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Coleman 426b stove manual pdfColeman Parts Diagrams

This is a genuine OEM sourced replacement part designed for use with Coleman stoves. See All Popular Coleman Stove Parts. All Coleman Stove Models Coleman All-In-One Cooking System Parts Coleman Propane - Perfectflow Instastart Grill Stove Parts. ColemanĀ® Stove & Burner User Manuals. User's Manuals contain the manufacturer's safety, lighting, storage and care instructions. If you don't have one for your appliance, you should be able to find a scan of it here. All manuals are in Adobe.pdf format and you.

This list is sorted by category and then by Product name within the category.
Product DiagramCategory
5903-700Canoe, 13' Red
5903-719Canoe, 13' Green
511A700Catalytic Heater
512-700Catalytic Heater
512A700Catalytic Heater
512A708Catalytic Heater
513-700Catalytic Heater, Dual-Temp Adjustable
513ACatalytic Heater, Dial-Temp Adjustable
513A708Catalytic Heater, Dual-Temp Adjustable
513BCatalytic Heater
515-700Catalytic Heater, Dual-Temp Adjustable
515ACatalytic Heater, Dial-Temp Adjustable
515A704Catalytic Heater, Dual-Temp Adjustable
515A708Catalytic Heater, Dual-Temp Adjustable
515B708Catalytic Heater
5445-708Catalytic Heater, Adjustable 2000-5000BTU Propane
5445A700Catalytic Heater, Adjustable 2000-5000BTU Propane
5445C700Catalytic Heater, Adjustable 2000-4000BTU Propane
5480-708Catalytic Heater, Adjustable 4000-10000BTU Propane
5206Cooler, Portable
5208Cooler, Oscar
5209Cooler, Portable
5210Cooler, Portable
5211Cooler, Portable
5213Cooler, Snow-Lite Portable, 7 Gal
5213ACooler, Snow-Lite Portable, 7 Gal
5214Cooler, Snow-Lite Portable, 7 Gal
5214ACooler, Snow-Lite Portable, 7 Gal
5214BCooler, Snow-Lite Portable, 7 Gal
5215Cooler, Snow-Lite Portable, 14 Gal
5215ACooler, Snow-Lite Portable, 14 Gal
5215BCooler, Snow-Lite Portable, 14 Gal
5216Cooler, Snow-Lite Portable, Aluminum, 14 Gal
5217Cooler, Snow-Lite Station Wagon
5217ACooler, Snow-Lite Station Wagon
5227BCooler, Steelbelted 40
5230-707Cooler, Thermoelectric
5230A707ECooler, Thermoelectric
5231-707Cooler, Thermoelectric
5231A707ECooler, Thermoelectric
5231A707JCooler, Thermoelectric
5232-807Cooler, Thermoelectric
5236Cooler, Picnic 48
5240Cooler, Steelbelted 40
5241Cooler, Steelbelted 54
5241BCooler, Steelbelted 54
5248Cooler, Polylite 48
5248A762Cooler, Marine
5250-762Cooler, 150 Qt Marine
5252Cooler, Snow-Lite Portable
5252BCooler, Snow-Lite Portable
5253Cooler, Snow-Lite Portable
5253ACooler, Snow-Lite Portable
5254BCooler, Snow-Lite Portable
5254CCooler, Snow-Lite Portable
5254DCooler, Steelbelted 40 Qt
5254ECooler, Steelbelted
5255BCooler, Snow-Lite Portable
5255CCooler, Snow-Lite Portable
5255DCooler, Steelbelted 54 Qt
5255ECooler, Steelbelted
5256BCooler, Snow-Lite Portable
5256CCooler, Snow-Lite Portable
5256DCooler, Steelbelted 80 Qt
5256ECooler, Steelbelted
5256FCooler, Steelbelted
5257-709Cooler, Convertible
5257A707Cooler, Convertible
5257A709Cooler, Convertible
5262ACooler, Personal, Oscar 8 Qt
5264ACooler, Personal, Oscar 16 Qt
5272Cooler, Personal, Oscar
5272ACooler, Personal, Oscar 8 Qt
5274Cooler, Personal, Oscar
5274ACooler, Personal, Oscar 16 Qt
5274BCooler, Personal, Oscar
5276Cooler, Personal, Oscar 24 Qt
5276ACooler, Personal, Oscar 24 Qt
5276BCooler, Personal, Oscar 24 Qt
5276B762Cooler, Marine
5276CCooler, Personal, Oscar 24 Qt
5277Cooler, Polylite 28
5279Cooler, Poly-Lite
5280Cooler, Poly-Lite
5280ACooler, Poly-Lite
5281Cooler, PolyLite 8.5 Gal
