Find and download historical manuals below. Edge 320 Owner’s Manual. Carbon Knockout Owner’s Manual Medalist 38 Owner’s Manual. Jul 18, 2013  $999 ( Field & Stream always holds bow-test winners to a higher standard the next year, so after the Bowtech Insanity won in. Owner MANUALS Please note - Adobe Acrobat is required to open the manuals. Find out more about downloading Adobe Reader by visiting this website. BowTech Archery, the industry leader in innovation, introduces Experience, an incredibly smooth compound bow built to enhance every hunt with exceptional performance and ultimate stealth. Featuring new industry changing technologies, Experience delivers a smooth draw and silent shot with ultra low vibration and pinpoint accuracy every time.

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Find and download historical manuals below.



Bowtech archery manuals

Carbon Knockout Owner’s Manual
Medalist 38 Owner’s Manual


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2013 Bowtech Owners Manual Free


2013 Owner’s Manual
2013 Cabela’s Regulator
2013 Fear No Evil Owner’s Manual
2013 Limb Deflection Charts
2013 String & Cable
2013 Timing & Mod Post
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2006 Owner’s Manual
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2005 Owner’s Manual
2005 Post Settings
2005 Quick Reference Guide
2005 Speed & Mod Chart

The Bowtech Assassin has quickly made a name for itself in the hunting world as one of the top bows over the last few years. What makes it even more special is that this high-performance bow comes at a very affordable price compared to other high-performance bows that are marketed to high-end buyers.

Update: The Assassin Bow is discontinued. The following, Diamond Deploy SB RAK is the best replacement available by Bowtech.

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While being affordable to weekend warriors who don’t wish to spend a fortune, the Bowtech Assassin still comes in faster, lighter, smoother, and quieter than 95% of all other high-performance bows.

Reading endless reviews won’t give you a better understanding of why we agree with the above statements. Instead you need to go to the field and try one for yourself. You can even look at the other bows by Bowtech for comparison.

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Bowtech Assassin Specs

The basic Assassin features are the following:

  • A brace height of 7”
  • An Ata length of 30.625”
  • An available draw length between 26”-30”
  • A draw weight of 40-70 lbs
  • An IBO speed of 333 fps
  • A weight of 3.8 lbs
  • Let-off between 65%-85%
  • A binary cam compound bow pulley system

Typically Bowtech bows come with the high-quality Hardcore limbs. This is true with most top rated compound bows.

However the Bowtech Assassin is meant to be a more affordable bow compared to the Barnett and thus comes with different limbs. But while the limb technology is a different, they are still quite reliable and will get the job done.

The binary cam eccentric system on the Bowtech Assassin is very flexible and easily adjustable, and it allows for an IBO speed of 333 fps. The binary cam feature helps to rid the bow of any cam timing issues, since the second helps off-set the other, thus leading to greater accuracy and consistency while shooting.

Special Packages

  1. Bowtech Assassin R.A.K (Ready. Aim. Kill.) This bow is a bit heavier with a weight of 4.8 lbs. This particular package has quickly helped the Assassin become the company’s bestselling bow ever. The R.A.K comes with a TruGlo 4-pin sight, Hostage XL arrow rest by Octane, 4″ stabilizer, 5-arrow one-piece quiver, wrist sling, peep sight and pre-installed string loop. Quickly you can see the bargain of this bow if you were to price out all of those individually.
  2. The Black Ops edition of the bow is comes in a sleek tactical black finish. It really looks like something for covert operations. It may work great at night time, but it won’t blend so well in the woods during daylight hours.
  3. The Bowtech Assassin SD edition comes in with a shorter draw length of 22.5”-27” as compared to the standard Assassin which features a draw length of 26”-30”
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Video Review

User's Manual

Here is a video review of the R.A.K Assassin:

Note: Even thought it is a short video but it should be enough to get a better feel for this bad boy.

Common Bowtech Assassin Problems

Overall the Assassins review from users online is overwhelmingly positive. However, there are a few problems that some have mentioned which will be highlighted in this section.


“The only thing I did not like is the plain looking stabilizer. Other bows have a high tech looking unit that really adds a flare to the bow. The Assassin stabilizer is too simple.”


“A little hand shock, not too bad. I have felt worse on more pricey bows.”



“Fake stabilizer (just a thin hollow camo’d plastic tube) no camo finish on the sight was a stupid idea. I tossed it, along with the stabilizer. Arrow rest was OK, but again no camo will stand out in the woods.”


“Very big hump if you have to let off after you have come to full draw. Now that I know to expect it, it’s not too bad. One thing I would suggest is to check all of the Allen screws before you shoot it for the first time. When I shot it, the cable guard’s rod pulled out of the riser when I drew back. I found the set screw was never tightened down, so I checked the rest of them, and found similar results.”


“They are great bows but lack a little build quality sometimes.”

These are the most common complaints. Good thing Bowtech has a solid customer service and take care of their customers with respect.

Bowtech Assassin Price

Bowtech Assassin Black OPs. This is a Ready-to-Hunt compound bow.

The one area in which the Bowtech Assassin is hands down the best of all other high-performance compound bows is the price. You could say that Assassin’s price is one of the best values your money can buy when it comes to buying a compound bow, at least compared to Skullword’s PSE and others.

It comes with a full line of accessories so that you don’t need to spend extra money equipping or upgrading the bow if you don’t want to.

We try not to hold a bias for everything we review, because let’s face it, we get excited. The following are some comments from other owners of the Assassin and their opinion on the value of this bow package.

“I have shot compound bows for the past 25 years and never would get a high end bow simply because of the excessive price. When I saw this all-inclusive package for under $600 I took the bait and bought it. After shooting it a few times I am now consistently deadly at the 40 yard range.”

“This bow is simply AMAZING and easy to shoot. My hat is off to Bowtech for one of the BEST deals of the year. I would HIGHLY recommend this bow to anyone.”

“Two years ago, I hung up my bow for a crossbow. I really missed using the compound, so I went on a mission to find the best bow I could find for the money. Trust me, I shot them all. I had a budget of $1,000.00 to spend on a complete rig. I was so happy, that I only had to spend a fraction of that amount. This bow is fun to shoot, and it is effortless with no vibration.”

Is it right for you?

Finally, let’s do a final comparison to determine the value of this product. The complete ready-to-hunt Bowtech Assassin 2013 package costs around $699.

2013 Bowtech Owner's Manual Review

Update: As mentioned above, the Assassin is no longer made by Bowtech. It has been discontinued. The Diamond Deploy SB RAK is our recommended replacement bow that shoots to kill like a champ.

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Compare this to a bow like the Hoyt Charger Compound Bow “Ready to hunt” kit which costs $885. We don’t need to say anything further. You can see why the Bowtech Assassin is a popular favorite in the world of compound bows. It really is a must-have on your shortlist.