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  1. Clash Of Clans Attack Simulator Pc
Clash Of Clan Attack Simulator
my idea is, you can attack your own layout and see if it's good, probably many people are not sure that your new layout is good, so with this new option, it can test the layout. The button would be in the editing part of the village and that in the middle of those buttons will be this option. Benefits: the player will no longer suffer from constant trophy loss, may also be training and perfecting their attack techniques as if it were an enemy village. Do not think that this button will be infinite, no, because it will not be, to avoid players that will abuse the button, I had the idea that each layout is entitled to 3 times of simulation per day, will have a recharge time to enjoy the button again (you choose, but recommend a day), the player will also have the option to spend a certain amount of gems so that as soon as the simulation points run out he will spend the gems and charge instantly, another option is that he could come combos (with elixir , gold etc.) and individual packages so that the player can buy with real money the simulations. and that's it, I hope you liked it, and that maybe in the next update or in the future you have that option. curiosity: the option to copy layout was me who gave the idea, and see, she came to the game.

Clash Of Clans Attack Simulator Pc

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