5281ACooler, PolyLite 8.5 Gal
5282ACooler, PolyLite 8.5 Gal
5282BCooler, PolyLite 8.5 Gal
5283Cooler, 10 Gal
5283ACooler, Polylite 40
5284Cooler, Polylite 40
5284ACooler, Polylite 40
5284BCooler, Polylite 40
5285Cooler, Poly-Lite
5285ACooler, Poly-Lite
5285BCooler, Poly-Lite
5286Cooler, Poly-Lite
5286ACooler, Polylite 48
5286BCooler, Polylite 48
5286CCooler, Polylite 48
5287Cooler, Portable
5289Cooler, Portable
5294Cooler, Poly-Lite
5294ACooler, Polylite 68
5294BCooler, Polylite 68
5294B763Cooler, Marine
5296Cooler, Polylite 54
5296-762Cooler, Marine
5296ACooler, Polylite 54
5299Cooler, Polylite 100
5299ACooler, Polylite 100
5299A763Cooler, Marine
5520Cooler, Roundabout Cooler
5520ACooler, Roundabout Cooler
5530Cooler, Roundabout Cooler
5530ACooler, Roundabout Cooler
5603Cooler, Industrial Beverage 3 Gallon
5603-762Cooler, Marine
5605Cooler, Industrial Beverage 5 Gallon
5610Cooler, Industrial Beverage 10 Gallon
5620-706Cooler, Water Carrier
5653Cooler, Recreational Beverage 3 Gallon
5655Cooler, Recreational Beverage 5 Gallon
5660Cooler, Recreational Beverage 10 Gallon
631Cooler, Portable, 1300 Cubic Inches
632Cooler, Portable, 1850 Cubic Inches
633Cooler, Portable, 3420 Cubic Inches
5471-701Grill Smoker, Charcoal Grill
5473-701Grill Smoker, Gass Grill
5474-701Grill Smoker, Charcoal Smoker
5475-701Grill Smoker, Gas Smoker Grill
5476-701Grill Smoker, Charcoal Smoker
5477-701Grill Smoker, Gas Smoker Grill
5478-701Grill Smoker, Gas Grill
5479-701Grill Smoker, Charcoal Grill
5494-710Grill Smoker, Charcoal Outdoorsman Cookin' Machine
5495-710Grill Smoker, Gas Outdoorsman Cookin' Machine
16Heater, Gasoline, Instant Lighting, Portable
333AHeater, Oil Radiant (3 gal 30,000 BTU)
333BHeater, Oil Radiant (4 gal 50,000 BTU)
444DHeater, Oil Radiant Circulator
5440-701Heater, Focus 5 Propane Radiant
5440-751Heater, Radiant Electronic Ignition
5455-701Heater, Focus 10 Radiant
5488-701Heater, Black Cat Propane Catalytic
555AHeater, Oil Radiant (4 gal 50,000 BTU)
555BHeater, Oil Radiant (4 gal 50,000 BTU)
666AHeater, Oil Radiant Circulator
5463-700THot Plate, 3-Burner
5464-700THot Plate, 2-Burner
2210-718Inflate All, H/V
2211-718Inflate All, High Output
2212-718Inflate All, Air Port
2219-701Inflate All, 2
2219-718Inflate All, 3
2239-612Inflate All
2239-7501Inflate All, Battery Clip
2239-7701Inflate All, Extension Cord
2239A611Inflate All
2239A612Inflate All
2239CInflate All
2239D641Inflate All, 150
2239D661Inflate All, 175
2239E701Inflate All, 1
12Iron, Gasoline, Instant Lighting, Self Heating
4AIron, Gasoline, Instant Lighting, Self Heating
5501Jug, Snow-Lite, 1 Gal, Faucet
5501AJug, Snow-Lite, 1 Gal, Faucet
5501BJug, Snow-Lite 1 Gallon
5501DJug, Steelbelted 1 Gallon
5501EJug, Steelbelted 1 Gallon
5502Jug, Snow-Lite, 2 Gal, Faucet
5502AJug, Snow-Lite, 2 Gal, Faucet
5502BJug, Snow-Lite 2 Gallon
5502DJug, Steelbelted 2 Gallon
5502EJug, Steelbelted 2 Gallon
5503BJug, Snow-Lite 3 Gallon
5506AJug, Snow-Lite, 1 Gal, Pour Spout
5506BJug, Snow-Lite 1 Gallon
5511Jug, Snow-Lite, 1 Gal, Pour Spout
5511AJug, Snow-Lite, 1 Gal, Pour Spout
5521Jug, Snow-Lite, 1 Gal, Faucet
5521AJug, Snow-Lite, 1 Gal, Faucet
5531Jug, Snow-Lite, 1 Gal, Pour Spout
5531AJug, Snow-Lite, 1 Gal, Pour Spout
5561Jug, Snow-Lite Aristocrat, 1 Gal Faucet
5571Jug, Snow-Lite Aristocrat, 1 Gal Pour Spout
5580Jug, PolyLite 2 Liter
5590Jug, PolyLite 2 Liter
5590AJug, PolyLite 2 Liter
5591Jug, Snow-Lite 1 Gallon
5591AJug, PolyLite 1 Gallon
5592Jug, Snow-Lite 2 Gallon
5592AJug, PolyLite 2 Gallon
5596Jug, PolyLite 1 Gallon
