Use the following table to determine which Abaqus/CAE module (or toolset) contains the functionality associated with a particular Abaqus keyword. To view documentation for the module (or toolset), click the module (or toolset) name shown in the table. Most currently unsupported keywords can be added to your model using the Keywords Editor.

  1. Abaqus Welding Interface
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  • Apr 20, 2018  This requires the definition of many steps, interactions and predefined fields on changing regions in the thermal and structural model. A plug-in has been developed to simply the set-up of more complex welding models: the Abaqus Welding Interface. More on that in a later blog, to be called Welding simulation using Abaqus - Part 2.

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Abaqus Welding Interface (AWI) Plugin

The Abaqus Welding Interface (AWI) streamlines the generation of two and three-dimensional welding simulations from within Abaqus/CAE. This application provides a model-tree based approach to defining all aspects of the weld model such as weld beads, weld passes, film loads, radiation.

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Weld Modeling for Verity Structural Stress Method in fe-safe

At our User Group Meeting, SIMULIA Colleague Pawel Sobczak spoke about a study of modelling methods for meshing welds to be analysed using the structural stress methods in fe-safe, for later analysis with the Verity module in fe-safe.

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Easily Convert Abaqus Models to Multiscale

Learn how to easily convert your models to multiscale within Abaqus! Analyze product behavior at the microstructural level and test the robustness of your designs by evaluating the effect of manufacturing-induced microstructural defects using MultiMech 18.0 for Abaqus.

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Dassault, NIMHANS, and UberCloud Foster Innovative Schizophrenia Treatment

UberCloud’s HPC containers have been packaged recently with several scientific workflows and application data to simulate complex phenomena in human’s heart and brain. As the core software for these HPC cloud experiments we are using Simpleware software models and a (containerized) Abaqus solver running in a fully automated multi-node HPE environment in the Advania HPC Cloud.

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Zoom into the material microstructure in Abaqus


Using the new MultiMech 18.0 for Abaqus, users can zoom into their material microstructure and understand how structural performance is influenced at the material level. We recently recorded a webinar that explains how users can easily convert their models to multiscale and get more accurate results without needing to learn a new software tool.

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Abaqus software download, free

Voided Bushing Workflow (Abaqus, fe-safe, Isight and Tosca)

In this presentation, fatigue life prediction methodologies provided by fe-safe/Rubber combining with finite element analyses, and optimization methods were utilized to develop a durable automotive bushing made of natural rubber.

Abaqus Welding Interface Cracked

By Katie Corey

Abaqus Welding Interface

May 31, 2018