Hey i’m having the same problem where it crashes after getting to the graphics part. I installed the mod with the ‘select this if you have more than 2gb ram’ option and all that. I can still open the regular ck2 properly with no problems. Also i installed ck2 on my D: drive, my secondary drive for space issues. Could this be the problem?? That's how I was finally able to get CK2 to load again.It Ck2 Crashing Randomly That information can be found in the re-installed the VCRedist. Suggested video will automatically play next. Crusader Kings 2 Crash Loading Flags. Just carry on through the list. #8 Egill View Profile or the general idea - needs to be related to CK2. For Crusader Kings II on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled 'Loading Graphics' bug'. Oct 04, 2016  I find it's very common for CKII to suffer from problems during loading as well. However, it doesn't actually crash. Generally-speaking, it's only a crash if the music stops. If the music keeps playing but the cursor changes into the blue circle thing, the best answer is to just wait and eventually the game will load. Jun 04, 2014  It always crashes on 'Loading graphics'. Wine version:1.6.2. Specs:Intel Core i3-4010U(1.7GHz) NVidia GeForce Gt 720U(2GB Vram) (I had to edit the registry because wine insisted I had less than 512 mb of VRAM) 6GB DDR3 Ram I am new to both Linux and WIn e, so I'd appreciate some 'newbie level' guidence. Thx in advance Terminal output.

I was having this issue where CK2 would just crash to the desktop as soon as I launched it from steam. I was able to fix it by rolling back to 2.0.4 (right click game > Properties > Betas > Select 2.0.4). Just thought I should post this here if anyone else runs into the issue and is wondering what to do, I have reported it on the Paradox forums (http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/..-game-to-crash). I think you will need an account and the game must be registered to the account for you to see the post. (ps. for those of you who were helping me in the EU4 thread, I am going to try this for EU4 and see if it works).
Ck2 Crashes On Loading Graphics

There are two parts to graphics modding:

  • Assets (images or models), stored inside /gfx folder
  • Logical names (starting with GFX_ prefix) mapping to these assets, defined inside /interface/*.gfx files.

Logical names are then either referenced from other script files, or are based on naming convention hardcoded in the engine.

  • 3Folders


Some recommended editors include:

  • Photoshop


  • .tga (Truevision Targa)
  • .dds (DirectDraw Surface): requires a plugin to use with GIMP or Photoshop, but works natively with Paint.NET.
  • .xac/.xsm: licensed format for 3D models and animations
  • .mesh/.anim: Paradox developed format for 3D models and animations. Used first in EU4 and in CK2 since Patch 2.2 (Charlemagne). Can be converted to via the JoroDox mod making tool.


Ck2 Crashes On Loading Graphics Card


Main article: Portrait modding

This folder contains bits of faces that are stuck together to form portraits.

Coats of arms[edit]

Contains flag frames and CoA pattern & frames.


Flags are used for titles above baronies, but only for religions where has_coa_on_barony_only = yes.The game typically crashes if the flag is any of the following: is not 128x128, is not 24-bit, or is uncompressed.

Warning: a missing flag for a title in flags folder will cause wrong flags to appear for most titles, due to a shift. a good way to work around this while working on other aspects of the mod, is to give the nations placeholder flags.


See [Tutorial] Custom Map Fonts. Tomb raider for free.


Main article: Interface modding

Ck2 Crashes On Loading Graphics Download

Main game loads from /interface/ for christian religion group, but some assets are overridden when playing religions from other groups:

  • from /indian_interface folder for indian_group religion group
  • from /muslim_interface folder for muslim religion group
  • from /zoroastrian_interface folder for zoroastrian_group religion group
  • from /jews_interface folder for jewish_group religion group
  • from /pagan_interface folder for pagan_group religion group

New religion groups load from /interface/ Borderlands 2 evil smasher glitch after patch. folder, and cannot have their own interface.

Mods cannot override assets in religion group folders, as the override is only processed for main game.

Ck2 crashes on loading graphics pc

Loading screens[edit]

For optimal compression, loading screens should be saved with DTX1 compression / no mimaps.

The order loading screens appear is random, except:

  • load_0.dds, which is used as splash screen
  • the image with highest file name (ex: load_13.dds) has a far more likely chance (50% as of patch 2.8.2) to appear first.

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