ADT's corporate installer code is regarded as a trade secret. While various websites have published the code, the surer way to get into a system is the 'backdoor' method. The process of getting into installer programming via the backdoor is different depending on which system you own.

  • View online Installation and setup manual for ADT Safewatch Pro 3000EN Security System or simply click Download button to examine the ADT Safewatch Pro 3000EN guidelines offline on.
  • Safewatch Pro 3000 Installation Instructions FIELD TITLE and DATA ENTRIES EXPLANATION If selected, all messages programmed to go to the primary telephone Long Range Radio Output line receiver will also be sent to the connected 7720PLUS, 7820, 0 = not used 7835, or 7845 Radio (sent in Contact ID format). Page 31: Dialer Programming ( ∗ 40.
  • Page 5: User Access Codes Safewatch Pro 3000 System Manual Troubleshooting page. User Access Codes Access Code Programming User Access Codes/Security Codes Your system allows for up to 45 different security codes for use by other users, however only the Master User or the Partition Programmer can assign user codes to users.

Feb 05, 2016  Electronic Home Security Systems, Alarms and Devices - Need installer code safewatch pro 3000 - Hi, I've purchased a used home last week that has adt installed, and currently inactive. The suite life of zack and cody season 1 torrent. We don't know Need installer code safewatch pro 3000 - Community Forums.

Please read the following guide carefully. It will help you determine whether you can reset your ADT alarm system, even if you do not have the installer code.

  1. Identify your system. ADT nearly always uses Honeywell/ADEMCO products when they install in home. Sometimes, however, they use DSC, GE/Interlogix, 2GIG, or another major brand. If your system is a Honeywell or ADEMCO and is wired, then look at the circuit board in the beige box. There will be a half inch by half inch PROM chip on it. It should look something like this:
    If you see a long rectangular PROM instead of this small, square one, or if your PROM says Safewatch Pro 2000, then you likely have a VISTA 20SE. A Safewatch Pro 3000, however, corresponds with the Honeywell/ADEMCO Vista 20P. If you have a 20SE, or any of the non-Honeywell panels mentioned above, we recommend sending an email with a picture of the system to [email protected] or calling our main phone number (888-818-7728). This is for the commonly installed wired panels. If you have an all-in-one wireless system, such as the L7000, L3000, or the new Lyric, then go ahead and skip to step 3. If you have a Safewatch Pro 3000, 20P or any other Honeywell panel, then proceed to step 2.
  2. Identify your communicator. If your system has been monitored over traditional phone line, and you are looking to have the same setup going forward, then you're ready to go. You probably don't need to add much more to your system. There are a lot of things you'll miss out on, like the ability to get text and email alerts, or the ability to see your system activity on your phone and computer. But not everybody wants that. If you do have a communicator, we can help you figure out what you need to do next. ADT often uses proprietary communicators. These communicators can usually be identified by the logo they print on the item. Sometimes, however, they use a plain old Honeywell communicator. If ADT installed a Honeywell communicator such as the iGSMV4G, GSMV4G, GSMX4G, or 7847i, then go ahead and proceed to the next step.

    If you have a proprietary communicator, then in order to get your system monitored, you will need to get a new system communicator. We recommend the iGSMV4G. This will give you the most options. However, if you just want internet-only communication, the 7847i may work fine for you. Ultimately, the iGSMV4G costs only a little bit more, which we think is worth the benefit. If you have a Safewatch Pro 3000 or if your system's got a PROM chip with the letters WA20P on it, but indicates a revision smaller than 9.12, then you will probably want to change out the PROM chip.
  3. Backdoor into the system. Honeywell systems are simple to backdoor into. We have a simple guide on how to backdoor into your VISTA system as well as a video.

    For those who are looking for instructions on how to reset a wireless adt alarm panel, we have other guides that will instruct you on backdooring into them: L5100, L5200, L5210, L7000 and Lyric. In the case of both VISTAs and Lyrics, there is a way to permanently lock an end user out of programming. If this has been done to your panel, you will have to either have the old provider unlock the panel or do a full panel replacement.
  4. Reset the master code. You will know as soon as you go through the guide. Once you have entered the system's programming through the back door, changing your ADT codes couldn't be simpler. Change the installer codes and ADT master codes to whatever you would like. Resetting the Master code on a Lyric is easy and is basically the same process as any of the LYNX Touch panels. Watching this should give you the steps necessary to make the changes to your L5210 or L7000.

    Resetting the master code on a VISTA panel is no more difficult, though it will be much more simple if you have a alphanumeric programming keypad like the 6160.
  5. Change the installer code. The installer code is the code used to get back to the programming menu screen. The default on a Honeywell system is 4112. For most users looking to get things in working order, it will be easiest to simply set the system to 4112 for the time being. For Lyric's or the LYNX Touch panels, below is how you can change the installer code from installer programming.

    The VISTAs, however, are slightly different. This is a video explaining the button presses for programming a new installer code. on these systems.

