Sep 23, 2018  ChromaPure 3.1.13 is now available for download at the ChromaPure News site. This release is free for licensed users. New Features. We discovered a critical bug in the new Performance module, so rather than hold up this release we removed it. The corrected module will be re-released shortly. Chroma key free download - Chroma key - studio effects, Green Screen Pro - The Chroma Key Camera, Chroma Key Studio Pro - Green, Blue & Pink Screen, and many more programs.

We are providing the review of the 6+ best Chroma key software available for Chroma keying or Chroma key compositing. It is a way to manipulate a video which is shot using a single colour background and then another background is inserted into the video.


Green screen software is available for shots with green background. The software use various techniques for video compositing and is easy to use.

Wax 2.0

Wax is a freeware software which is available free for business and individuals. It has tremendous performance for video composting and special effects. It supports multiple formats like AVI, WAV and all popular formats. There are many presets available for use with your video. There are 2D and 3D plugins for effects.


Stm32 virtual com port device driver for mac. Virtual Dub is an open source software available for free and used for processing video on your Windows desktop. If your camera or video recorder is Windows compatible then Virtual Dub can capture video with it. It manages the AVI and Windows limits by breaking files. It has pre and post processing capabilities. One can clean the audio and video, make it short and add effects.

ZS4 Video Editor

ZS4 Video Editor is a free downloadable software used for video editing and compositing. One of the main feature is that it supports green screen. It supports multiple video formats. It supports RGB keying and YUV keying with good quality.

Green Screen Wizard Software

Green Screen Wizard software is a powerful software which is simple to use. It is inexpensive and contains a full chroma key software i.e it does not require additional software like Photoshop. It is for home use and has a green screen removal engine. It supports batch processing and supports sandwich ovelay.

Chroma Key Software on Other Platforms

We had taken a look at features of chroma key software on the Windows platform. It is available on other platforms like Mac, Linux and Unix. All these platforms support hardware which have good video capabilities like high pixels and powerful processing power. Video composting software will be available on these platforms.

Primatte Chromakey for Windows

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Primate Chromakey is a priced product. It has plugins for video and photography. It is used along with Adobe Photoshop. It supports auto masking for green photography. It has more features for batch processing large number of photos. It is much faster and easier to use. We can add custom backdrops and add overlay logos. It supports simple transforms with the help of controls to move the different layers like image, backdrop and overlay or everything together.

iMovie for Mac


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iMovie for Mac is a product available on the Mac platform. It is a video creation and editing software. It allows one to collect the separate clips and join to create your video. We can add filters and do chroma keying with this. It is easy to record on an iPhone and then edit and use filters on the Mac to create video. It stands for simplicity.

Most Popular Software – Movavi Chroma Key Software

Movavi is one of the most popular chroma key software available. It is a complete video editing software and one of the main feature is chroma keying. We can shoot the picture with a fixed background colour, load into the Movavi software and apply the background we need and viola there is the video with the background of our choice.

What is Chroma Key Software?

Videos are taken with a fixed background colour normally blue or green. We then use chroma keying to put the background of our choice. This is done especially for news video or movies where the background needs to be changed. One can change the background colour too.You may also see Video Accelerator Software

The chroma key software allow us to do the same. The software is used by professional keyer to make the video perfect. The chroma key software supports multiple formats so the video can be saved as per our choice.You may also see Video Morphing Software

The 6+ Chroma Key software will help you in chroma keying your videos. You can download the software and do a detailed evaluation. You can use the software based on the features you like and the platform you use. The software will make your life easier for chroma keying.

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