Regal 26 FASDECK OBX Owner's Manual
  • The anchor style in part depends on the usage and boat type. Regal boats designate an anchor type and or model. Some models incorporate chain, line with an optional windlass. Contact an authorized Regal dealer for more information. Page 142 Vessel Operation you need to adjust one later so the line is accessible. If two anchors are used ahead of.
  • Lagniappe is a 2008 Regal 40' 4060 yacht in Maryland. If youre in the market for an express cruiser this Regal 4060 is a MUST SEE!!! She shows like a new boat has.

26 1800 lsr ext. Hardware & graphics a b f e a thru-hull 30119 b starboard mirror shroud assy 70741 c rub rail (white vinyl) 10863b d graphic (“regal” iridescent port) 105499.

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Regal 38GC 38XO Owner's Manual

2008 Regal Boat Owners Manual Pdf

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Regal 1900 Owner's Manual
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Regal 2100 Owner's Manual
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Regal 2800 Owner's Manual
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Regal 35SC Owner's Manual
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Regal 42 Fly 42 Grande Coupe Owner's Manual

2008 Regal Boat Owners Manual Pdf

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Regal 2000ES 21OBX Owner's Manual
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Regal 2300 2500 2550 Owner's Manual
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Regal 3300 33OBX Owner's Manual
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Regal LS4C Owner's Manual
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Regal Boat Parts Manual

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A common reader book catalog. Regal is a well-known American shipyard not only on the North American continent, but all over the world, the leading direction of which is the production of sports and pleasure boats and fiberglass yachts ranging in length from 19-52 feet.



This company was founded as a family business in 1969 and for almost half a century has been steadily holding its worthy position among the world's yacht manufacturers. The scope of its activities is really impressive, more like a large industrial production than a small family shipyard, because the ships created here are exported to more than 30 different countries of the world.

Regal boats and yachts are not only in high demand among the conquerors of the open spaces, but also repeatedly deserve prestigious international awards at maritime exhibitions and boat shows for their high professionalism, the embodiment of rather bold creative ideas and the high quality of building ships.

2008 Regal Boat Owners Manuals

A special feature of the Regal shipyard is increased attention to the smallest details and subtleties of the design and development of marine boats and yachts. Here, every detail of production and design is regarded as the most important and affecting in general the creation of an almost perfect ship structure.

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Regal successfully combines luxury with maximum comfort and high practicality and reliability. The interiors of the cabins are made out exclusively of precious woods and leather, the electronics are installed on ships only from world famous brands, all materials are made only from famous brands with an impeccable reputation.

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