5596AJug, PolyLite 1 Gallon
139Lamp, Kerosene or Gasoline
152ALamp, Gasoline
200Lantern, Instant Light Gasoline - Single Mantle
200ALantern, Instant Light Gasoline - Single Mantle
200B743JLantern, Classic
201-700Lantern, Kerosene - Single Mantle
201-720Lantern, Kerosene - Single Mantle
202Lantern, Gasoline, 1-Mantle Instant Light
214-700Lantern, Kerosene
214A700Lantern, Kerosene
214A700ELantern, Kerosene
220CLantern, Gasoline, 2-Mantle Instant Light
220DLantern, Instant Light Gasoline - Two Mantle
220ELantern, Instant Light Gasoline - Two Mantle
220FLantern, Instant Light Gasoline - Two Mantle
226-700ELantern, Compact Unleaded
226-700JLantern, Unleaded 1-Mantle
228CLantern, Gasoline, 2-Mantle Instant Light
228DLantern, Instant Light Gasoline - Two Mantle
228ELantern, Instant Light Gasoline - Two Mantle
228FLantern, Instant Light Gasoline - Two Mantle
237Lantern, Alcohol Generating Kerosene - Single Mantle
237ALantern, Alcohol Generating Kerosene - Single Mantle
242Lantern, Instant Lite
242BLantern, Instant Lite
242CLantern, Gasoline, 1-Mantle Instant Light
249Lantern, Kerosene, Alcohol Generating 1-Mantle
275-710Lantern, Instant Light Gasoline 2-Mantle
275A710Lantern, Instant Light Gasoline 2-Mantle
282-700ELantern, Unleaded 1-Mantle
282-700JLantern, Unleaded 1-Mantle
285-700Lantern, Unleaded
285-700ELantern, Unleaded 2-Mantle
285-700JLantern, Unleaded 2-Mantle
286-700Lantern, Gas
286A700Lantern, Gas
286A700JLantern, 1-Mantle
286A7035Lantern, Gas
288-700Lantern, Gas
288A700JLantern, 2-Mantle
288A743JLantern, Deluxe 2-Mantle
290-700Lantern, Powerhouse Gas
290A700Lantern, Powerhouse Gas (Frameless)
290A700JLantern, Powerhouse 2-Mantle
295-700Lantern, Unleaded
295-700ELantern, Powerhouse Unleaded
295-700FLantern, Powerhouse 1-Mantle
295-700JLantern, Powerhouse Unleaded
5101Lantern, LP Gas, Air-O-Lite, 1-Mantle
5107-708Lantern, Propane - Single Mantle
5107A700Lantern, Propane - Single Mantle
5107C700Lantern, Propane 1-Mantle
5114-708Lantern, Propane - Double Mantle
5114A700Lantern, Propane - Double Mantle
5114B700Lantern, Propane - Double Mantle
5114C700Lantern, Propane 2-Mantle
5120Lantern, LP-Gas Single Mantle
5122-700Lantern, Propane/LP Gas
5122-708Lantern, Propane/LP Gas
5130-700ALantern, Leisure Line Bulk LP
5134-700JLantern, Leisure Line Propane/Butane
5151-700Lantern, Propane
5151A700Lantern, Propane
5151B700Lantern, Propane 1-Mantle
5151C700ALantern, 1-Mantle Bulk LP
5152-700Lantern, Propane 2-Mantle
5152A700Lantern, Propane
5152B700Lantern, Propane
5152C700ALantern, 2-Mantle Bulk LP
5153A700JLantern, 1-Mantle Electronic Ignition LP
5153B700JLantern, 2-Mantle Electronic Ignition LP
5154-700Lantern, Electronic Ignition Propane
5190-700ELantern, Butane 1-Mantle
5194-700ELantern, Butane 1-Mantle Electronic Ignition
5344-700Lantern, Junior Fluorescent
5350-700Lantern, Charger 3000 & SP
5350A700Lantern, Charger 3000 & SP
5350B710Lantern, Charger 3000 & SP
5355-700Lantern, Fluorescent
635B700JLantern, Classic
639B700ELantern, Deluxe Kerosene
5351-718Light, Dual Action Sports
5360-718Light, Halogen Spotlight 5' Lens
5362-718Light, Halogen Spotlight 7' Lens
350Range, LP-Gas, Cabin and Trailer 3-Burner
351Range, Natural Gas, Cabin and Trailer 3-Burner
396ARange, Gasoline, Cabin and Trailer Instant Lighting 3-Burner
396BRange, Gasoline, Cabin and Trailer Instant Lighting 3-Burner
398Range, LP-Gas, Cabin and Trailer 3-Burner
398ARange, LP-Gas, Cabin and Trailer 3-Burner
398BRange, LP-Gas, Cabin and Trailer 3-Burner
398CRange, LP-Gas, Cabin and Trailer 3-Burner
