re. Core System Dynamics Modeling Software. When the book Industrial Dynamics was published it used Dynamo as the modeling language. Dynamo was a breakthrough at the time, and foreshadowed a number of numerical modeling approaches and non-procedural programming languages.

Representing over 20 years of insight, development, and application on literally thousands of projects worldwide, CORE is Vitech’s original and most featurerich systems engineering software. Mossberg 190 manual. With unmatched power and a proven heritage, CORE continues to deliver critical systems engineering support for existing projects as well as new customers seeking a focused, stand-alone systems engineering environment.

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Using CORE allows you to:

  • integrate requirements management to ensure that you capture customer needs accurately
  • identify system functionality, complete system behavior analysis, and simulate system performance
  • develop and trace system architecture from system to subsystems and component levels
  • provide traceability from system design to Validation and Verification plans and procedures
  • automatically produce system design documentation directly from the design repository to support team and customer review of the design progress

Architecting New Solutions with Cross-Project Relationships

As teams adopt model-based approaches, a commonly cited challenge is model management – for navigation, for collaboration, for access control, and for reuse. CORE 9 introduces the ability to create relationships between elements in different projects providing project teams and enterprise efforts great flexibility to partition their models as they see fit. Whether addressing process needs, reuse, contractual obligations, or any other concept, cross-project relationships enable teams to architect, manage, baseline, and reuse their models in a highly modular manner.

Integrating State and Behavior

State models and behavioral models are often used to represent the same concept space but do so in completely different ways such that a common underlying model can’t drive both…until now. CORE 9 introduces the state transition diagram side-by-side with all of the behavioral representations you have leveraged for the past 20 years. It’s up to you whether you model a specific concept using state transition or behavioral approaches. CORE 9 simply expands your range of options to model and represent the way you choose.

Connecting with IBM® Rational® DOORS® and More

Leveraging a wizard-driven customizable framework, quickly exchange data with the defacto standard in requirements management - IBM DOORS. Analyze existing requirements from DOORS or publish specifications from CORE into DOORS. Go further and leverage the same wizard-driven framework to exchange data with other engineering tools and desktop standards such as Microsoft® Excel® and Microsoft Word®.

Exposing Critical Design Parameters

Highlight design-dependent and design-independent parameters within your model while maintaining the ease and convenience of natural text. Parameters allow you to identify key values (weight, reliability, cost, or any other parameter you can think of), manage it separately as part of your object definition, and embed it directly in text fields so that as the value changes so does the text.

Exploiting the Model with Automated Diagnostics

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The greatest value of the model-based approach comes not from developing the model but from exploiting the model. To complement the embedded ability to directly simulate your model for dynamic verification, CORE 9 introduces a rich framework of embedded model diagnostics. With a library of over 70 completeness checks, countless design integrity diagnostics, and a customizable framework for including your own rules, these model diagnostics go far beyond simple diagram-centric checks. Put simply, these diagnostics aid in the bookkeeping and validation of systems engineering, freeing you to focus your valuable time on the critical inspiration of systems engineering.

Staying Informed through the Notification Center

As project teams grow larger and models scale in size and complexity, it becomes more and more difficult to stay abreast of the latest changes. Certainly, we can rely on processes, baselining, and other techniques to help manage and control the design evolution. Basic alerts and the notification center in CORE 9 complement those processes helping to highlight the information that is most critical to you.

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