B.B. King - His Definitive Greatest Hits (1999)

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BB King - Discografia completa (MEGA) 320 junio 27, 2016 Download BB King - Discography mega blogspot greatest hits + grandes exitos para baixar 1957-2008 Mp3 320 kbps (Size: 8.5 GB) 1 Studio a. Eric's Clapton's complete discography from 1963 to current with over 350 entries. Recordings listed in reverse chronological order.

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This two-disc set's jewel-case comes embossed with King's gold-inked signature, presumably a seal of approval for this bountiful summation of his MCA years. Beginning with B.B.'s work for ABC in the mid-1960s (the label was later swallowed up by MCA), the compilation moves through B.B.'s cream-flared 70s output, then proceeds to sew up the 1980s. The title's promise is fulfilled within this given time-period, but King's first 15 recording years are missing, as are examples of his very successful 90s work. Massed strings add drama to 'The Thrill Is Gone', 'Paying The Cost To Be The Boss' swaggers with crisp horn feints, 'Why I Sing The Blues' is a prime example of the extended funky vamp, these 60s cuts invariably swamped with eerie guitar reverb. The 70s provided an evocative canvas for exaggerated gesture, strings and electric piano infusing the moody 'Chains & Things', B.B. picking funky figures throughout 'Ghetto Woman'. The synthesised piano and rock-ballad melody of 'Into The Night' typify his 80s flirtations with the mainstream, while 1974's collaboration with Bobby Bland set a precedent for later collaboration with U2 and Gary Moore. Tracks are chronologically jumbled, but the closing six-song run of live numbers provides a flaming finish. ---Martin Longley

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