345Stove, Kerosene, Marine 2-Burner
348Stove, Alcohol, Marine 2-Burner
391Stove, Gasoline, Cabin and Trailer Instant Lighting 2-Burner
391AStove, Gasoline, Cabin and Trailer Instant Lighting 2-Burner
395Stove, Gasoline, Cabin and Trailer Instant Lighting 3-Burner
400A701Stove, Peak 1 Lightweight Backpack
400B701JStove, Peak 1 1-Burner
413BStove, Gasoline, Instant Lighting Camp, 2-Burner
413CStove, Gasoline, Instant Lighting Camp, 2-Burner
413DStove, Gasoline, Instant Lighting Camp, 2-Burner
413EStove, Gasoline, Instant Lighting Camp, 2-Burner
413FStove, Gasoline, Instant Lighting Camp, 2-Burner
413GStove, Deluxe Instant Lighting Gasoline, Camp
413HStove, Powerhouse Deluxe 2-Burner
413H499JStove, Powerhouse 2-Burner
414-700Stove, Unleaded 2-Burner Camp
414-700JStove, Unleaded Powerhouse 2-Burner
415DStove, Gasoline, Instant Lighting Camp, 2-Burner
416-700JStove, Classic 2-Burner
4224-700Stove, Unleaded 2-Burner Compact
424-700EStove, Unleaded 2-Burner
424-700JStove, Unleaded 2-Burner
425Stove, Gasoline, Instant Lighting Camp, 2-Burner
425BStove, Gasoline, Instant Lighting Camp, 2-Burner
425CStove, Gasoline, Instant Lighting Camp, 2-Burner
425EStove, Compact, Economy Instant Lighting Gasoline Camp (Two Burner)
425FStove, Compact, Economy Instant Lighting Gasoline Camp (Two Burner)
425F499JStove, 2-Burner
426Stove, Gasoline, Instant Lighting Camp, 3-Burner
426AStove, Gasoline, Instant Lighting Camp, 3-Burner
426BStove, Gasoline, Instant Lighting Camp, 3-Burner
426CStove, Gasoline, Instant Lighting Camp, 3-Burner
426DStove, Instant Lighting Gasoline Camp (Three Burner)
426EStove, Instant Lighting Gasoline Camp
440-700EStove, Compact
440-700JStove, Unleaded 1-Burner
442Stove, Gasoline, Instant Lighting Camp, Aluminum, 2-Burner
442-700Stove, Peak 1 Dual Fuel Feather 442 Lightweight Backpack
442-700EStove, Peak 1 Unleaded
442-700JStove, Peak 1 Unleaded
443Stove, Gasoline, Instant Lighting Camp, Aluminum, 3-Burner
445-700EStove, Peak 1 Multi-Fuel Component
445-700JStove, Peak 1 Unleaded Detachable
500Stove, Gasoline
501A700Stove, 1-Burner, Sportster
502-700Stove, One Burner Sportster
508-700Stove, Sportster II
508A700JStove, Sportster II 1-Burner
520Stove, Military Burner
523Stove, Military Burner
531Stove, Kerosene, Alcohol Generated Roarer
532Stove, Kerosene, Alcohol Generated Silent
533-700EStove, Unleaded 1-Burner
533-700JStove, Unleaded 1-Burner
5400-708Stove, Propane Camp
5400A700Stove, Standard Propane Camp
5400A708Stove, Standard Propane Camp
5402Stove, Instant Lighting LP-Gas Picnic (One Burner)
5402AStove, Instant Lighting LP-Gas Picnic (One Burner)
5402BStove, LP Gas, Instant Lighting, Picnic, 1-Burner
5404Stove, LP-Gas Aluminum Picnic (One Burner)
5409Stove, LP-Gas Aluminum Picnic (Two Burner)
5410-700Stove, Propane Camp
5410-708Stove, Propane Camp
5410A700Stove, Deluxe Propane Camp
5410A708Stove, Deluxe Propane Camp
5410B708Stove, Deluxe Propane Camp
5418-708Stove, Propane Camp
5418A700Stove, Propane Camp
5418B700Stove, Propane Camp
5430-700Stove, Propane Camp
5430A700Stove, Propane Camp
5430B700AStove, Propane 2-Burner
5435-700Stove, Propane Camp, Electronic Ignition
5435A700Stove, Propane Camp, Electronic Ignition
5435B700JStove, Propane/Butane 2-Burner
5438-700Stove, 1-Burner
5438A700Stove, 1-Burner
5439-751Stove, 1-Burner Electronic Ignition
5490-700EStove, 1-Burner Butane
550-499Stove, Peak 1 Multi-Fuel Backpack
5201Table, Pak
5202Table, Pak
640Table, Picnic
5565Vacuum Bottle, Stainless Steel
5566Vacuum Bottle, PolyLite

