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Assuming a level of graphics competence at 'low, but very willing to learn', what's the easiest method of creating inserts for audio cassettes? Level of quality around 'punk/hardcore/straight edge' on the sliding scale. Preference slightly skewed to a 4 or 5 panel card, tools available are MS Office products, Photoshop Elements and of course GIMP. Access to printers and copiers, willing to lay out double digits for a tool, click-and-drag type template, or assistance. Thoughts/advice/help?
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  1. Printable in-browser template for cassette tape J-cards. Includes saving and loading.
  2. Apr 01, 2019  Cassette Tape J Card Template Generator Easy Mixtape Artwork Maker Computer ios android - Duration: 1:56. Aim Shoot Develop 1,084 views.
  3. We hope you can find what you need here. We always effort to show a picture with HD resolution or at least with perfect images. 38 Creative Cassette J Card Template A4 in Word by Cassette J Card Template A4 can be beneficial inspiration for those who seek an image according specific categories, you can find it in this site.
Would this or this work?
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Powerpoint is so easy to use that it's surprisingly useful for low end graphics, though I'm sure you'll get better suggestions.
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1. Remove insert from tape, measure.
2. Open ps elements and create an image at like 300dpi that's size is those dimensions in inches/mm/etc.
3. Make a new layer and use the line tool to mark off where the folds are, keep this layer on top of others. Paste in a background, text tool, whatever else you want to do.
I realize that step 3 is kinda 'draw the rest of the owl' but really getting it the right size is all that really matters. It'll look better than you think in the case as soon as you get above the 'ms paint mostly white blank obviously printer paper and non anti aliased lines' level.
Oh, yea, use glossy paper.
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Cassette J-card Template

I'm on my phone, but try Googling audio cassette insert template or J-card template.
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Cassette J Card Template Word

Yay relevant obscure knowledge!
Cassette inserts are called J-cards. They are 4' tall (as in, the width of the long edge of the cassette or case). When unfolded, the width of each panel, left to right, is below:
•The 'tail', the part that tucks around, is 1' wide.
•The 'spine', which is where the fat part of the tape rests, is 0.5' wide.
•The first panel, where the cover art would go, is 2.5 inches wide.
•If you want to add extra panels, make each additional panel 1/16' (0.0625') shorter. So the first panel is 2.5', the second would be 2.4375' (2.5 - 0.0625'), the third would be 2.375', and so on. This is to allow for the extra panels to fold and tuck into each other. If they were all exactly 2.5', when you tried to fold it all up, it would get all poofy and wouldn't fit correctly.
When designing your inserts, it helps to make a rough mockup with a pencil and paper. Fold it up so it goes into the case, mark the visible sides of the tail, spine, and first panel (which will be visible from the outside of the case.) Also mark the visible part of the inside panel, whether that be back of the first panel, or the 4th panel, or however many you have. Then unfold it and mark where you want everything else to go. Just helps me remember what goes on the 'front' side of the sheet in the printer, and what goes on the 'back' side.
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You can google 'J-Card Template', several sites will come up. Most are from cassette duplicating companies. Open the PDF format template that comes in the zip folder in Element. Then just edit the thing from there. Be sure to edit out the measurements located on the template.
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Cassette J Card Template

Printable Cassette J Card

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