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I am trying to trouble shoot a Beckett CB151UL condensate pump. I
found a pool of water next to my furnace and I suspect it is from the
condensate pump. The water level in the reservoir was fairly high,
close to the brim.
I do not have experience working with pumps but while the pump was on
I removed the clip connecting the hose and there was enough pressure
for the water to shoot out like a fountain. I was able to put the
tube back and the duckbill value correctly.
I have turned off my AC, and manually poured water into the
reservoir. This started the pump but I don't see it pumping the water
out (I did see it pumping water out before I removed the tube).
I would appreciate if someone can help explain the puddle of water and
why I the pump is not pumping water out of the reservoir? Also, is
there a owner's manual/troubleshooting manual I can locate online?
What other checks can I do?
  1. The Beckett CB151UL Medium Condensate Removal Pump is a genuine OEM (original equipment manufacturer) replacement part designed to work with a variety of Beckett products. This pump is user-friendly with a patented airflow design that pumps quietly and reduces the amount of heat generated.
  2. Beckett Pumps CB201UL - Medium Condensate Pump w/ Safety Switch, 20 Ft Shutoff (1/30 HP, 115V) - Beckett's family of medium condensate pumps are designed to meet or exceed your toughest job demands. This generation of pumps is engineered to be user friendly.


Beckett Reliability 115 Volts Automatic Condensate Pumps

ModelHWLTank CapacityOutletAmpsH.P.Gallons per hour @ 60 Hz/Rated VoltageSafety


Shut Off (ft)
CB151UL6 ¼”5″11 1/8”2.0 Qt 1.9 Liter3/8″ O.D.1.71/5085704515Yes17’

Beckett’s new family of medium condensate pumps are designed to meet or exceed your toughest job demands. This new generation of pumps is engineered to be user friendly with features like:

  • 6 Ft. Cord with plug
  • All Black Flame Retardant Plastic
  • Larger High Impact ABS Tank
  • Can Mount From Either Side
  • Four Intake Holes
  • Heavy Gauge Steel Motor Mount
  • Capable Of Handling Mild Acids
  • Stainless Steel Shaft
  • Thermal Overload Protection
  • Quiet Operation
  • A More Reliable Micro Switch Float Mechanism
  • Check out the larger replaceable Duck-Bill check valve design
  • Convenient discharge with both barb and threads.
  • A new modern design that meets the highest quality standards that you have come to expect from Beckett.

Beckett, the industry leader in condensate / waste water removal, offers a complete line of condensate removal pumps for Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration applications. Beckett quality pumps can also be used to remove waste water from: Macgregor timer and scorer manual.

  • Ice makers
  • Drinking fountains
  • Beverage machines
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Water coolers
  • Computer room A/C equipment
  • High Efficiency Gas Furnaces
  • Refrigeration, and many other applications. Select which pump is right for you.

Beckett Cb151ul Condensate Pump Manual

All units are specifically designed for high reliability along with a fast and inexpensive installation process. Our automatic condensate pumps include as standard features check valves, thermal protection and stainless steel shafts. We also offer a wide selection of lifts and voltages. Some models are available with a high temperature tank for water applications up to 190°F. An efficient furnace model is also available with a temperature rating of 150°F. Beckett also offers an In-Pan unit for condensate and waste water removal. Please review our pump page for the lift, performance and options that best suit your needs.