Personality name translations have been worked on by different teams; the one provided by Hongfire and the one provided by /hgg/.If there is no indicator of which translation is being used, it is the same for both.

Last updated: 26 July 2017

This project began on January 2017, but is delayed for God knows how long because of other priorities.

  • Jan 12, 2019  Artificial Academy 2 Caring Girl. Personality edit with ReiEditAA2 Program -Mod Used- Hyouka Inspired Sailor Uniform v2:!V.
  • Nov 21, 2018  Make sure to read the FAQ! Background video by Josu Relax https://ww.

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Artificial Academy 2 Personality Mod

In this post, I will share my “fan” translation of two custom personalities made for AA2, “淑” and “飾”. These personalities are produced by Niconico user Inoue.

As of 22 Feb 2017, the videos and the DL links themselves were deleted for copyright infringement (see comments for the story). There isn’t an “official” mirror for the files (or I am just too lazy to look for it), but there’s a copy out there if you know where to look. Sql server native client 11.0 download.

Kodi leia download. You won’t see these names in the release anyway so you can ignore the translated personality name if you prefer.

淑 (Graceful) – CV: Shino

Taken from the word “淑やか” which means “graceful” (see dictionary).

Feminine and refined type. Has polite speech, similar to Sweet. Gets flustered like Kind but is more confrontational. Imagine a more casual version of Dignified.

飾 (Trendy) – CV: Narusaka Mia

This one is not straightforward, as the word can be taken from “飾る” which means “to decorate” (see dictionary). I went with this word instead because her lines have several references to looking pretty. I could go with “fashionable” too but that’s kinda long.

Laidback and lively type, but too feminine to be considered “tomboyish”. Has relaxed speech, similar to Carefree.

Artificial academy 2 wiki

Artificial Academy 2 Personalities Mod 5


  • The original dialogue files have an unusual implementation of the dim removal mod. Most of this is done to accommodate the additional lines which none of the original personalities have used. For compatibility, I have to get rid of some extra lines.
  • Before making the translation, I have to transcribe the voice-over-only lines (e.g. “Everyone…”), including the responses to the NPC-only interactions which were left as blank text in the dialogue file. I might have misheard some words.
  • Related to previous bullet, but voice-over-only lines obviously didn’t have poses assigned to them. (Relevant for people who like editing dialogue files, I guess.)
  • Feel free to suggest improvements for the text.

Graceful []

  • This personality has its own H voice, though the author said something about it requiring a fix in the jg2p09 which will affect the H voices of the other personalities. Based off what I have read in the 2chan thread, this personality has different lines used for certain H positions. The fix might have something to do with that, but I still don’t suggest using it.

Trendy []

  • This personality doesn’t have its own H voice.
  • This personality has two “Talk about X” lines for each topic.
  • It doesn’t have some lines that default personalities have. These lines were somehow assumed by the creator to be unused in the game. Examples include the “I saw X in a date” line.

Here is the link for the preview (Google doc).

  • Graceful – 99%. All lines are translated, though I need to review this one since I went “too literal” with its translation (making the language more archaic that it should’ve been).
  • Trendy – 99%. All lines are translated, except for the extra lines which may be considered unnecessary. This also has not been proofread yet.

There are several steps to be done (that are not be a one-click process) before the modded personality becomes usable in a standard installation, so I’ll leave the files for people who can make use of them.

No preview pictures because I’m still not done installing mods.

Anon with engineering background who writes about completely unrelated stuff

**[Illusion] Artificial Academy 2** ジンコウガクエン2 **THIS IS NOW REALLY OUTDATED. I highly recommend installing the new game. Then install the HongFire patch, then HEXA hair, clothes.** English translated UI and dialog 99.99% (latest update 2014/07/05) No installation required. Pre-patched to v4, DLC + extra hair included .reg key must be edited and applied before playing. See SETUP Extracted size: 12.4 GB Some quick screenshots: ![Image]( **Important reads:** All information from /hgg/: [ READ THIS BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS]( Wiki: The game was already installed following the 'Installation Guide for Idiots:' method, using Wizzard to install mods separately. This is not the Hongfire patch, but contains the same mods, but allows you to revert them individually as needed. **SETUP:** Extract the 7z file. You must edit AA2_install.reg (Right click->Edit) and replace both D:pathtoAA2 with the extracted directory location, and run the .reg file (double click it). Note that you must use instead of in the path. You can also use [Illusion][RegistryFixer] [TheShadow][V2.1] instead. (not recommended) **RUNNING:** You will need Applocale or [HF pApplocale](!FpZlyD4Z!KfM5cYhRQChE-Rw0XTSwODOWsrn2c7YB3MUFP-WJol0). If you opt instead to set your system locale to Japanese, REMEMBER TO CHANGE FORMATS (Formats tab in Region settings) to Japanese as well, or text WILL be screwed up, in addition to some things not working/displaying. ONLY USE EITHER APPLOCALE OR JAPANESE SYSTEM LOCALE, NOT BOTH. Don't install anything to the Japanese-named folders, edit every install directory to something readable. Run everything that displays (or interacts with something that displays) in Japanese with Applocale. Read the install guide and FAQ for details. If you get an error: 'Config file is not found (Data)', then you did not apply the registry key correctly. Your registry should look like this: AA2Play_English.exe - main game English launcher (V4). Use this to configure graphics. May have some performance issues, so consider using AA2Play.exe to play the game. AA2Play_V4_JG2FPv130b_PartialEngTL01.exe - Frontier Pack - lets you cheat by forcing interactions, view statue anywhere, etc. (run EXE for details) AA2Play.exe - Japanese V4 launcher (no-CD already applied) AA2TranslationLoader.exe - English launcher and translation for AA2Edit.exe AA2Edit_Unlocked_V1.0.exe - Unlocked Maker Launcher - copy this to AA2Edit.exe for use with AA2TranslationLoader.exe AA2Edit_v1.0.1_JG2CMv142_Unlocked.exe - Unlocked Maker from Frontier Pack aa2mpatch.exe - custom resolution (for AA2Edit) **MODDING:** Illusion Wizzard is included. Place mods in wizzardAA2_PLAYmods directory and use Wizzard to install them. The following mods are already installed: [AA2][Translation][English UI and Card Personalities][v9.5][hgg] [AA2][Translation][Dialogue][Final][v2.1][hgg] [AA2][Translated Maker Name and Stuff List] [AA2][HGG] 2D Clothed Female Uncensor + 3D Clothed Male Uncensor + Dildo Uncensor ALPHA v.6 [AA2][Hair][BigPack HEXA][v1.4][Various] [AA2][Backgrounds][v2.1] **INSTALLING FUTURE PATCHES:** When installing a new update from Illusion, let the installer extract to a temporary directory. There will be a setup directory inside, with a main and edit folder. Copy both the contents of main* and edit* into your installed AA2 folder and overwrite. Then open Wizzard. Uninstall mods (very optional, but if you don't do this, uninstalling the mods in the future will revert to the older version) Re-apply (force) the translation mods again. You'll probably need to update the translation mods if the UI gets updated. **CONTENTS:** Pre-patched to v4, includes: - Pre-Order Bonus [Hairpack + Personality] - DLC01 [Additional Hair] - Tanabata Bonus Hair Extension - Illusion Special Member Bonus Hair Class roster: [HGG][Rule 63 update 4] default (you can restore the original game ones with the folders aa2/save/Female.orig/ and aa2/save/Male.orig/) For more, view the Character Database: List of files inside the .7z: ![Image]( Random roster: ![Image](