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Coleman 426b Stove Manual

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5114 Propane Gasket
This is the gasket that goes between the propane regulator and the small propane bottles that you screw on. Not ever offered as a separate Coleman part so I assigned this part number. The total diameter is 15/16 of an inch. The inner hole diameter is right between 5/16 and 3/8 of an inch.
5423A5611 Gasket
The gasket only from the 5423A5611 small parts kit. If you only need the gasket and not the rest of the parts. Was commonly used on the model 5430B and similar propane stoves. Was also used on the model 5428 stove.
Cap Gasket 220
This gasket is for the model 200, 200A, 202, 220B, 220C, 220D, 220E, 220F lanterns and other similar lanterns, stoves and lamps that take the standard 3 piece filler cap. Brass insert is shown for identification purposes only. If your filler cap is a standard size and has a screw in the center then these gaskets will work.
Cap Gasket 242

Coleman 426d Stove Manual

This gasket is for the model 242, 242A, 242B, 242C, 243, 243A, 234, 234A, 247, 249 and other similar lanterns and lamps that take the smaller filler cap. Also fits the model 500 stove. Brass insert is shown for identification purposes only.
Cap Gasket 427
This gasket is for the model 427 lantern, most winged style fuel caps, early 220B's, and other similar lanterns and lamps that have the older style cap insert. It is the same outside diameter as cap gasket 118B1361 but has a smaller inside hole. Brass insert is shown for identification purposes only. Old part number 115-1361.
Cap Gasket for M1950 Stove
Cap Gasket for M1950 Stove. Also fits the M1942 stove.
Check Valve With Stem
Fits model 400 stove
Filler Cap Gasket One Piece

Coleman 426b Parts

This is the gasket for the one piece filler caps. If your filler cap looks like the one pictured then this gasket is the correct one. If your filler cap has a screw in the center of it then this gasket will not work. Filler cap is shown for illustration purposes only and is not included.
Graphite Ribbon
Graphite ribbon. It is 1/4 inch wide and 12 inches long. It is scalloped to make it more flexible for wrapping. Works for tip cleaner assemblies or any other thing where the normal graphite packing won't fit. It is easily cut with a pair of scissors to fit whatever you might need.
Large Valve Stem Packing
This is the larger valve stem packing. It is 5/16' long. The hole diameter is 1/4'. It would be used on most modern lanterns, lamps, and stoves. Lantern models 200, 200A, 201, 242B, 242C, 220B, 220C, 220D, 220E, 220F, 220H, 220J, and 220K. Same part as part number 242-6201. Made of 100% graphite. The two in the picture are for illustration purposes only. Packings are sold individually.

Coleman Camp Stove 425e Manual

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