It goes without saying that the majority of military actions you will be taking in the game will take place on land. Also, this is the only way to conquer enemy territory, so you do not have much choice here. Four individual variants of this type of doctrines have been prepared, and they are meant to expand the array of your options.

Depending on the tree, there are various variants available, and they exclude each other. At any moment, you can change your variant from this point, but you lose all of the technologies that have been thus far developed. Out of the four available doctrines, you can only use one at a time, so you should make your choice wisely. The below chapter should make it easier to pick the doctrine that will harmonize with your playing style.

There is no best fleet composition for HOI4 it completely depends on where you are fighting in the ocean. I am taking this from Dustinl796 1. If you are fighting in the English channel then you want to have 5–6 Battleship 2’s or 3’s 5–7 Battlecr. Oct 21, 2017  As for doctrine I go for mass assault. 1) It gives +5% to recrutable and nice boost for infantry (entrenchement and organisation) which is perfect to make a lot of cheap infantry to defend all your and german ports in europe and north africa. 2) It give -10% attrition and great recovery rate to fight in central and south africa.

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Mobile warfare

The main goal of this doctrine is to wage war basing on vehicles. Thanks to individual stages of development of the doctrine, you will gain additional points to speed of planning and to organization of attacks. It goes without saying that overwhelming majority of modifiers will provide you with bonuses to breaking enemy positions, which will increase effectiveness of expansion and of taking better positions. Development of this doctrine also reinforces infantry and, in individual variants, it allows you to increase the number of people of military age.

This one is an important variant for all the players who focus on using vehicles and small infantry divisions. Also, defense advantages from the doctrine are important, which in certain situation affect development of guerrilla actions.

Superior firepower

This doctrine affects artillery actions. It is a good choice for those of the nations that have high manpower, because this doctrine excludes mass use of infantry divisions and focuses on gradual clearing of the territory that can be later seized by infantry. Main firepower is focused on lightweight units, so the doctrine is especially effective against nations that rely on infantry for their strength. Also, the doctrine includes increasing the effectiveness of planning and organization of action, but also reinforces reconnaissance andactions of mechanized units.

Also, this is good solution for all those who prefer to lay fire on the enemy in the first place, using cannons and air-raids, to enter with infantry later on to finish out remnants.

Grand battle plan

In the case of this doctrine, the majority of works focus on increasing the effectiveness of planning wartime actions. Insubordination and lack of organization and are out of question here. All of the aspects of the attack need to be carefully pre-planned, entrenchment of your units is more effective and you receive higher bonuses from development of battle plan. Also, lower consumption of supplies should be noted here, regardless of whether you are the attacker or the defender - you always come prepared.

This doctrine is a sound solution for those of the players that like meticulous defining of frontlines and who like seizing areas after actions have been planned in detail. This doctrine concerns all of the land units and this is what makes it an universal one. Especially for those of the players that value diversity of units, rather than focus on any of their types.

Mass assault

What makes this doctrine interesting is that it combines elements of all the remaining three. Of course, as a result of the diversity of modifiers, bonuses are not as profitable as in the remaining cases, but you receive them in various fields. This one is an universal model of actions, especially useful are reductions of shortage of supplies, which considerably limit demand. This mainly affects effectiveness of overseas invasions and effectiveness of cutting through enemy lines along narrow corridors. In such cases, distribution of supplies is highly limited and doctrines that you use allow you to maintain effectiveness of armies, in spite of shortages.

This option is good for all players that do not want to wait for too long to see effects of their actions. Mass mobilization of soldiers and attacking on several sides simultaneously is in this case key to success.

In the case of aviation, you can notice at first glance that it focuses on clearing territory of enemy forces, or on direct support for land units. Carbon fiber bikes purchase. Aviation's main purpose is to secure land divisions and also make it possible to perform effective bomber operations. It is a good idea to develop it, even within to a restricted extent, to keep up in the case of defensive war, where losing control over air space can quickly lead to chaos in the army's actions and cuts it off from basic deliveries.

It should be noted that air doctrine trees are not too extensive, but there are many points where you have give your choices consideration and which will determine following steps. At any moment, you can change your variant, both for key points and for the entire tree.

Strategic destruction

This doctrine reinforces mainly factors that decide the success of bomber missions. In here, you can find factors that affect more effective use of other units, but the base of this doctrine is to destroy enemy's key buildings and infrastructure. Just like armed invasion, air raids can be destructive. Destruction bybombardment permanently cripples enemy economy which directly affects production of supplies. Whenyou control air space over enemy territory long enough, you will completely disable enemy actions which makes it easier to launch land actions.

This doctrine is the best for the players who like attacking strategic targets and weaken the opponent without risking their own land units. It harmonizes well with Grand battleplan and Superior firepower of land doctrines.

Hoi4 best air doctrine for naval bombers

Battlefield support

In the case of this doctrine, aviation and land forces cooperate closely. Each fragment of seized territories is credited to coordinated actions of these two. Majority of issues in this doctrine focus on operation of jet fighters, but there also are reinforcements for maritime aviation and effectiveness of bombardment. Thanks to thesupport of aviation, you can easily destroy defense positions and wreak havoc among enemy lines, which effectively lowers effectiveness of his actions. It is useful both in the case of invasion and defensive war. Thanks to the versatility, it harmonizes with mobile warfare and mass attack doctrines.

This doctrine will be interesting to all of the players who rely on their aviation for the strength of their army. Domination in air favors effectiveness of land actions and makes invasion on enemy territory easier. This doctrine also increases your chances to obtain the title of the ace of aviation, which boosts damage dealt to enemies.

Operational integrity

Each type of doctrines has one that does not favor the specific type of actions, but with good decision-making, it integrates with any decision that you make during the game. Operational integrity is a doctrine of this type for aviation. This doctrine assumes thorough support for all types of units, and even in spite of relatively low bonuses, when fully developed, it makes you aviation exceptionally versatile. Apart from the standard bonuses to air missions, you also receive an increased chance of receiving the title of the ace of aviation. This is rounded up with the option to increase effectiveness of bomber defense. This may be decisive on effectiveness of missions that you perform in air space dominated by the enemy.

Best air doctrine hoi4 japan

Hoi4 Best Air Doctrine Italy

This doctrine is especially addressed to players who lack a defined idea for their aviation. Due to the characteristics of this variant, you do not have to hurry too much to start your works here.