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SING VANDE MATARAM, THE SONG OF LIBERTY, OF HINDUSTAN. MOTHERLAND PERSONIFIED Forwarded message from 'k' [ Subject: Sing Vande mataram, the song of liberty, of Hindustan. Economic Drivers Which Might Impact Globalization.

Cks Serial Episode 100 Full


Motherland personified! [ From: 'k' [ Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 16:19:57 +0530 Lata Mangeshkar (1952) Vande Mataram: Length 3.02 Watrch and listen, scroll down at: Download Bande mataram men thadum: (Vocal 9.6mb) (Instrumental 7.7 mb) Vande mataram in instrumental music -- Ranjan Sharma) Instrumental version of the national song *Vande Mataram*, written by B. *Vande Mataram *is a prayer to the Mother Land that was sung by freedom fighters all over India. It was then denied the status of national anthem in favour of a more consensual *Jana Gana Mana*.

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Cks Serial Episode 100 September 8 2018

It still remains the dearest song in the heart of most Indians. Musical instruments used: Santoor, Sarod, Tabla, Pakhawaj and Tanpura; 1.69 mb s/Ranjan/ VandeMataram. Mp3 Say Vande mataram. K *Vande Mataram* A most popular and evergreen Indian song The BBC is now 70 years old. As a part of its celebrations, an online survey of World's 'top ten' songs was conducted in November 2002. It received tremendous response from millions of Internet users from 155 countries; results were declared on December 21, 2002 and the Irish National Anthem *A Nation Once Again* topped the list. An Indian song *Vande Mataram * acquired second position.

Although the voting was for a version with the tune set by A R Rahman, the song has been extremely popular in India for over 100 years. Several musicians and singers have recorded it on gramophone records from as early as 1905.

This article traces back the various aspects of this evergreen, controversial and sacred song, which Bengalis would call *Bande Mataram*whereas Indians from other states call it *Vande Mataram*. Part One *Bande Mataram - National Anthem? National song? Or a Cultural song?* Sunday, 7th November 1875. 'Akshay Navami' Bankimchandra Chatterjee (1838-94) wrote his famous song *Bande Mataram* at his residence in Kantalpada, in Naihati village, which is just a few miles away from Calcutta. The song is now 125 years old. It is probably the only Indian song that is still widely popular all over India, and musicians still want to sing it again and again, and keep composing new tunes for it.

During this year of celebrations, a book in Marathi, Vande *Mataram: Ek Shodh* by Mr Milind Sabnis, was published in Pune. This is a carefully researched monograph, which should be translated into Hindi and English soon. This year, an edited Hindi version of Bankimchandra' s novel, *Anandmath* was published in Mumbai. [image: an artists interpretation of the godess described in Vande Mataram] A few audio/video albums featuring *Bande Mataram* have been released in the last five years. 'The Society of Indian Record Collectors,' a Mumbai-based organization, has traced about one hundred different versions of *Vande Mataram* recorded over the last hundred years.

Cks Serial Episode 100 Free

These versions vary from the voices of Rabindranath Tagore to that of A R Rahman. Based on available recordings, an attempt has been made to note the musical aspects of this evergreen song. Bankimchandra was among the first batch of graduates from Calcutta University. Soon after he had securred his BA, he was appointed as Deputy Magistrate, and eventually became a Deputy Collector. In his work, he had ready access to old papers and gazettes, and came across the documents related to the mutiny of Sanyasis (saints) in Dhaka, North Bengal, Nepal, Tarai, Dinajpur, Rangpur, and Purniya during the period from 1763 to 1780. He decided to write a novel, *Anandmath*, based on the heroic deeds of these sanyasis. In his youth, he had witnessed the unsuccessful mutiny of 1857.

Cks Serial Episode 100 Youtube

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