Following this guide will get your ADT system up and running so that you can be monitored by any other company. You do not need the ADT installer code to actually modify the system, and following these steps will not hurt the programming in the panel. Even replacing the PROM should preserve all programming. If you have any questions about how to reset your ADT alarm panel, feel free to contact us calling the number above or emailing [email protected]

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I'm trying to install and program a replacement door sensor for my L3000, which I no longer have monitored by a security company. I tried the default 4112 installer code and it doesn't work. So I'm trying to backdoor in.In step 1 above, the instructions say go to step 3 if you have an L3000. Step 3 has no mention of L3000 backdoor instructions. The models listed in step 3 are L5100, L5200, L5210, L7000 and Lyric. Do you have L3000 backdoor instructions available?Thanks

Adt Safewatch Pro 3000 Installer Codes

Did you ever figure out the TSSC installer code? I have this same system and can't find any information on it either..
A Safewatch Pro 3000 is an ADT branded VISTA-20P. If you simply want to turn the system off, you would need to disconnect one of the leads going to the backup battery that's inside the beige metal alarm cabinet and then unplug the wall transformer (a beige power supply plugged into a standard wall outlet). Installers often plug the transformer into an outlet that's not necessarily right by the alarm cabinet so you may have to search the house a bit to find the transformer. Check outlets in the basement, attic, laundry room, utility closet, ceiling of garage, etc.Once you find the transformer, you can also use the information from the FAQ above to change the code if you'd like to just set a new code and then disable the Chime mode instead of fully powering the system down.If you need additional help, please call us or email [email protected]
I bought a house with a Safewatch Pro 300 in it. I do not use it and want to cut system off from telling me each time a door opens. The previous owner has not recorded the master code and does not remember it since her husband, now deceased, set it up. What can I do to re-set a new code or disable the system?
We may or may not have the installer code for the system, but we would be happy to help you try to get back into programming and discus your monitoring options. I recommend taking photos of your main system including any surrounding devices and emailing the pictures to [email protected]
Hi I have a ADT waqcaotmv17.0 the o may be a 0 idk. Do you have an installer code for it? I have a missing sensor and I need to buy and add one so I can order service on here.
It appears your installer code is not the default then, this FAQ reviews more about getting into programming on the panel:
I appreciate your help but I am still having issues. My keypad does nothing when I enter this info. Again thanks for trying to help me out!
Enter programming. Enter the Installer Code (default is 4112) + [8] + [00]. You should either see 20 (fixed keypad) or Installer Code 20 (alpha keypad). If you're unsure of the installer code, you can use the backdoor method to access programming.Remove the phone number. Enter [*41*]. You should hear three beeps. Enter [*42*]. Again, you should hear three beeps.Program dynamic signaling. Enter [*54], followed by [#15]. Then enter [*55], followed by [1].Exit programming. Press [*99] to exit system programming.This will get rid of the FC error
Well, my WA number is WA3001-5.5 could you help me out? I have the same FC issues as Mr. Nelson.
While we are familiar with how to access programming on most ADT systems, the TSSC is a newer proprietary system from them and we haven't worked with them at all to know if there's any way to access programming without the installer code. Have you asked ADT for the code?
So I have a fairly new alarm system, its an ADT pulse TSSC system and I have found nothing online about the installer code. Do you guys know it or how to back door into this system?
What is the 'WA' number printed on the PROM chip in the center of your system's green control panel that's located in the beige metal alarm cabinet? Once we know what system you have, we can certainly help you with the programming needed to clear the FC error.
Greetings, i have an ADt Pad not being monitored, as i was adding sensors came across the 'enter Central Station telephone number, which i did my mistake because i don't have a phone line connected nor want it, now i get an FC Fail because is looking for a dial tone, how do i reset to factory default to stop the FC message ?Thank you!
The Safewatch Pro 3000 is an ADT branded VISTA-20P: which we do support. ADT pulse cams can only be used by ADT but we can monitor that system. You will most likely need to add a communicator like this: To give you exact compatibility details we will need a photo of your alarm panel (green board located inside the metal cabinet. Email that to [email protected] and we can confirm what you will need.
I have a Safewatch Pro 3000en with the netgear gate way. I have a 6280 Honeywell Keypad, and a HSS301-1ADNAS netgear keypad. I also have 3 indoor cameras which are ADT Pulse Camera 8025 Indoor Infrared Wireless, and 2 ADT Keyfob or Wireless Keychain Remote for Ademco/Honeywell/Quickconnect/Safewatch panels. I'd like to continue using all of these items is it possible to do this or do I have to sign back up with ADT?
See instructions for setting the House ID in the SW3000 here (equivalent to a V20P): instructions for setting dips on the 5800Wave here
Hi, I have a Honeywell 5800wave that I want to add it to my safewatch pro 3000. I need, how to get the house I'd code to match the 5800 to the 3000. Anyone have an answer. Thank you
Generally the FC would cause loud beeping noise. Have you tried unplugging the alarm system? You should find a beige metal cabinet that houses your alarm control panel. If you get that open you can disconnect the backup battery and locate the transformer that is powering it. The transformer will be plugged into a wall outlet. You may need a screwdriver to release the transformer from wall receptacle.
I have a high pitch noise in my kitchen area. The alarm system is close by. We've never used it since we moved in but it has a FC code displayed. Would or could this be causing the high pitch noise?
The FA260 is just a controlling keypad for your First Alert system. If you find the metal cabinet that houses the alarm control panel, there should be a black PROM chip in the center of the green circuit board with a WA number. Can you reply back with the WA number from your system's PROM so that we can assist you with the back door programming method.
How to backdoor a FA620 where installer never provided the installer code.When I press # and * simultaneously it triggers a panic alarm (code 99).Best regards,

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